PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal stopped by Carlos Alcaraz in Madrid quarterfinals

Fourth seed and five-time Mutua Madrid Open champion Rafael Nadal suffered a 2-6, 6-1, 3-6 defeat to Carlos Alcaraz in the ATP World Tour Masters 1000 event quarter-final on Friday.

Rafa dropped serve three times in the first set, winning in an eventful match that had to be stopped to assist a spectator in the stands.

Alcaraz had to overcome a sprained right ankle during the match..

In the second set, Alcaraz saved three break points but suffered a fall. He struggled with his right ankle as Rafa won five straight games to take the set.

Alcaraz recovered from the start of the third set, breaking Rafa in the fourth game and then holding serve the rest of the way to win.

Next tournament for Rafa will be the Internazionali BNL d’Italia from May 9-15.

Source: AFP


  1. THIS is a blessing in disguise.
    Cmon guys, imagine the win, then he has no rest and directly resumes in Rome. Thats 2 weeks non stop after return from injury, quite risky isnt it?
    Now he has got the match practise he needs and most importantly he gets a few days off for Rome to rest, recharge and work on his game at his pace.
    Rome is the most important one, since its identical to RG in conditions.
    Now he can rest and practice properly and probably hopefully and certainly defend the next 2 clay biggies.
    Go for it RAFA !!! We are with you.

  2. Whoever they may be, let them come thick and fast.

    True, some of them will win a battle here and there, but watch out – Rafael Nadal will win the war!

    • Agree, Rafa was far from his best, considering he came back from a 5 week+ injury layoff to recover from his rib injury. The most important thing in Madrid was for him to get some matches under his belt in his first event back and test his fitness. If/when fully recovered/healthy, Rafa WILL WIN his 14th Roland Garros in 2022, no doubt. No one has as much success and love at RG as Rafa. He is the GOAT at RG (status that no other player will ever equal)!

  3. Carlos was the better player today . He could have folded up after losing the 2nd set 6-1 but turned it around and put a good spa king on Rafa in the 3rd set . He showed a big time game and enormous maturity and Rafa showed he was healthy but not up to his usual standard of excellence. No matter , I like Rafa to win Rome and Roland Garros as he will be better as he doesn’t lose in either unless he is injured . Rafa is healthy and raring to go .
    Carlos , please beat Nole as he needs to come off his high horse !

  4. Sorry that you lost today my Rafa but still don’t feel that bad. As long as it wasn’t Novak you lost to. Just hope you get physically better and better and mentally stronger and stronger for Rome and most importantly for RG.

    Rest well and then VAMOS!!!!

    No matter what you are the best in every way!!!! 👍👍👍💪💪💪


  5. I will still always be a fan win or lose I hope he will continue playing I love watching and play tennis he has a great attitude good sense of humor he is very humble we always connect with the crowd no matter what situation winning or losing stay strong my friend keep playing the game that you love because it’s not the same because it’s not the same when I am watching tennis if I can’t see you playing stay healthy may God continue to bless you now and always your super fan Ree Elliott

  6. Te felicito por tu buen debut después de una lesión, ser más agresivo y jugar más a las líneas creo que te ayudaría, solo una opinión,
    Suerte para Roma

  7. Congrats to Carlos. Just grateful Rafa got the much needed 3 rounds of match play he needed following his rib injury and absence. Rafa will be fine! Looking forward to Carlos facing Novak for the 1st time tomorrow! Also looking forward to Rome. All the best, Rafa. So glad to see you are healthy once again. It was also nice to see Rafa’s whole family in his box including Uncle Toni

  8. Rafa para tu debut después de una lesión demasiado bien solo pregunto sería conveniente jugar más a las líneas??? Te deseo lo mejor para Roma, siempre contigo!!!cuanto mehubiera gustado que ganarás ese torneo

  9. I really like Carlos but would like to see him in best of 5 against Rafa if the draw allows at Roland Garros. But i hope his ankle heals so he can thrash Novak tomorrow!!! Not too troubled about Rafa losing. He’s had excellent match practice in madrid after the rib issues and did well. He will peak for the french open. Vamos

  10. U win some u loose some….No big deal Rafa…..loosing to ur young country man is a part of d game. Alcaraz is proving 2 b d nxt kid on d block.
    VAMOS RAFA!!!!

  11. A bridge too far for Rafa, but Carlos deserved this match fair and square. His level in Set 1 was Top 3, and rafa’s level was not even remotely close to his best which he showed at times in Set 3. It’s Ok Rafa, time to get ready for Rome. It’s all about peaking at the French open now.

  12. Stay healthy, Rafa. You did well after the rib injury. All the best in Roma👍👏🤛💪🎾🍀❤️

  13. The Italian Open is just around the corner…stay healthy, Rafa.❤️💪
    I will forgive Carlos if he wins tomorrow.😂

  14. Oh dear, I feel so old! I think Rafa’s still got the royal favour: King Felipe didn’t look very happy that he lost. But Rafa’s had tough times before, and he’s only just coming back from injury. It’s early days. And I know it’s mean to say this, but I so hope that Carlos thrashes Nole tomorrow!

    • HAHA that’s not a mean thing to say, it’s delightful:):) I hope that ankle holds up overnight.

  15. Rafa did his best to stay in the match. Even pushed Alcaraz to a third set.
    Anyway, Rome is up next where he must defend his 1000 points. I’m sure he’ll do just fine.
    Here in Madrid he only needed to defend his 180 points, that he did. Possibly he didn’t want to win this, and just concentrated on winning Rome. I would’ve done the same.

    Anyway, he needs to rest up and put his feet up. Cause Rome and the more important RG is coming his way.
    I’m ready for a 14th FO title and 22nd GS.

    VAMOS Rafa.

  16. Rafa was very much in his head today. Made many uncharacteristic mistakes. Alcaraz had “how could I ever beat Rafa?” attitude going in and was just loose enough to overtake our champ. Rafa did great in Madrid for just coming back from a fractured rib! We will see you in Rome ready to rock the house! Always our GOAT!

  17. Rafa has to play at his best if he wants to beat players like Alcaraz but Rafa was far away from this.

    A lot of work to do before Roland Garros. Take rest Rafa and than all the best for Rome.

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