Rafa Roundup: “If you wanted one guy playing for your life for one match, Nadal is your man”

BNP Paribas Open


“I have no idea what number of Grand Slams I will have,” Nadal told reporters at his academy in Mallorca on Wednesday.

“I want to be the one with the most majors out of the three of us, I would love that, but I’m not obsessed, absolutely not. Whatever comes is welcome and I don’t think 21 is enough to be honest. But you never know what will happen in the future.”

“This (the win) has given me a huge boost of confidence to move forward,” said the Spaniard. “I have been able to enjoy the highest level of sport again, something that was very difficult to imagine a few weeks ago.”

Speaking on Tennis.com, Rusedski said “he (Nadal) is a genetic freak of nature and also, his mental fortitude is second to none. If you wanted one guy playing for your life for one match, he is your man. What he’s done is sensational.

“We have a little bit of back story here as well. Let’s not forget in September, the picture on the crutches. He wasn’t putting any weight on that foot we’re talking about. [Then he] comes out, starts the year, wins two events in Melbourne. The lead up tournament, then the Australian Open to win his 21st Slam. As you said, two sets down, love-40, 3-2, we’re thinking ‘this is curtains! No way he’s getting back!’ Rafa just showed us the fortitude to fight. Let’s not forget that crowd. That crowd was insane, how much they were behind Rafa, wanting to see history happen as well. For me, probably his greatest accomplishment in his career,” Rusedski claimed.

“Yes, we can talk about 13 French Opens which will never be broken. But this in itself against Daniil Medvedev was truly amazing.”

Moya does not think Djokovic is anti-vaccination, but claimed Djokovic’s career could be in ‘serious danger’.

“I don’t think Rafa’s win will have changed anything in his mind,” Moya told Spanish radio station Onda Cero.

“But it’s clear that if he doesn’t get vaccinated then he’s going to fall behind in the battle he has fought so long for.

“I think it’s going to be very difficult for him to compete in grand slam tournaments if he doesn’t get vaccinated, and his career will be in serious danger.”

AUDIO: Mats Wilander on Rafa’s triumph in Australia | via tennis.com

“It’s the most remarkable comeback in one of the more historical matches, if not the most historical match, of all time.”

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  1. According to the Mexican Open Rafa was to inaugurate a new arena, the Arena GNP Seguros. Sounds like a bank to me. The 2022 edition of Acapulco’s premier tennis tournament is its XXIX. If Rafa doesn’t play maybe he will make an appearance?

  2. FYI
    According to an interview with the BBC:

    “Novak Djokovic has said he would rather miss out on future tennis trophies than be forced to get a Covid vaccine.
    Speaking exclusively to the BBC, he said he should not be associated with the anti-vax movement, but supported an individual’s right to choose.
    Djokovic was asked if he would sacrifice taking part in competitions such as Wimbledon and the French Open over his stance on the vaccine.
    “Yes, that is the price that I’m willing to pay,” he said.”

    I am surprised about this because earlier, post-Australia deportation, there were rumors attributed to his camp that ND would be vaccinated.

    • Thanks Margo. I watched a clip of the BBC interview with Djokovic this morning. He’s sticking to his guns at the moment on principle, but “keeping an open mind” about being vaccinated in the future. He said that he may change his mind further down the line, depending on what new information he receives. I’m not sure what further information he needs about the efficacy of the Covid vaccines that have saved millions of lives, but that’s his prerogative.

      It remains to be seen whether Djokovic will continue to stick to his principles or if the allure of further potential grand slam glory is greater. I’m not convinced by the former. Meanwhile, tennis is carrying on nicely regardless.

      The full interview will be aired on BBC One at 8.30pm tonight UK time.

      • He will either get vaccinated in his country or get covid again 3-4 weeks before French and recover in Serbia.. lol

      • Your welcome Lorna but I don’t believe a word he says.

        I agree with you on his highly ambiguous comment about having an “open mind.” He is probably torn between his “principles” and his unquenchable thirst to be the undisputed best male tennis player of all time.

