VIDEO: Rafael Nadal talks about uncle Toni coaching his next opponent Felix Auger-Aliassime

Here’s what Rafael Nadal had to say on uncle Toni coaching his next opponent Felix Auger-Aliassime:

“I already talked with Toni after my match. For me it’s very simple. He’s my uncle. I don’t think he will be able to want me to lose, without a doubt, but he’s a professional and he’s with another player… But for me, it’s zero problem, and I know he wants the best for me.”

Earlier today, Felix Auger-Aliassime was also asked about Toni Nadal in his press conference:

“I don’t know if I need insight on how Rafa plays, to be honest. I think we all know what he does well (smiling). I don’t think Toni will tell me anything new about how Rafa plays. But we had the discussion; it was black and white from the first time we started working together we knew it was a possibility that eventually I would play Rafa when I’m working with Toni. And actually now he’s present here in this Grand Slam. But I think Toni will watch from a neutral place and enjoy the match. From my part it’s another match, another opportunity to try to play, you know, a good match and win, but of course it’s very difficult.”

“I will not be on either of the two benches out of respect for both players and because I’m still the director of the Academy, I’m still working for him and I’m Rafael’s uncle,” said Toni Nadal, according to Marca.

“I have a special affection, as is normal, for my nephew. But if he has to lose with someone, let it be with Félix. I don’t stop being Rafael’s uncle, I have been associated with him for many years. Hopefully in the future Félix will be number one in the world. For now, he has to improve.”

Sources: Eurosport, Marca, Tennis Channel


  1. As FAA stated, his upcoming match is dwarfed by what Uncle Toni achieved with Rafa. FAA is incredibly mature and respectful. Stay healthy, Rafa.👏💪🤛👍🍀🎾❤️

  2. The fact that Toni opted to coach Felix speaks volumes about Felix. Neutral territory is best for this one but I guarantee you, Toni’s heart will be cheering for Rafa. As will we!! Vamos Rafa!! ♥️

  3. Felix is such a nice guy. Wishing him all the best – but not in the next round vs Rafa 😉

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