Rafael Nadal named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People of 2022

Photo by Kelly Defina/Getty Images

Rafael Nadal has been named in Time magazine’s list of the world’s 100 most influential people this year.

The list, unveiled on Monday, has chosen the ‘influential people’ under six categories including artists, innovators, leaders, pioneers, icons, and titans.

Tom Brady wrote about Rafa: “From the moment he stepped onto the court as a young player, Rafael Nadal had an unrivaled charisma. He has the mental and physical toughness to do what all great athletes do: play their best in the biggest moments. He elevates his emotional state to a place where he can be insanely focused on the smallest thing to create an edge over his opponent, willing himself to victory.

“It has paid off. When he won the 2022 Australian Open, Rafa earned his 21st Grand Slam singles title—the most of any male tennis player in history.

“I admire athletes who push themselves to the limit, and I’m absolutely inspired every time Rafa takes the court. There’s something to be learned from watching his determination, his strategy, everything that it takes for him to never take any moment for granted. He’s forever going to be remembered as one of the very best athletes in all of sports.”

See the entire TIME100 list at time.com/time100.

Source: time.com


  1. Rafa is well deserved for his achievements, sportsmanship and being a good ambassador for the sport.. but some of the names on this list… nah…

  2. It’s a wonderful honor for a most deserving person. We all know who Rafa is as an athlete and as a man…. We’ve watched him grow both professionally and personally …That day in Australia watching Rafa play in the finals the world got to witness something we have known for years….his grit….his determination…his passion….You can never count him out….
    The world watched in “awe” of our boy…. and rightly so….
    And that is only part of who he is…. He is a good man …who is a wonderful example for youth today… He has done tremendous things for his country… along with so many other attributes….

    Congratulations Rafa.. So proud of you…..

  3. At last one of the 100. What an honour and so we’ll deserved!!!

    Honestly Rafa you are a great sportsman and a wonderful person.

    Congratulations 🥳


  4. What we have always known-terrific tribute from TB. Congratulations, Rafael Nadal.🥰🫶

  5. Rafa is seen world wide as being so much more than a tennis champion. I think he has now even eclipsed his old friend Roger Federer. Nothing against Roger, who is influential in many fields and beloved. Its just that Rafa so fits the times when so many struggle or “suffer” as Rafa would say. That’s my view, at least.


    I am sooo happy Rafa made the list of 100.

    I voted for President Zelensky, Rafa, and a few other notable choices.

    We all know how fans love their favorite sports person but Rafa is more than a famous tennis player. The values he espouses for youngsters, his sportsmanship, his perseverance, his never give up attitude, his humor….I could go on an on.

  7. RAFA is the best tennis player out there. No one comparable will come close to his accomplishments. He has a tennis academy to his name, he is a leader, a gentleman, a model, and just a superb man. I don’t look forward to the day we lose his court presence.

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