PHOTOS: Injured Rafael Nadal in Wimbledon semifinals after five-set thriller

Rafael Nadal is into the Wimbledon semifinals for the first time since 2019 after a five-set victory over American Taylor Fritz on Center Court. The No. 2 seed won 3-6, 7-5, 3-6, 7-5, 7-6(4) after more than four hours of play.

Rafa’s father Sebastian and sister Maria Isabel were caught on camera demonstratively telling our champ to stop playing at the beginning of the match while he was suffering with so much abdominal pain, but the 22-Grand Slam winner decided to fight until the end during his 47th major quarterfinal.

Our champ will play Australian bad boy Nick Kyrgios in the semifinals.

Always and forever with Rafa! VAMOS!


  1. My admiration for THE GOAT increases every time I see him in action. I watched the match again to see if I could determine how he was able to accomplish this feat. Miraculous determination, talent out the wazoo, grit, or blessings if a true miracle. Who knows but one of the best games I have ever seen him play. I wish you good health and speedy recovery.

  2. Oh,my god,Rafa! 4.50 am in Australia when you,,as always came on top! What a champ,what a fighter ,what an amazing human been ! You’re playing next Nick,which is an Aussie but my heart is entirely with you! VAMOS

  3. I am so glad you are RAFA. You shine with qualities we all can understand and yet not always achieve!!! So glad to see them shown by a role mode for the appreciate and enjoy.
    VAMOS. l

  4. Way to go Rafa sensational win today against Fritz I’ve watched you for years and am a huge fan so Good Luck with the semi’s and play only if you feel you won’t make injury worse by playing. You are a Great Warrior the Goat !!!

  5. My idol has always find a way to win!
    Rafa is great.. a gentleman , a super athlete and

  6. I have never written on here before although I read all the comments daily and a huge Rafa fan. I was there on Centre Court today and do not know how he won. He was troubled with pain during the first set which is why I think he lost it. It was worrying to watch him at times especially after such a good start to the match. Hopefully he will recover and not take chances by playing if he is not ok.

  7. Congratulations Rafa. I hope you feel better than just good for your semifinal with Nick. Please be confident, healthy and feeling your best. The best of luck during your semifinal also.God bless you always Rafa. Love you.
    Mary Lyo

  8. Wow, I agree with all of the comments posted. It is hard to come up with more words to describe his greatness. We are so lucky to be Rafans!

  9. I’m still shaking my head… Rafa is a one kind of a human being and athlete!!!!
    I can’t fathom having that kind of strength and determination. I kept saying during the match Rafa I don’t want you to get worse, it’s ok if you don’t make it, just be ok, but another voice in me said yeah but it’s Rafa!
    Sure his family is glad that it didn’t seem like he had gotten worse. Sending positive thoughts and if he f does meet the bad boy of tennis that he will be fit.

  10. The greatest Warrior👺 on court- Rafael Nadal. What a miraculous win. You are a genius. Number 1
    concern-your health. Thank you for a fabulous effort; we hope you recover in time for the next round-
    all the best👏💪🤛👍🍀🎾❤️🤞

  11. As always, Rafa is able to dig deep and find another level to win. If he isn’t the GOAT, I don’t know who deserves it more. He is able to manage himself with his diverse arsenal of shots and his steely focus, but who cares more about playing a competitive match at his highest level than about winning or breaking records. He is the quintessential athlete.

    • I am huge Rafa fan . Every time Rafa plays it seems to me as if I am playing . I can’t watch those matches where Rafa losses because I always wana see him as winner . Rafa best of luck for next match and please get well soon so that I can again see you as champion ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Still can’t believe he won after tight games in 5th. Proud of you Rafa for your no.1 Grit and determination. That’s why you are a 🐐. Don’t want you to come injured in semis but fingers crossed for your recovery

  13. What a fighter!!!! I never under estimate you, Rafa.
    Vamos, and love for you!

  14. I’m exhausted just from watching! Fingers and toes crossed that the injury isn’t too serious. And that he’s able to beat the odious Kyrgios.

    • This is what I fear. That the injury is something worrying and could possibly led to a loss to one of the two only players I truly despise in the tour. The only two, Kyrgios and the Roof One, the one that I don’t even name.

  15. Wow I can’t believe what I’ve just witnessed. Sheer steely determination. Vamos Rafa.

  16. My God, How on earth was he able to win today? Taylor to his credit played really well and the one huge thing I saw was how much Rafa raised his level in the 5th set. Praying he is fit for Friday.

  17. So amazing. So amazing. Soo blessed. I pray one day Rafa sees how God has lifted him and carried him and BLESSED him with talent beyond any other. Maybe this is God’s message to our dear Rafa. Find a way to heal, dear Rafa. And kick Kyrigos’ butt!!!

  18. What a fight. So proud of Rafa. Take rest and all the best for friday❤️❤️❤️

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