Rafa Roundup: Nadal does his grocery shopping in Wimbledon village

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“There are good days and bad days,” Lopez told EFE after Nadal had conducted a practice session with Francis Tiafoe on Friday, which ended 6-2 4-1 in favour of the American.

“This surface is very unforgiving, everything happens very quickly. We are training with people who serve very well. At the moment, everything is positive. The foot issue, which was always the most worrying thing, is OK. We have to finish adjusting training, the other day [Wednesday] he played very well in the exhibition [at the Hurlingham Club against Wawrinka] and now we need to be ready for Tuesday’s [first-round] match [at Wimbledon]. … All the training sessions add up, even those in which you don’t feel good, because they help you correct things for the next one.”

“Rafa’s toughest one is going to be this one for me because if you go by what he said at the French Open, he was injecting himself on his foot during some, if not all of his matches. I can’t believe you decided not to do that. I’m not sure how he did it in the first place, and he’s still able to win seven matches and look incredible, right? The guy looked amazing,” McEnroe said.

“If I’m 36, I don’t know how much longer I’m going to play, going for the Slam, I’d start shooting that foot up again and get through Wimbledon and the Open. That would be me. He may be able to play a few more years. He also talked about wanting to be able to walk when he has kids. That’s a risk that no athlete wants to take,” said McEnroe.

“That solo battle that the tennis player has, placing the pieces of the puzzle at 180 beats and 20 seconds between points, choosing the correct tactic in each play, is part of the quality of each player. For me, it is essential that the player thinks for himself, the coach’s job is already done. It’s like an exam, the teacher can help you, but once the exam starts you’re on your own. The coach’s job has to be done before the game, the player must have controlled all the variants because then things will happen that surely weren’t in the script. In that sense, I am totally against coaching.”

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  1. Three more days for practice and than the tournaments starts for Rafa – go for it❤️

  2. McEnroe said that, in his opinion, Rafa should keep taking the painkilling injections to get himself through Wimbledon and the US Open, because he’ll probably never have another chance to win all 4 Grand Slam events in one year.

    • I’d like to read that article SITP, do you have a link or title or author’s name? Thanks

      • SITP, I did that before asking you for the name of the article. I did see a “headline” by the Express but that was a clickbait as is the habit of that outlet. The article gives the same quotes as everyone else. The Express added it’s own nonsense.

  3. LOL The ATP rrroneously listed Rafa in a head-to-head lead against ND as 31-30. I can just see ND’s head exploding.

  4. “John McEnroe is disgusted by Rafa’s time-wasting” as I have read somewhere….

    This I have been itching to say about this individual: “he was an absolute punk during his playing days – no respect at all for anyone, throwing tantrums like a misbehaving toddler”.

    And let me see, Johnny Mac practised time-wasting, but of a different genre – more of the complaining variety.

    Call it as it is or was – simple disappointment as to his preferred player. (All of Mac’s predictions down the drain as to his horse in the GOAT discussion).

    Blaming on the part of the losers and their chorts gets no-one anywhere, in sports and may I add politics, business, love or war.

    Man-up, cop it on the chin and just accept the loss with a promise to do better next time around, I’d say.

    • Let me tell you what I think of J MacEnroe as a commentator these days. I waited several hours for Tennis Channel”s replay of the match so I could get Jim Courier as a commentator instead of JMac. He has become completely clueless as a commentator or even observer of tennis.

  5. I don’t understand what John McEnroe’ actually means. First he says Rafa should play with injections like he did in Paris and then he mentions Rafa wants to have kids so it’s a risk to play with injections. Can some native English speakers explain what John wanted to say? Thanks.

    • Emily, McEnroe was saying what he would do. Not what Rafa should do. He made it clear when he said, “That would be me.”

      What article are you referring to? I couldn’t find anything on McEnroe saying Rafa should shoot up his foot after having that treatment in order to play Wimby.

      • In the quote above in this posting McEnroe says he -McEnroe- would get his foot shot up again to get through Wimby and the U.S. Open. Despite his disclaimer McEnroe is obviously suggesting that Rafa should do what he would do. But why would Rafa do that now that he has had the ablation procedure? Or if he was speaking prior to when Rafa had the procedure where did he get his medical degree to make that kind of statement? Further there is no suggestion by the experts that Rafa has a risk of making his foot worse having had the procedure. There is no risk of Rafa not being able to play with his kids in retirement. McEnroe is ill informed or perhaps just ignorant.

  6. John McEnroe’s comments are just ridiculous. He thinks Rafa should shoot up his foot and numb it out rather than play after having a procedure that allows him to move without pain. Makes no sense to me.

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