Melbourne Summer Set SF: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Emil Ruusuvuori?

Top seeded Rafael Nadal, who got a walkover against Tallon Griekspoor, will face Finland’s unseeded Emil Ruusuvuori on Saturday for a place in the Melbourne Summer Set final.

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It will be the first meeting between the two. They even trained together earlier in the week. The 22-year-old advanced to the semi-finals with a 6-2, 6-1 victory against 24-year-old Alex Molcan.

Date: January 8, 2022

Match time: Rafa is last match on Rod Laver. Around 8.30 PM AEDT local time / 4.30 AM EST – New York, Montreal / 9.30 AM GMT – United Kingdom / 10.30 AM CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy.  To convert to your local time, use this website.

Rafa, who is pursuing his 89th tour-level title, last lifted a trophy at last year’s Internazionali BNL d’Italia in Rome.



  1. Naomi Osaka withdrew from the tournament due to injury, I wonder if Rafa vs Emil match will start sooner?
    Do you know, Rafael Nadal fans?🙏

    • Rafa’s Semi-final match vs. Emil Ruusovori will start at 7 pm local time Saturday now because of Naomi Osaka withdrawing from the tournament with abdominal injury.
      9 am CET, 8 am BST, 3 am EST and 12 am PST.
      VAMOS 🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦

      • Hi KT, FYI., I just heard Tennis Channel announced another WTA match will be moving to 12am Pacific Time, so Rafa vs Emil will remain the same.

  2. I just read an atp tour interview with Carlos Moya entitled “Carlos Moya : Rafa’s Willpower Has Been Extraordinary”. It’s such a lovely testament to Rafa’s character, his determination to overcome injury and his drive to constantly improve. Carlos also talks about the impact of both of them contracting the omicron virus and he explains the addition of Marc Lopez to the team.

    • I am so happy I took up Mimi’s recommendation to read it. The biggest takeaway I got from Carlos is that Rafa’s competitive spirit is as strong as ever. If Rafa’s health holds up I think we’re going to see some great things from him this year and beyond.

  3. Congratulations to Team Spain🇪🇸👏 I bet Rafa is thrilled his countrymen are doing well. Good luck in the ATP Cup Final.🍀

    Also good luck to Team 🇨🇦 in the semis.🍀🎾

    • Denis and Felix found their form against Germany so wishing them well vs. Russia. Would love to see a Canada/Spain final. If not, Vamos España!

  4. Wishing Rafa all the very best in his next match against Ruusuvuori. As it’s their first encounter, no doubt Rafa will be wary of his opponent’s capability and take nothing for granted.

    Meanwhile, surprisingly, Kyrios has spoken out against the Australian Government’s treatment of Djokovic, saying they must “do better”. If it’s an administrative mess up then he’s right, but I still think there is something dodgy/wrong about the paperwork.

    In contrast, Boris Becker has criticised Djokovic : “On this occasion I think he is making a big mistake not to get vaccinated. It is one that threatens what remains of his career and his chance to cement himself as the greatest player of all time…”.

    The pro-Djokovic camp would have us believe that Djokovic is detained against his will. Nonsense! He is free to leave the country when he wants to, but he’s decided to dig his heels in. Let’s see what happens on Monday and who will be left with egg on their face.

  5. According to, Prime Minister Morrison had the following comment to make, rightly to justify the Serbian’s detention.

    “When you get people making public statements about what they say they have and what they’re going to do and what their claims are, well, they draw significant attention to themselves, and anyone who does that, whether they’re a celebrity, a politician, a tennis player, a journalist, whoever does that, well, they can expect to be asked questions more than others, before you come,” Morrison said.

    As other fans here have pointed out, this is of the Serbian’s making. Let’s see what the Court decides on Monday, in reply to his appeal.

    • Would lay down money that ND will be aloud to defend his title~read that he has lawyers working on it~ Meanwhile his mother is crying that her son is being held up in a filthy ~ insect ridden room not fit for humans ~ while his father is asking fans to protest for his sons rights~ Rules are rules and just because he is #one in the world he isn’t getting his way~ I wonder how the Australian fans will react if he is allowed to play~ Such drama when this is supposed to be a happy ~exciting time for Australia and the tennis fans around the world!

      • Ziggyyyyyy…Happy New Year!
        Yes, drama and persecution complex….Serbia and its government are behind him….the West is jealous because he’s the greatest….he is being singled out…the nonsense doesn’t stop. I read that other tennis players who received exemptions are also being looked at to see if they warranted exemptions …uh oh….
        If he doesn’t like the accommodations he is free to leave the continent.
        I don’t think he will be allowed to play. I just can’t see it after all that the Australian’s have been through in order to mitigate infections and deaths. I await the verdict.

      • Ziggy, FYI-there are a lot of fans of Serbian descent in Melbourne who will come out to cheer him if he plays. They have been rallying outside his hotel.

        Margo-Paul Sakkal is a reporter in Melbourne following the story on Twitter. There were only three others who were allowed in on the same type of visa and all have now had theirs revoked and left the country. One was not a player. If I were an Australian I would be irate if the Joker is allowed to stay.

      • Happy New Year to you too Margo! Isn’t it wonderful to see Rafa looking so fit & healthy! The Aussie fans are showing their love for Rafa as well! I guess you’ve heard that Srjans is comparing his son to Jesus saying that the Australians are trying to crucify him for not getting vaccinated. Also he is urging his fans to protests in honor of his sons rights! Now I’m hearing that Australia may ban him for three years! That’s not a bad idea! Maybe it will deflate his bloated ego a bit~if not teach him & his Papa a lesson that not everyone will bow down to his every whim! Like you I’m waiting to see what’s going to happen on Monday. I hope Australia sticks to their guns & gives him the boot ~ whats that saying “Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split! ❤ & 🙏🏼 for Rafa !

      • Hiya Ziggy…I am so glad Rafa is looking better than I expected after his foot recovery. Of course wishing him a win tomorrow and at the AO.

        On the other front, ND just needs to go home. And if the report about Tiley not divulging that he received a letter from the prime minister in November informing TA that a recent Covid-19 infection was not a valid reason for exemption…well…that’s nutzzzz. These guys are knuckleheads.

  6. Mixed feelings about the walkover as a match would have benefitted him as he and Jaume withdrew from the doubles. On the other side he will be fresher. Good luck Rafa. 🇪🇸⭐️🙏

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