VIDEO: Young fan runs on court to meet Rafael Nadal | Roland Garros 2022

After his win over Botic van de Zandschulp, Rafael Nadal was unexpectedly greeted by a young boy on the court as he was putting his racquets away and gathering himself by his bench on Court Suzanne-Lenglen.

The incident brought a smile to Tim Henman, who laughed as he described what happened to Eurosport viewers:

“I think Rafa was probably a bit surprised it’s not what you’re expecting. The security guard is thinking ‘I haven’t done my job’. I think the little kid was probably asking for a racquet or a souvenir, like a wristband or something. But yeah, it’s not necessarily what you expect to see at one of the show courts at a Grand Slam.”

His mother Elodie told us on Instagram that his name is also Rafael. He wanted to meet his idol and he told him: “I love you, Rafa”.


  1. Rafa is a true gentleman I admire him so much, true legend always the ones to remember for a lifetime

  2. When I saw the child I was stunned but thought, maybe it’s a family member? But no family member of the Nadal family would allow this (or need to). I think Rafa handled it perfectly as always. Bless him for his amazing kindness to ALL the children he meets. He’s so tender to the ball kids even. Rafa is just HANDS DOWN A GOOD GUY! And that child will never forget the moment.

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