Indian Wells: Taylor Fritz ends Rafael Nadal’s unbeaten run

Rafael Nadal’s 20-match unbeaten run is over!

The all-time Slam king lost to American Taylor Fritz in straight sets 3-6, 6-7(5) at the BNP Paribas Open in two hours and 6 minutes.

Rafa had been searching for a fourth title in California, but it was Fritz who powered to his first ATP Masters 1000 title. The American is the first player to beat our champ in 2022.

After losing the first set, our champ asked for a medical timeout. He left the court with pain in his chest, which has been giving him problems during the last two matches of the Indian Wells tournament.

After the match, Rafa was gracious in defeat:

“Congrats Taylor to you and your team. You do very well. Very well played. I tried my best. Today it was not possible. But we had a nice fight. Very happy to be back here, one of my favorite places.

“Thanks to my team. I think we did great work, we can be happy about the way things went during the latest months. We keep working, we’ll practice even more to live other days like today.”

Rafa is slated to play at the Monte-Carlo Rolex Master next month (April 11-18).

Take a good rest and get well soon, Rafa!


  1. You have done well Rafa and ever so gracious. A true gentleman. Trust you get some good rest and medical care. Take it easy.look forward to Monte Carlo. Much love to you and your family…your greatest kiwi fan.

    • Rafael got robbed on this one. Play should have been suspended in the wind. Fritz had the advantage with less impressive opponents and more time to the final. Given abnormal schedule he would have lost. He looks foolish in this win.

  2. Today is over. Rafa is STILL our champion regardless of the scoreboard. I pray his injury is easily overcome and not related to the jab. But no matter what we are so happy and just thankful for every day you step onto the court! You are the most gracious ever and we love you, as I have said many times, not just for your off the charts tennis skill, but for WHO YOU ARE. Get good rest, figure out what’s wrong and heal up. We will be there to cheer you on! Vamos Rafa!

  3. During your previous press conference, you seemed to be favouring your left side. We hope it is not serious. We are so proud of your remarkable accomplishments thus far this year after your injury concerns. Hate to see you downcast after this loss, but this is a miracle run. No regrets-recover
    well, Champ👏👍💪🤛🍀🎾❤️❤️‍🔥

  4. Rafa played a surprisingly poor first set as he couldn’t find his serve and Fritz was pretty easily dominating. The second set was exciting and very close . In fact , Rafa really outplayed Fritz but made a very costly error on a easy open court return which would have given him set point with him serving . A third set was really merited at that point . Overall , Nadal should be proud of his performance . As for his physical well-being , it’s great that he has time to mend and be ready for the clay Court season . I forsee this as being Rafa’s year and likely will win Roland Garros and contend at the US Open for another slam .

  5. First and foremost, I’m glad the pectoral injury is not serious. Rafa was hurting during the acupulco final and I’m surprised he even played Indian Wells. It’s amazing he actually reached the final and battled as he always does. Congratulations to Taylor fritz who played and won even though he was injured as well.
    Most importantly, rafa has the opportunity to take a well deserved break and rest up before the clay season. Take care of your body and get well soon Rafa, before anything else. Look at the positives, he is world no 3 and even though he is defending 1500 points still has the opportunity to be seeded high enough for the French open, plus the pressure of not not being beaten has gone.

  6. Like others here, I had mixed feelings about Rafa winning the TB. He was clearly suffering, but he just wants to compete. He talked afterwards that it hurt to breathe. I want him to rest and be ready for his favorite season. I am happy for Fritz who dreamed of winning his home tourney.

    • No other athlete is more gracious in defeat in any sport like Rafa is. That’s why fans and players just love him. He is a real gentleman and for me, he is my GOAT.

  7. Congrats to Taylor. He just fulfilled a childhood dream. While Rafa never relents from a challenge no matter how physically compromised he is. Semi-final was so difficult due to that windstorm in the 2nd set. I am sure most fans wanted a third set in final but I was somewhat relieved match went no further so he can take care of his body and be 100% for clay court season. But first, glad Rafa will now get much needed rest and relaxation he deserves. I enjoyed every moment of Rafa’s amazing start of the season, with 20 match winning streak and 3 titles at 35. No easy feat!. It’s always a pleasure to support this great man and champion. Wishing Rafa good health and speedy recovery and lots of fun in the sun when he returns home!

  8. It just seemed like he wasn’t really into it that much, like he was tired. I think the last match took a toll on his body. But we know he will be ready for the clay season. Take care, we’ll be there with you. Cheering you on. Does anyone know if Moya was there. I never saw him.

  9. Ah well, Rafa’s streak had to come to an end at some point and he can now focus on the clay without the pressure of being undefeated. He put up a brave effort, considering his injury, but he had his chances in the second set, and failed to capitalise on them. Credit to Fritz who played the important points better.

    Rafa can now get a good rest to heal his body and come back fresh for the clay season.

  10. Body and soul both worked hard today. This time the body won out. Your spirit is what counts in the end. What an amazing start to the new tennis year. Time to really rest and be able to be at your best when you return to the courts,,, much. love to you for giving your all today. It washardto watch you hurt. Rest….res…t

  11. Rafa lost today, and his winning streak comes to an end. Nothing is forever, and if Rafa has to lose, I rather he loses to someone who is respectful, happy for Taylor!

    Winning the AO for the second time is a huge accomplishment this year!!! Take care, Rafa, until you are ready to return strong and healthy.❤️

  12. He was obviously suffering, but in a final he’s such s gentleman, he has written that in a final he will not retire, as he wants the other play to genuinely win, and not by retiring!

  13. Disappointing, but it’s OK, Rafa clearly had some physical problems all tournament and especially yesterday and today. He’s had an amazing start to the season and I would never have believed it could happen at the end of last year, but he’ll be back to number 3 tomorrow!

    Fritz played well but other aspects of his and his team’s behaviour were less pleasing this week. I hope none of my favourite players have anything to do with the “documentary”.

    Hope Rafa will be fit and well for Monte Carlo. Vamos!

  14. Rafa, you are doing great since AO!
    Please stay healthy, take some rest n check what is wrong with your body.

  15. As usual Rafa impresses, his spirit to compete when he was obviously hurting, he is such a champion!! I think the fact that he continued to play even after the medical time out at least makes me think that it’s not too serious (don’t think he would continued playing if he could worsen the injury) so hopefully now with a few weeks rest and rehabilitation he would be in prime shape for the clay court season. Congratulations Rafa – what an amazing start you’ve had this year!!

  16. I’m so sad but he still played like a champion through all the toils, snares, and injury. He is Mr. Class from the get go. Congrats to Taylor Fritz who played through injury as well.

  17. Rest up Rafa. What an amazing start to the year!

    Take good care of your body and we hope to see you back strong in a few weeks to start the campaign to regain your RG crown!

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