        Stay tuned. LOL

    • This is what he should have done earlier instead of trying to sneak his way into Australia. I can respect that:)

      Tennis is bigger than Djoker. Funny enough I have the same views as he does:) No mandatory vaccinations… but to each his own. He might as well retire or create his own slam. Zzzzzzz

    • ND does have a choice… he can choose not to take the vaccine(s) & face the consequences or he can get vaccinated and continue his number one status and quest for the GOAT! Perhaps this has humbled him in someway …He saw that tennis will survive without him & that just because he is Novak Djokovic he won’t be getting any special treatment from other countries. ND is a health fanatic & is ultra careful what he puts into his body… I think we can all understand his concerns about a new vaccine in which he is being forced to take… and I’m sure he is not the only player that is skeptical. He could have got some type of legal exemption but he chose to lie and cheat instead. His arrogance finally caught up with him! I researched to see what type of exemption he used…. all I could find was that he submitted a recent positive covid test. He thought that would prove he had immunity and thus provide him with an exemption. I’m surprised that his physicians did not use his celiac sprue condition…it caused him breathing problems in the past & could have provided him with an legitimate exemption.

  3. The tennis pundits used to say roger on grass or rafa on clay if your life depended on it? I used to say rafa on clay for sure. But now i say rafa on any surface absolutely. Vamos!!

    • You got that right OwlCat! Rafa is emerging the King of tennis period! We will have to give him another name for the clay.. How about the Emperor of Clay? Rafa’s making history left & right & breaking records all over the world! Try as I might I just can’t get excited for any new tennis players. Felix has all of Rafa’s attributes ( don’t know if he smashes rackets, most likely not with Uncle Toni’s involvement) he is super talented… he is everything good… but I just don’t get goosebumps when I watch him!😔 That goes for all of them Tsitsipas Shapo Daniil Zverve…No goosies! I guess you can say I only have eyes ( or in this case goosebumps) for Rafa!

      • King of Surfaces?
        King of Princes?
        Indomitable Rafa?
        Rafa the Indomitable?
        King of Impossibles?
        The Shot King?
        Rafa the Record Breaker?
        Fan magnate?
        Resilient Rafa?
        Evolving Rafa?
        Rafa’s Evolution?

        For me, Rafa has accomplished so much in tennis and has done so much for tennis that I can’t settle on just one moniker. AND he can tell those pundits to take a hike.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • How about “Rafa the Great” Paul Annicone already calls him the great Rafael Nadal!:I don’t know… it needs to have a Pizzazz to it!

  4. Just seen the result on my phone. I’m so happy for Felix. Such a calm, polite disposition like Rafa. He never lost heart and always spoke optimistically. Yes, Toni Nadal did a great job once more.

  5. Congratulations to Felix!👏 He finally won his maiden ATP Tour singles title after 9 finals. 🏆

    So thrilled for FAA, and happy to hear him say: “Toni brought a lot of confidence to me and the team. In the past year I have gained a lot of confidence.”

    All the best the rest of the season.🍀❤️

    • Yes Toni must have sprinkled Felix with a little magical Nadal stardust to help him believe in himself. There’s been a noticeable difference in his play. 👏💪❤️

      It has been a nice distraction to watch him this week to forget about our idiot truckers. Thank you Felix. Merci!🇨🇦

      • You are right, Pauline.😄

        Thank goodness I heard the ambassador bridge will be reopen today.🙏

  6. What is the latest news about rafa is hé going to play acapulco or not and is ge going to play miami. I hope hé is playing miami hé has a lot of fans there wo wanna see him

  7. Greg Harvey’s timeline graphic of the all-time grand slam men’s singles titles is brilliant and a great honour to Rafa and his 21st.

    • Is that the graphic where the players’ ages are included when first Slam was won, with Rafa at the top? If it is, I thought it was super duper original and creative and brilliant yes.

  8. Delpo played his last match in front of his beloved crowd and it was physically and emotionally very difficult for him.
    His on court interview in Spanish : “I will remember this moment for all my life. I fulfilled all the dreams I had in tennis and it brought me all the love of the people, which is my best trophy. This is my last match. I’m happy to have played it in front of my people.” Farewell to a great champ.

    • Thanks for posting that Lorna. I hope the love so many have sent him carries him forward for his next chapter.

      BTW If you haven’t listened to the January 30th edition of the Tennis Podcast I think you will enjoy the AO final coverage.

