Rafa Roundup: “I don’t have the courage to ask Nadal for a picture”

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There are moments of doubt, but he is an incredible competitor. As soon as he is slightly better, there’s nothing he wants more than to keep being competitive and aspiring to win big tournaments. These kinds of players can think about retiring when they see that that doesn’t happen, but that’s not the case with Rafa. I don’t see that in him.

As you can imagine, it’s not possible to be totally confident and comfortable after an injury of probably around six months. It’s about you need to getting back the confidence on a tennis perspective and on a body perspective day by day,” explained Nadal, who has reached four Australian Open finals since his sole 2009 triumph.

“That’s the thing; I am working hard to recover all these positive feelings with my physical performance, with my tennis performance, trying to save my body as much as possible.”

Asked whether she has met Nadal, who is playing this week in Melbourne, Zheng said she’s waiting until her ranking improves.

“I saw one practice of him and wow, he’s amazing. I don’t have the courage to ask for a picture. I don’t want to disturb him. I really want the signature and the picture but maybe when I get better.”

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    • Yes absolutely. What a sweet young lady. It would be so lovely to see a picture of them together soon.

  1. Encouraging to read Moya’s thoughts on Rafa; he knows him well. The willpower and resilience are
    off the charts. Pre-Covid, fans were packed in the stands for his practice sessions, waiting for autographs and selfies. He was gracious, and signed for everyone, before exiting👍❤️

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