Rafa Roundup: Coaching From the Stands – Good or Bad Idea?

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“It’s not the first time nor will it be the last, I hope. It’s normal because when you start on grass… He’s been playing in Mallorca for four or five days, but one thing is to hit the ball more while standing, without expecting anything, than this. We had to be careful with our feet and here there are more goals playing, the demand is greater. It’s normal that it’s hard at the beginning,” Roig added.

“We are going to play two games in Hurlingham because they are going to help us, but we have many days ahead of us to improve, to get used to the movements, to the impacts, to recognize how the ball comes. Things like that are mechanisms that you need”, Roig explained.

“I feel like 2022 for Rafa, it’s a miracle, since the very beginning of the year,” Corretja told Eurosport.

“After winning the first tournament, then the first Slam, he then got hurt again and he didn’t have that much time for preparation for Roland-Garros.

“He then ended up winning, and one week later, or two weeks later, I thought, ‘okay, maybe he needs time to rest, he needs time to recover’. Again, now, he is ready to go and try to play at Wimbledon. I feel like only Rafa can do that, honestly, because all the ups and downs physically that he had he overcame them. It shows how humble he is, and how much desire he has to keep on going.

Following his recent heroics, ex-player Lloyd believes his achievements are not just the greatest seen in tennis, but in the history of sport combined. He told the BBC: “He’s a monster. It’s beyond belief. When he won this 14th French, I’d love people to write in and challenge me on this.

“I know we’re biased because it’s tennis but is there a greater performance by an individual in any sporting event to do what he’s achieved? Apart from the fact he’s won the most Slams, put that one away. You can argue people didn’t play and all that stuff. But 14 French Opens is I think the greatest sport achievement of any person in history.”

“He has proven to be disciplined, hard-working, and consistent. He has always continued to train to improve and learn. He does not make excuses when things do not go well. And despite everything that has happened to his foot, even in his worst moments, he always knows how to get up, and is an example for everyone,” Tsitsipas said. “Nadal does things that seem impossible. And I talk about things like winning this Roland Garros, and doing it up to 14 times; or conquer 22 Grand Slams. It dominates all terrains.”

“Rafa Nadal is more than an athlete or a tennis player,” Tsitsipas said. “He is an icon of the sport.”

The ATP has announced that ‘off-court’ coaching will be trialled for the second half of the season. The trial will permit coaching from designated coach seats during qualifying and main draw matches at ATP Tour events, starting from the week of 11 July 2022. The trial will also take place at the US Open and will run through to the season-ending Nitto ATP Finals in Turin in November.

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  1. Just magic, artis at work, master piece.
    But the best bit is Rafael is a true gentleman.
    Keep up the good work my friend.

    Geraldton WA

  2. I think that Stefanos has summed it up perfectly.
    Rafa’s achievements are admirable in the extreme.
    His focus and willingness to improve are wonderful.We see the glamour of the big tournaments but not the hard grind, the hours of practice and dealing with a chronic foot injury.
    I think he evokes such loyalty in all of us.
    I feel privileged to support him and watch tennis in the best ever era.

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