Uncle Toni reacts to Djokovic medical exemption to play in Australian Open

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Australians have responded with anger and skepticism to the news that No. 1 Novak Djokovic has been granted an exemption to compete in this year’s Australian Open in Melbourne. Here’s what Rafael Nadal‘s uncle and former coach, Toni Nadal, wrote in his El Pais column:

I must admit that, until Tuesday’s announcement, I thought that the Serbian player would give up participating in the tournament or that he would get the vaccine.

The way I understand it, if you have requested and received an exemption then it’s because you must not have been administered any of the authorised [vaccines].

There are almost six million people who have lost their lives due to this damn virus and many other millions who have received the vaccine.

I want to think that Novak is no stranger to all this and that he will clear up the doubts as a sign of human sensitivity and understanding.

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  1. Rafa is in top form!! So sad this sport, and many
    others have to be tainted with corrupt politics!

  2. I think the issue here must be about the virus and not the vaccine.
    Just prove that he has no virus then let him enter and play.
    Even you have been vaccinated but if you have virus then you are not allowed to enter and play.

    • Djokovic has known what Australian rule regarding being able to participate on play for months. If he is not vaccinated then he cannot play neither should he be allowed into Australia. Of course all this media coverage keeps his name at the top of the list of being followed and that we as supporters of tennis will not forget him. I am so disappointed in his attitude. He is being obstinate in not telling the truth of one way or another. This of course keeps him in the limelight, just where he wants to be.

    • His behavior underscores the stubborn attitude and typifies the attitude of the country’s population. Then he plays the boy that cannot play with the others simply due to his non compliance. Shame to him and shame to his parents for taking the same hard line
      Stop crying Wolf and go home. This spectacle is tarnishing the game and certainly the worst example for the youth.

    • I disagree I think the point is that Djokovic has to follow the same rules as anyone else when it comes to entering Australia. It seems pretty clear that the organizers of the Australian Open bent over backwards to let Djokovic play (and I understand he’s the number 1 player in the world at the moment and a great player). But Djokovic knew the rules and figured he could get around them because he’s rich and famous etc. And the nonsense coming from Joker’s fans and particularly his parents (his father claimed that he is being crucified like Jesus Christ – OMG!!) is ridiculous!!!!! Sorry but Djokovic likes the drama and playing the victim, his refusal to not get vaccinated (which is his choice) caused all this problem, nothing else. And science and history prove that vaccines will get us out of this (why do you think that horrible diseases like smallpox and polio are basically eradicated – it’s because of vaccines). Sorry but I have no sympathy for Djokovic and think that the court will likely deny his appeal and ask him to leave. If he’s going to continue to refuse to get vaccinated, he should expect that he would be eligible to compete in a lot of tournaments in 2022 including the Grand Slams!

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