Roland Garros 2022: Thursday practice photos

Here are a few photos of Rafael Nadal from Thursday’s practice session in Paris.

Actually, Rafa had double practice session today so here are more photos.


  1. God’s peace, strength, power, energy and VICTORY be with you all through out your matches until Final and be the CHAMPION. GOD will do it for you. God and the Holy Spirit is your partner in tennis sports to give you power and might free from pain and agony. Never doubt but believe what God can do for you.

  2. Lovely to see Rafa smiling. My last memories were him limping off court in Rome so this is a mega improvement. If Rafa is fit he can take anyone down at Roland Garros. But it is a bit of a joke draw I have to say. Unsure when or what day his 1st match is but will be watching. Vamos

  3. Dear Rafa. I wish you the best of health during the entire French Open.Just enjoy and have a very positive attitude. You can and are quite able to be victorious st 2022 French Open. God Bless you and grant you the health and confidence that is needed. Love, Mary Lynn

  4. The draw is terrible. Not only is he in the same quarter as Nole, and the same half as Sascha and Carlos as well, but he could play Stan in the 2nd round. There’s nothing that the organisers could have done about it: it’s de rigeur now that all the Grand Slam events base the seedings purely on rankings. Wimbledon used to use its own formula, taking into account previous form at Wimbledon and on grass courts in general, but the ATP and WTA got stroppy about it, so it all goes purely on rankings now. So there was a 1 in 4 chance that Rafa and Nole would be in the same quarter, and it’s sod’s law that they are.

  5. Stupid Draw as nole and Rafa are meeting in quarters … positive is that he can take him out in quarters….come on Rafa though it’s biased you can do it….Shitheads put Carlos,zverev, djoker and Rafa in same half

    • No worries as long as Rafa is fit and healthy🤞🙏
      All the best to our champ🍀💪🫶

      • Indeed Mimi
        I just want him to play carefree and win it this time…I know he can do it if he keeps his matches short

    • Great! Rafa can go in as the underdog for once, no pressure.

      Taking it day by day, match by match, our champ will give it his best!

  6. VAMOS!!! si la lesión te permite, se que puedes hacerlo, a por ese trofeo

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