Australian Open 2022: Rafael Nadal wins second title – match point & highlights [VIDEO]

Rafael Nadal has produced one of the greatest comeback victories of his career to clinch Australian Open glory and a record 21st singles grand slam title.

Championship Point:

Last game:

Match highlights:


  1. Most Happy as you´ar Rafa, am I too, you have been incredible, fighting for more then five and half of an hour, there´ar not words to congratulate you 21 times, from the Canaries, please get an enormous sportly and frienly H U G, C. Javier

  2. The reverse of the US Open for two sets but the same end result. What an amazing comeback and victory. Delighted for this amazing person and player. He’s a unique champion. Congratulation Rafa. What an amazing day. Happy 21🇪🇸⭐️👏

  3. Magic man, Rafael Nadal. So much suffering to even play at all. The depth of this performance sets
    a new standard. This is indeed, Karma. “A man’s reach must exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?” 21 and reaching………….. 🙏

  4. I prayed for his win prior to the match. I never gave up on him even when he was 2 sets down. Anything is possible with Rafa on tennis court. Vamps Rafa = you are a true champion of tennis. You are an epitome of belief that hard work and humility always pays – whether you win a match or not. So, you are the greatest ambassador of tennis as a sport.

  5. Only can I say is congratulations well don Rafa 21 win is amazing vamosssssss champ we love you 🔥👏🏆👍🥰

  6. OMG. Being 2 sets down and then coming back from the shadows to win the whole damn thing. WOW.
    I’ve been waiting 13 long years since 2009 for Rafa to win this.
    What a major comeback.
    He’s the new GOAT with record breaking 21st slam.
    VAMOS RAFA .😁⭐️👏👍🤩🇦🇺

  7. I’m still 😭 but really 😂 at the same time. What a match. Sorry daniil but Rafa literally climbed out of the abyss point by point and surprised him.This is his most important slam win by far. Considering he was almost ready to say goodbye, to come back and win from 2-6,6-7,2-3 (0-40) point by excruciating point is beyond belief. Not just because he now has the all time record, but also to win the career slam twice. This is rarified territory and I hope he can play for as long as he wants to.

      • Many thanks. I hope he stays healthy and enjoys playing for as long as he wants to. As fans we want to see him enjoying tennis at this stage of his career. I was shocked to hear he was ready to say goodbye this year and incredibly grateful for what he achieved.

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