Roland Garros 2022: Another tough draw for Rafael Nadal in Paris

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The Roland Garros draw is out.

21-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal will begin the tournament against Australia’s Jordan Thompson, with Stan Wawrinka looming as a potential second-round opponent. Ninth seed Felix Auger-Aliassime and 17th seed Reilly Opelka are potential fourth-round matchups for our champ.

Rafa was drawn in the same half as Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz. He could end up meeting Djokovic in the quarterfinal.

Rafa’s potential route to the final:

  • 1st round: Jordan Thompson
  • 2nd round: Stan Wawrinka
  • 3rd round: Botic van de Zandschulp
  • Last 16: Felix Auger-Aliassime
  • Quarter-final: Novak Djokovic
  • Semi-final: Alexander Zverev or Carlos Alcaraz
  • Final: Stefanos Tsitsipas or Daniil Medvedev

Projected quarter-finals:

  • Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal
  • Alexander Zverev vs Carlos Alcaraz
  • Caper Ruud vs Stefanos Tsitsipas
  • Andrey Rublev vs Daniil Medvedev

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Rafa is aiming to win his record-extending 14th title at Roland Garros. He has the opportunity to widen the gap between himself and Djokovic and Federer if he manages to walk away with the Coupe des Mousquetaires in a couple of weeks’ time.

All the best of luck in the world to you, Rafa! VAMOS!


    • RG is a whole different cigar! ❤️ &🙏 for Rafa tomorrow! If he loses he still will be the king… no one can dethrone Rafa until they win RG 14x . It will take years & years for any player to accomplish that & I don’t think it will ever happen. ND would have to play into his late 40s Carlos would have to start right now & win it 13 x … that will take him into his 30s! I just don’t see it happing! It’s a phenomenal task! The RG clay is softer and easier on his foot so hunker down and enjoy!

  1. Rafa has faced challenges far tougher than any name in the draw. We, indeed, send our collective
    positivity to Rafa. We know how you love to compete at Roland Garros-nothing but the best-you
    are the greatest warrior👏💪👍🤛🍀🎾❤️

  2. I dont know why Rafa fans here are crying blue murder? I mean, Rafa’s draw is cake walk until the quarters!
    from Jordan, Stan to FAA, Rafa can beat them all with eyes closed! The herculean task begins from the quarters.

    Like i predicted earlier on, I se Rafa exiting before quarters… may be deliberate or due to the same foot issue.

    What a lot of you guys out there dont know is that Rafa always prefer playing Djokovic on his own terms and right now, he knows he’s not fit enough to face the Super Serb who right now is in top peak destructive mode.

    Again, Rafa is always wary of their H:H which is currently in Djoko’s favor – 30:27.

    What is more – Rafa most certainly would not want to lose in consecutive years to the same Djokovic who beat him last year on his beloved surface.

    Rafa is smart and knows all too well that the path of honor is to exit before the quarters, probably playing to lose to FAA or luckily the foot issue flares up again at the 4th round…..who knows?

    All we can hope for is that Carlito will rise to the occassion and win the trophy at age 19. but i really dont see that also happening;at least not now.

  3. You heard it here guys
    Rafa will play like his first 20 matches of the season. He will beat djoker, Carlos and stafanos to lift 14th RG crown bcz he knows very well it’s do or die to become Goat

  4. Draws mean nothing to Rafa. He plays point by point and that’s it. Not one difference on any point except when his body will not cooperate – even then he’s tough as nails. Gonna be interesting as always! Praying for health for Rafa! The rest he has in the bag!

  5. Picked this up somewhere, and I am bowled over by how timely it has come….

    All the best fairytales and mythological adventures contain monsters who guard entrances to magical realms. The dragon protecting the cave of treasure. The giant at the top of the beanstalk. The minotaur at the heart of the labyrinth. The heroes of these stories must find ingenious ways, armed with little more than good intentions, to conquer these beasts. Is this reminding you of a situation you’re dealing with? If you face a challenge that feels daunting, this week and the week after brings the creativity to deal with it… and create a happy ending.

  6. This RG is gonna be really sweet. The draw be damned; if Rafa’s body holds up, our champ will overcome everyone in his path. All we can do is pray that Rafa’s body cooperates for just 2 weeks!

  7. Rafas draw is always rigged he’s gone to 5 and got an even worse draw than Rome it’s unfair how can no 5 meet no 6 it’s all wrong geared up for another easy ride for jocky disgusting

    • Unfortunately for you number 5 would never meet number 6 and the answer is plain and simple, it’s because of the number 1 and the undisputed king of them all, the greatest of all time Novak Djokovic.

  8. Ugh, ugh, ugh! I don’t see how Rafa’s draw could have been tougher. Novak’s is hard too since he would probably have to beat Rafa and Carlos. The other half are marshmallows. Dropping to fifth in the rankings was disastrous. I never count Rafa out and draws rarely go unchanged. There will be upsets somewhere.

  9. It’s a horrible draw. Not just for Rafa – I’m sorry that Tsonga’s got such a bad draw in his last French Open, and aldo that Iga and Simona are set to meet so early on. But, after the final in Melbourne, we know that most things are possible 🤞🤞🤞🤞💪💪💪💪.

  10. I would bet my last Euro these draws when they involve our Rafa are rigged, and I don’t care who knows that this is the opinion of thousands more Rafans. There is an element of jealousy against our GOAT. Into the bargain the Joker is always favoured over Rafa. This is gross. Draws should be made in public as they do in World Soccer etc.

    • I totally agree. The draws should be public which would put an end to any ideas about favoritism. (Not that I’m neutral where Rafa is concerned) We’ve seen him under similar difficult opponents & he just blew every one of them away. There’s no one like Nadal. We’re all behind you, our positive thoughts are with you. VAMOS!!!

    • Come on man,Novak being favoured over Rafa,are you joking or are you dreaming?It’s exactly vise versa, this draw was probably rigged but to make it as harder as possible for Novak as we all know that Novak is the main favorite and now you are talking this nonsense.

    • Totally agree. Rafa always gets the toughest line up. Is that fair sports? Where is the integrity? Everything is so political!

  11. I don’t understand how No 5 and No 6 can be on the same side of the draw. This is a brutal section.

    • Unfortunately for number 5 would never meet number 6 and the reason for this is plain and simple, it’s because of the number 1 and the best player that ever played.

  12. Look at it this way- if Rafa can make it thru 4 rounds without major foot problems he can beat Djokovic. I am sure of it. FAA will be a great warm up for the quarter final.

    • Right on the money, David!

      And everyone else, just please, please, please send positive vibrations for Rafa all the way to Paris! These waves travel, so Rafa can ride on them – positive waves and send him to victory for all his matches.

      There’s absolute power if all his fans unite in this. This is not just the power of the mind, it’s our collective spirit.

      If we do, RAFA WILL PREVAIL AGAINST ALL ODDS, be they injured foot, rigged draws or any other obstacle along the way to French Open Title XIV.

      Godspeed, our dear Rafa>>>>>>>>>>

    • Rafa doesn’t stand a chance against Novak if they meet in the quarter finals.

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