VIDEO: Rafael Nadal says he didn’t want to reach the French Open final like he did 

Watch Rafael Nadal’s press conference after his victory by retirement of Alexander Zverev in Semifinals of Roland Garros 2022.

If you are human, you should feel very sorry for a colleague. The only thing that I can say is I hope he’s not too bad. Hopefully, it’s just the normal thing when you turn your ankle and hopefully nothing is broken.

Rafa Nadal


  1. Such caring words from Rafa and wish Sasha a speedy recovery. It would be wonderful to see you biting the trophy once again Rafa, Vamos x

  2. I am proud to be a Rafan whether he wins or loses. The match was very tight, but Rafa showed that there are more important things in life too. I was so moved by how much attention he paid to Zverev and tried to comfort him. I was impressed how he stayed with him and walked out with him too. Not all players would have done that. Rafa demonstrated once again why he is so special.

    • Although Rafa was coming from behind most of the match he kept coming back & evened the 2nd set to a tie break point right when Sasha rolled his ankle. Geez that was horrible reminds me of when Bethanie Mattek Sands tore her knee out at Wimbledon.. only she was screaming the F bomb and Sasha was just screaming in pain! Don’t know if you ever really recover mentally from an injury like this. Although Sasha isn’t exactly the pillar of good Sportsmanship I do feel like he is trying to clean his act up. Rafa as always the perfect picture of elite sportsmanship because that’s just who Rafa is… it was obvious that he felt terrible for Sasha and totally would’ve preferred to finish the match out. Unless something crazy happens Rafa will be biting on his 14th “ Coupe des Mousquetaries” trophy!

  3. I know how bad you feel for Zverev and you can understand so well having been in that position so often. Can’t get Sasha’s scream out of my mind. I was there (outside courts) and it was awful! Wish Sasha a speedy recovery.

    You, my champ, I wish you all the very best for the final. May God keep you fit and hope you play beautifully and bite the trophy once more.

    VAMOS onwards to the 14th and 22nd. May the Force be with you!!!


  4. Happy for your win Rafa but not how you won. You know how excruciating pain can be and my heart tells me how badly you felt for Sacha.

    I believe you are ready for your 14th and 22nd.


  5. Hope sascha is fine after the fall an that you showed great sportsmanship going off court with him and coming back on with him

  6. No decent person wants to see someone suffering, and I’m sure that Rafa was very upset that the match ended like that. Wishing Sascha a speedy recovery.

  7. It is important to see and share images of athletes demonstrating sportsmanship and camaraderie.
    Children need to have positive images during these times. Rafa has always taken time for young
    fans. Hope Sunday brings you the gift you want and deserve💪👏🤛👍🎾🍀❤️

  8. Good luck king Rafa our Lord guide you bless you and give us the chance to win the final this sunday as he always has

  9. Vamos Rafa. Unfortunate for poor Sascha. Hope it’s not that bad and he bounces back. 😎😎

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