      • You’re welcome, Margo. I listened to the tennis podcasts throughout the AO and the one covering the final was really good.

      • Leave it to Lorna to remind me how much I missed on The Tennis Podcast. 👍

        I especially like that they also cover the WTA so it’s not just a “boy’s club” affair.

    • Mimi, I fell asleep and missed it. Just woke up and am looking for info. All I know is that Delbonis won. Did you watch? Press conference after DelPo lost?

      • Hi Margo, I watched the entire match, quite emotional, but not the press conference. His mother and sister watched him in person for the first time according to the commentators.

      • Yes, some time ago he did offer an explanation for his mom’s absence from his matches…I just can’t remember what it was. As a mom she’s got to feel his pain but glad he’s got the support.

    • I see Rafael as the best in the world as I always Pray for him to do well so as I always Pray for my son to do well like RAFA in life in whatever he will do as its never too late as he is Rafa’s age! 🙏 Well done RAFA-dont look back-keep going, you are a STAR!!!!, I see you as a son!!! GOD BLESS!🙏👌😘💥🙌

  9. Rafa is a gifted player who has a strength of character and a wonderful competitive spirit. He’s not ” a freak”. He plays every shot and never takes anything for granted. My admiration and respect for Rafa increases by the day. He is just wonderful. ⭐️👏

    • Not just a freak of nature but a “Genetic Freak of Nature ” I think it’s meant to be a compliment but sounds as though Rafa was born with a terrible bith defect. Words like prodigy extraordinary astonishing sound so much better!

  10. BNP Paribas has tweeted Rafa’s response about playing Indian Wells:

    “For me it will be even more special returning this year after missing the tournament in October. See you soon in the tennis (and golf) paradise, Indian Wells.”

    Rafa is looking to win his fourth Indian Wells title.


    • Margo…Thanks for posting this….This is fantastic news….
      Indian Wells is absolutely gorgeous and Rafa has always loved playing there…
      He hasn’t been there since 2019…when he and Roger, and Novak were there.
      I watched an incredible 2 hour practice – Rafa on the right practice court…Roger on the left practice court…. It was crazy fantastic….You heard the crowd cheer on the right when Rafa made a great shot…. then you heard the crowd roar on the left when Roger smashed it……..Even Rafa turned around a couple of times to see what everyone was screaming about….R & R were in different brackets and everyone was hoping for a Rafa/Roger semi final… Unfortunately, Rafa got hurt while playing Khachanov in the quarterfinals…. knee again… tendonitis they called it and he retired,,,, It was brutal….

      Hopefully his renewed confidence and attention to his health will take him far….


    • Margo, have you seen anything about Acapulco? I assume he will skip this year but I haven’t seen anything definite. Thanks.

      • Rafa was planning to play Acapulco, but that was before his big win. I now doubt that he will, but will head to IW. He has hinted that he won’t, but no official announcement yet.

      • I’m in the va4favre camp. And I’ve been looking for any news. Nada.
        At least we get Indian Wells. He gets tennis and golf.

    • HAPPY DANCE! RAFA IS playing Indian Wells! It’s so close to where I live but have only been one time & that was in 2013! It was loaded with top elite tennis stars! Rafa(of course) Roger Andy Novak Delpo Ferrer Berdych . All the women’s stars were there as well! I was not able to go to the final which was Delpo vs Rafa but think it was the Simi finals with Tomas Berdych …Rafa defeated him. 2013 was one of Rafa’s come back years & it was so much fun watching Rafa in top shape winning again! In March the dessert is beautiful & the weather is usually perfect but there was a thunderstorm and it spooked Rafa! I’m so excited. I really don’t care if he wins or loses I’m just so thankful & thrilled that is still playing!

  11. I love reading all that I am thinking!!! I have a Rafa poster from years ago in my room that says

    SHAKE UP The GAME!!!!! You have certainly ,lived up to that,Rafa!!!! BE CAREFUL WITH your Body!!-

  12. Have fun you are one the best ever no one have 13 French Open is amazing 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯❤️❤️🇺🇸

  13. Not wild about the term “genetic freak”; Rafael Nadal has an incredible work ethic-watch a practice session. He deserves and has earned his accolades. Of course, he is a gifted and talented elite
    athlete, but he has put in the hard yards. “Suffering” as he calls it.

