PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal’s Wimbledon 2022 Nike outfit

Rafael Nadal enters Wimbledon with aspirations of winning his third title.

Our champ will be featured in the Core Rafa Advantage Crew, which will be highlighted alongside the Rafa 7″ Advantage Short. His shoe for the Championships will be the Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 in White/Black.

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  1. O Rafa fica lindo com todas as cores, branco é a cor da paz e preto complemento.

  2. I read every article here always. But could care less what he wears. Like the LEAST important thing about his game is what he wears. Just so long as he’s healthy. Ok I will say I love his sleeveless look but he only seems to practice in that nowadays. No matter what … go get Wimby!!!

  3. White is the other colour I adore on Rafa..this is fab…hope black shorts are for practises. Lovely match v Stan today at Hurlingham..2 & 3 well done Champ 🏆

  4. Rafa ALWAYS l ooks Fantastic in EVERYTHING that he wears. I can not WAIT to watch him play.

  5. I’m looking forward to Rafa bagging his 3rd Wimbledon and 23rd GS title.
    Please let it happen. Fingers cross that Rafa pulls through this.
    When he wins, I’ll die with a big smile on my face.

    VAMOS Rafa No1 always

  6. I know I’m old-fashioned, but I do prefer to see tennis players and cricketers in white. It looks so nice and smart, except maybe on people with very pale colouring.

  7. Love Rafa in every colour but he shines in white and can’t wait to see him play Wimbledon this year. Wishing him the best of luck, Vamos x

  8. As we all know, Rafa looks good in anything. Nike could have added some white on white interesting features, but it’s pretty bland.

  9. Rafa always looks great-crisp, clean and ready to go no matter the colors. Go Rafa👍

  10. He looks amazing what ever colour he wears! He’s immaculate like the white outfit that he’s going to wear !

    • Rafa looks charming in white.🤩
      Anyone watching Rafa vs S. Wawrinka? Rafa won the first set 6/2…

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