Rafael Nadal Makes History at the Australian Open: “The support will stay in my heart” [VIDEO]

Rafael Nadal post-match interview after winning his record breaking 21st Grand Slam.

“Good evening, well good morning everybody. First of all I know it’s a tough moment – Daniil you are amazing I have been in this position a couple of times in this tournament.

“I don’t have any doubts that you will have this trophy a couple of times in your career because you are amazing. I want to congratulate you.

“It has been one of the most emotional matches of my tennis career. To share the court with you is an honour. All the best to you in the future.”

“I don’t know what to say guys. For me it is just amazing.

“Being honest one month and a half ago I did not know if I would be back on the tour playing tennis again.

“Today I am here in front of you with this trophy. You don’t know how much it means to be back here. You are amazing and thank you so much for all of your love and support.

“Without a doubt it is one of the most emotional [periods] of my career. To have the support I have received the last three weeks will stay in my heart. So many, many thanks.

“I honestly can’t thank enough all the guys that are there – all the team, all the family, those that aren’t here. How hard the last year and a half has been. In the low moments you have been there every single moment in support.

“Without you none of this is possible so thank you very much for everything.”

“I don’t want to forget the volunteers and everyone who makes possible this event. Thank you very much for supporting tennis and myself. It has been tough times to organise tennis tournaments but the last two years you have done a great job. I wish you all the very best.

“I thought this might be my last Australian Open but this has given me enough energy to maybe keep going. I will keep trying my very best to come again next year. Thank you.”


  1. There could not be a more deserving champion than Rafa Nadal. My God what magnificent courage and determination he showed to come back from 2 sets down, and half way through the third set. To play for 5 and a half hours at top level against someone 10 years younger after suffering so much injury to his foot. Truly Rafa you are an inspiration and I pray for your good health so you may win the French Open and play as long as you want to.

  2. Rafa. Congratulations. King of Tennis. The undisputed G.O.A.T. You are a fighter right to the end…amazing . Fantastic game. Stay safe & look forward to RG. ❤❤🇪🇦🇪🇦☘🇪🇦

  3. The Comeback King. Congratulations, Rafael. Always generous, always respectful. It is our privilege
    to follow and support you. The world is bereft of common sense and intelligent leaders lately; you have shone a light on navigating life during challenging times. Thank you. Continued success and good health in the future. 🙏💪👏❤️‍🔥

  4. CONGRATULATIONS CHAMP RAFA!!! AO2022 was not on TV in the Philippines, but we got the way to follow all of your matches until it was time for you to lift the Champ’s trophy again!! So happy everytime you win. Truly you are always the finest any athlete should be (skills, character, passion and all what any athlete should possess). That is why our prayers for you to be the AO22 Champ (until the last points) was purely because of that! Our prayers for your good health and more happy championship results!🙏🙏🙏

  5. Rafa…you deserve be champion, the best player, you are humble, perseverance, my grandchild named Rafa too.. Keep playing ..Congrats Rafa

  6. Amazing win, congratulation. I am watching in the middle of atlantic ocean, I knew in my heart you will come back from two zero after your first break in the 3rd set. A heart of a champion never give up, until its last beat. My son was named after you. You are a living legend. I hope we can come back again in your academy in menorca, we stay there for a couple of days in your hotel. We are amazed in your museum, we are so happy to see your achievements. Hope to see you continue playing, win or loose you still our champion.

  7. Grace and courage under pressure
    You are the kindest and most remarkable
    Grand Slam champion!!!
    Sweet congratulations forever your fan🧚‍♂️

  8. I feel blessed witnessing the player that is Rafa.

    You will always be in our hearts too! Melbourne loves you!

  9. Magnetic, truly Magnificent!!. You are a True Champion. Been a fan for a long time. Now our 11 year old son is a huge fan. What a match, you played your heart out. Congratulations Rafa!!! All the best. Can’t wait for the French Open. Get lots of rest.

  10. How sweet was that?
    Rafa your fans are so happy for your amazing win today!
    21 Grand Slam titles.. and still… he keeps going and going and going!
    Love you to the moon and back.
    Well done xoxo
    Congratulations on your great victory!

  11. Never in doubt your Rafael Nadal a genius superstar warrior brave heart. Loved it!
    Congratulations Rafa everyone loves you,

  12. This is his most important slam win by far. Considering he was almost ready to say goodbye, to come back and win from 2-6,6-7,2-3 (0-40) point by excruciating point is beyond belief. Not just because he now has the all time record, but also to win the career slam twice. This is rarified territory and I hope he can play for as long as he wants to.

  13. Hearty Congratulations 🎊 👏 dear Rafa. Unbelievable feat. What a comeback. That is a true champion 🏆. You are an inspiration . You are a legend 🙌. I was waiting for the moment when you would drop that racquet n smile. Enjoy the moment you deserve it. Love you Rafa 😍 💗 💓 💛 ♥ 😘.

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