Rafael Nadal is on Toronto Masters Entry List

(Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images)

Rafael Nadal is officially on the player entry list for the Rogers Cup, which will be held from August 7 to August 15 in Toronto.

“I’m very happy to return to Canada to play in Toronto,” said reigning champion Rafa “Toronto is a fantastic tournament and I have had some really great matches there. As a matter of fact, I won there the last time we played and I would love to defend my title this August and be again with my fans in Canada and around the world.”

With a 38-8 record, including a perfect 5-0 mark in finals, across 13 appearances — eight visits to Montreal and five visits in Toronto — Rafa is clearly at home on Canadian soil.

You can view the full thread of all the players on the entry list for Toronto HERE!

Source: Rogers Cup


  1. Looks like Rafa will play Jack Sock or Yoshihito Nishioka in the second round next Wednesday. Nick is a possibility for the semi-final but there are other competent players who could get through.

    I want to stay away from predictions. Just go all out Rafa!

    • It’s not the easiest draw given that Rafa hasn’t played for a couple of months. I’m taking this as a warm-up only, no expectations, and as ever, one match at a time.

  2. Happy Days are Here Again!!! Bye bye Novak…. .

    Congratulations Sascha…. You showed strength and fortitude today, as you took him out!

    Nice going!

  3. No gold medal for Novak in the mixed doubles either.

    Quite a lot of players have withdrawn from the Washington DC tournament, including Shapo, Hurkacz, Raonic and Isner. I expect there might be a few more (Khachanov and Karatsev I imagine) which might be why no time has been announced yet for the draw – supposed to be happening today. Rafa’s first match is scheduled for Wednesday, but those with tickets to the quallifying at the weekend can go and see him practice on centre court.

  4. Just got home from a long-pooch walk and opened my in-box to see the MOST WONDERFUL NEWS OF THE WEEK FOR ME.

    Zverev has my congratulations.

    Of course I couldn’t wait to read other Rafa fans’ comments about the STUPENDOUS news. We are all on the same page, at the moment. Thank goodness!

    • Hi Margo,

      I am in Washington, D.C. supporting our champ in person.🤩😍 I found out the wonderful news while I was still at the airport. Looking forward to Rafa’s practice tomorrow – I purchased a full package which includes the qualifying rounds.😉

      Hi Pauline,

      I have chosen the Citi Open over the Rogers Cup due to travel restrictions. Hope you have fun watching Rafa in person or at home. Good luck!

      • Hi Mimi,

        I understand your decision to stay in your own country at this time. Maybe next year you can come up for the National Bank Open which will be in Montreal. I remember that you have been there before but a second time would be nice too.

        Congrats on your ticket package for D.C. I read that they went like hot cakes. Lovely that the practice sessions are included. Please let us know if you bump into Rafa at your hotel or in a restaurant or anywhere else. Hope you can get another selfie with him.

        Wishing you loads of fun.🤗

      • Hi Pauline,

        Yes, maybe a good idea since I am familiar with the place, kind of.😁

        Thank you so much Pauline!❤️

      • Hiya Mimi, I am only now seeing your @ 1:13AM so I will just say again how great you get to see your Rafa, our Rafa, everybody’s Rafa. LOL

      • Hi Margo,

        Thanks again!🙏😘

        I saw our Rafa’s practice earlier, resting in my hotel room right now, will go back in a bit for his afternoon practice. I expect to see him two more time tomorrow until his second round match on August 4. FAA and Frances Tiafoe are supposed to practice right after Rafa, I may stay late for them too if I am not hungry lol.

  5. Unbelievably happy!!!! Super 🤩! 👏👏👏Now Rafa for US. If not, anyone except for ….

  6. Congratulations to Zverev who stood strong to beat Djokovic for a gold medal chance. A brilliant comeback!

    • This from the NYTimes…LOL

      “Djokovic tried to slow Zverev’s momentum with a long bathroom break between the second and third set, as he has done in tense moments in the past, but it didn’t work, and in the two-of-three set format he did not have the cushion afforded by the format of three-of-five set matches at Grand Slam tournaments.”

      • Our prayers have been answered Margo. Yes, Djokovic failed in his attempt to swing the momentum his way, as Zverev was having none of it and dug deep. Djokovic certainly got a bitter taste of his own medicine.

        I always thought the better chance of anyone beating Djokovic would be in a best of three set format. Thank goodness Zverev had the weapons and the genuine belief to do it.

      • Lorna, LOL Even the NYTimes is on to his ploy. I sure wish Rafa could read that article.

