VIDEO: Rafael Nadal isn’t obsessed with Grand Slam record

In an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Monday, Rafael Nadal reflected on his record-extending 22nd Grand Slam title, the race to be the greatest, achieving his dreams and Wimbledon’s decision to ban Russian and Belarusian players.

“I always consider myself a very normal guy, so if I did it, maybe somebody else can do it. It’s obvious the record of 22 grand slams is something much more possible that somebody can increase that record. I am sure that’s going to happen; 14 Roland Garros is something … very difficult.”

“Of course, I want to be the player with (most) grand slams in history — that’s competition. But it’s not something that I am obsessed (with) and it’s not something that changed my mind … Honestly, it’s something that does not bother me if Novak wins 23 and I stay with 22. I think my happiness will not change at all, not even one percent.”

“After the pandemic, something happened in my foot. I am not able to manage the pain to play often and even practice. The only thing I can say is going through all these challenges, I always hold the passion to keep going and I always hold the love for the game,” he added. “I always wanted to keep going. That’s probably why I am in the position that I am today.”

Sources: CNN, @stoppadel


  1. What a fantastic interview. Christiane got the best from Rafa, her warmth as a person connects with him. He is so grounded, his values and priorities are very strong, yet simple.
    It’s amazing how people speculate about his foot. Conspiracy theories trying to link it with the vaccine. Not one iota of truth in that, Rafa was born with that defect, I expect that it has become more of a problem with the intense pressure of playing tennis
    I hope that managing the foot will be successful and allow him to play Wimbledon,
    Great to see our great champion happy and relaxed. 22 Grand Slams, hasn’t changed this man, wonderful Rafa

  2. It has been a mystery to me why inactivity- the pandemic- was so detrimental to Rafa’s foot. Does anyone know? But it doesn’t matter what the explanation is. The situation is what it is, as Rafa might say.

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