    • I completely agree. Hopefully, the ridiculous mandates will soon be lifted as the facts about the ineffectiveness/dangers of the jab are coming out! If the Danes are dropping the mandates, hopefully the world will follow!

      • Here in the states you definitely can get an exemption with a valid reason. Asthma is one that will get you an exemption. Should you be allergic to any foreign ingredient in that vaccine that could cause an anaphylactic episode then the no one can force you to take the shot.l know a few people who are exempt and it was no big deal. I was wondering why ND didn’t use his celiacs to get an exemption.He had breathing problems with allergies to gluten …it would have qualified him here. Covid is a Sars virus it attacks the lungs with paralyzing muscus & bloodclots. Being a nurse I witness first hand how this virus was killing people in the beginning when there were no vaccines available. With vaccinated people the need for intubation declined and the morality rates also declined significantly…instead of going out in a body bag people were going home to finish recuperating. The mandates seem to invade our rights to our own bodies but with pandemics the only way it can be eradicated if everyone gets vaccinated. Smallpox and polio were both eradicated with vaccines. I’m not trying to be a know-it-all because I truly understand your feelings I just wanted to let you know that there are ways to get an exemption from the vaccines.

      • I highly suggest you look into the content of the supposed Covid “vaccine” – it’s not a vaccine at all or people herd immunity would have been reached AGES ago. The “vaccine” doesn’t work – period. What it DOES is frightening but I won’t get into that here. The ONLY reason I discuss it on our Dear Rafa’s feed is to get the truth out to people who blindly go along to get along. ND DID get an exemption. He DID get a visa. The government revoked it in AU after they granted it due to the people who are JAB CRAZY protesting. Anyway, have a look at front line doctors dot com and life site news dot com. You will soon have your eyes wide open. #vamosrafa

    • I’m sorry I was not promoting vaccines.l was just stating that ND could have gotten an legitimate exemption. No need to rehash an old story as it’s over and done with.This is a happy site to share & exchange stories about Rafa! I would never use it to push my own agenda on such a controversial issue!

      • Ziggy, what the heck are you apologizing for? Some people here think they’re on FB or YouTube where most of the misinformation/disinformation spread like wildfire. Not everyone understands science. I am thrilled that Rafa did his homework and got vaccinated.

        Yes, you tried to help but I would advise against responding to such hogwash.

    • MIMIIII…LOL Yes, only Rafa.

      FAA won his first tour level trophy at the Rotterdam final bettering Tsitsipas with a 6-4, 6-2 score. HE IS ECSTATIC. ATP News has put out its article. You used to comment on him a lot but dropped him like a hot potato? Well you picked a good one and I hope he stays injury free.

      • Hahaha, Margo.🙏

        Sooo happy for Felix, finally!!!

        Did you watch Diego vs Casper? I am a fan of both, so I was rooting for whoever was behind.😅 Casper was too strong for Diego today though.

      • Mimi, no, I didn’t watch Diego lose, again. He’s on my bad boy list. LOL

        Diego’s rank peaked at #8 in 2020 but ever since then it has been on a slow decline. It seems he becomes energized only when he has Rafa as an opponent. I am still a Diego fan but keeping track of Rafa is a full-time job. 🤯

    • Thank you Margo ! You are right it’s better not to respond to someone who is so closed minded! I just felt it was very unfair to accuse the Australian people for deporting ND just because they are “Jab crazy ” it’s a stupid accusation that has no merit. I’m sure if ND would have submitted a valid exemption The Australian dignitaries would have been more than happy to have him participate in the AO.! Anyway it’s over & done with & to be honest don’t think ND was missed too much! The Aussie Fans really Love Rafa ….even the commentators said they’d never heard anything like it before! I’m still on cloud nine & can’t wait to see him at Indian Wells! Also I will never forget that smile Rafa had on his face after he realized that he won! Wow! I get the goosies just thinking about it !

      • I think Rafa couldn’t believe he had won that match. Or that the match was over. That’s the impression I got.

        I would like to know how he processed winning the ATP RECORD BREAKING 21st Grand Slam, a 2nd career Grand Slam, AND his 2nd Australian Open all at the same time!!! My brain would have been scrambled eggs.

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