LaWanda finally got a selfie with Rafael Nadal

Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

A longtime Rafael Nadal fan, LaWanda Watts, is a tennis superfan who has become famous for her selfies with the players in Indian Wells. She is also a prominent ambassador for tennis on Twitter and is always sharing her positive vibes with other fans and pleasure.

Good things come to those who wait so we were very happy to see that the L.A. native finally got a selfie with one and only Rafa on Saturday.


  1. Congratulations to Taylor!👏🏆
    And thank you, Rafa, for showing us the heart of a warrior once again.🙏
    Take rest and recover well, nothing is more important than your well being.❤️

  2. Hahaha

    Finally our ordeal is over!

    Rafa has chosen his body over another set of pain. Well done champ, great decision.

    Well done to Fritz. I did not enjoy this match. Sorry.

    Nice spending time with you Rafans as always! See you all at the clay!

    Great things ahead for our champ!

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