VIDEO: Rafael Nadal Gives Update On Foot Injury, Talks About Roger Federer’s Influence On His Career

Two-time Wimbledon champion Rafael Nadal speaks to the media ahead of his opening match at this year’s Wimbledon.

The feeling and overall feelings are positive, no, because I am in a positive way in terms of pain, and that’s the main thing. So quite happy about the things, how evolved. I can’t be super happy because I don’t know what can happen.

First of all, I can walk normal most of the days, almost every single day. That’s for me the main issue. When I wake up, I don’t have this pain that I was having for the last year and a half, so quite happy about that. And second thing, practicing. I have been in overall better, honestly, no? Since the last two weeks, I didn’t have not one day of these terrible days that I can’t move at all. Of course, days better; days a little bit worse.

I can’t tell you if I going to be in that positive moment for one week, for two days, or for three months. Of course, the treatment that I did, didn’t fix my injury. Not improving my injury at all but can take out a little bit the pain. That’s the main goal.

Sometimes the things in the medical world, mathematics is not predictable 100%. But in theory that can help the foot because it’s about the nerve. You touch the nerve, so then the nerves is like asleep in some way for a while, but then recovers. So how long the nerve is going to be that way, I can’t tell you. It’s something that we need to discover.

Today I feel good. Happy for that… Tennis is the second part of your life. Probably the most toughest part is having pain on your life on a daily basis. The problem that I have is I have pain walking every single day. That sometimes affects you to your happiness and in some way the positive and how the attitude is not that positive all the time. It is positive now. Let’s see what can happen in the future.

On his relationship with Roger Federer:

we shared lot of important things together, no? I think in some way all the things that we achieved, difficult in some way to think in the tennis the last 15, 20 years without thinking about the rivalry that we have because we have been playing in every big stadium, not in New York, that’s the only thing that bothers me a little bit, that we never played in New York. But in the rest of the most important events of the world, we shared court, fighting for the most important things.

I think in some way we push each other. When you have somebody very good in front – I can talk about myself – I always wanted to think that my motivation never comes to me because of the others, just it’s a personal motivation. But, of course, have somebody like him, like a rival, that he’s amazing good, helps you to let you know the things that you have to do to be better. In some way it’s easier to have a way to improve when you have an example in front that is better than you, for not always but lot of times (smiling). That’s it. And our relationship have been I think always very positive, very friendly. Even our rivalry on court never bother our relationship outside of the court.


  1. I have watched sooo many interviews of Rafa over the past 20 years… The man is truly an amazing human being. Put tennis aside… He is so stable, so sensible, so HUMBLE, so balanced, so logical, so realistic. The list goes on and on. The thing I see when watching is that I truly think he hates doing these interviews because he doesn’t want to talk about himself at all. He’s truly that humble. He used to be painfully shy; he has had to overcome that. In his mind, I believe, the ONLY reason to do the interviews is because it’s his duty (job maybe?). He ALWAYS wants it to be about tennis – not himself, not his personal anything. Just tennis. The interviewers want it to be personal because we, the public, want to know Rafa. I believe EVERYONE does, including the interviewers. But to see how incredibly uncomfortable it makes him (though he has learned to speak up for himself more and to shut the interviewers down and redirect them to TENNIS), I wish they would remember, he is a human being with feelings and emotions and his life is already so very public… but Rafa is also so very kind. He will answer. He will sit there and endure. And he will play on.

    Thank You, Lord, for Rafael Nadal.

    • This is for Jill. Your thoughts and feelings about Rafa are mine exactly. I loved your thanking Our Lord for Rafa. I’ll tell you my secret. His logo to him and to the tennis world are bull horns and we know why. However for me I see the wings of The Archangel Raphael on public display. I smile. I know you’ll understand. Rafa is such an angel himself..for real. Joanne McCulloch BSN RN

  2. Thank you for the update, Rafa. Happy to see that you have some relief from chronic pain. You and Roger
    are the two most respected champions of tennis. It has been such a privilege to witness the two of you on court -an incredible altercation of prowess, competition, and respect. Bringing out the fight and forcing
    each other to be innovative and creative-unforgettable, beautiful sporting moments❤️now-we are here,
    fighting still-enjoy every moment-the agony and the ecstasy🙏

  3. Happy that the foot is getting better, nice words of the relationship with Federer too👍

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