  7. GOOD LUCK to Elina Svitolina in her semifinal against Vondrousova who ousted Naomi Osaka at Tokyo Olympics.

  8. Very happy that rafa didnt go to the olympics. It would have been impossible for him to play under the heat

  9. djokovic will play nishikori in the quarterfinal. The olympics are in his country hopefully he can offer nole some competition

  10. Oh dear! Tsitsipas lost his third round match to Humbert after an impressive win against Tiafoe. I was betting on him to capture gold ☹

  11. Newly fifty-five ranked 18-year-old Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz, with whom Rafa practiced during the AO, just won his first ATP tour level title at Umag. @RafaelNadal was quick to congratulate his fellow Spaniard.

    • Congratulatons to the very talented young man. He played a solid final. I noticed that Goran Ivanisevic had his eagle eyes on the match whilst back in Croatia.

  12. The pressure is high for djokovic this year. I mean this is once in a life time opportunity for him to write history at the age of 34. In my opinion if his mission fails in new york due to nadal or someone else then he will be devestated and it will be hard for him to be motivated for 2022 tennis season. He will be mentally en emotionally empty

  13. I think that rafa will retire at the age of 40 and then start a family with his wife and to be honest I hope he will retire at 40 I dont want him a player that people will sorry for.

    By the way djokovic has withdrawn from toronto that is very unfortunate I hope that rafa will play cincinnati to face djokovic before the us open. I am optimistic that rafa can beat nole on clay eventough that has not happend in 8 years.

    I think that if nole doesnt win the us open. 2022 will be a bad year for him because he will be emotionally and mentally exchausted

    • Marijnt, Rafa may well play until he’s 40 if he’s fit, healthy, motivated and still feels he can win grand slams. However, he also has to consider the needs of his wife. I think that he’ll target 2024 as his farewell year, with the added incentive of the Paris Olympics, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Marijnt…To predict that Rafa will play till he’s 40 and then start a family then is bold … I’m aware everyone is entitled to their opinion… but I don’t agree …

      You’re actually saying that Meri will wait till she’s 38 to hopefully have her first child and Rafa will be in his 40’s… If you have been listening to Rafa.. you would know that he looks forward to becoming a father and that he’s all about “life” within tennis right now as he knows and appreciates the career he’s had … and has many times stated that when his mind and body dictates that the end near….that life will go on for him… I don’t see Rafa playing for 5 more years….no way…. Although I would love it if he did.. I think his priorities are starting to shift even now…

      A year ago when Rafa was interviewed about starting a family, he was very positive about it in his very cagey answer which lead me to believe …. hmmm …maybe he knows something we don’t and who knows maybe an announcement will be forthcoming…. That did not happen but at the time I thought… it’s only a matter of time before this couple starts their family….

      I think 2022 / 2023 will be critical years for our boy in deciding his future on the tennis circuit…

      As a season ticket holder to the Open, I know this year will be very bittersweet for me… I will do what I always do no matter what matches are going on throughout any given day… I go to every practice of Rafa’s .. every single day, whether he has a match that day or not….as we know he’s a creature of habit and he practices on the same practice court P1 always, and the time is listed on the US Open website the night before.. It’s my way of getting “extra time with him” …. And of course, I attend as many of
      his day/evening matches as possible…. I say it’s bittersweet because we don’t know what 2022 has in store for him and I try not to think about that now but it creeps in… Oh well….one year at a time….

      37 days and counting till I get to see him again…

  14. The 2024 Olympics will be in Paris and the tennis will be played on clay. Rafa will be 38 by then, but I wonder if….🤔 Just a thought.

    • On Djokovic withdrawing from Toronto, I often get the feeling that both Rafa and Nole choose tournaments to avoid playing each other unless it is a big tournament that is a must, like Rome. I doesn’t help either “brand” to play each other too much. Still, they have played each other more often than any other two players.

      Lorna you’re right, the Paris Olympics in 2024 is a natural for Rafa. And only three years away! But will the pandemic be over by then?

      • David, Novak has won Toronto four times and he has no points to defend there this year, as he didn’t participate in 2019. I also read that he chose to withdraw from Toronto because he wants to minimise stress in order to give himself the greatest chance of winning the Olympics, US Open and hence, achieve the Golden Slam.

        I agree that Rafa and Novak need a break from each other, especially when it comes to Rafa’s confidence.

        Who knows what will happen with the pandemic next week, next month, next year, next three years…🤔 I guess we can only hope for better times ahead.

      • We will know the draw for the Citi Open sometime Friday. I know Djokovic and Medvedev won’t be there. Anyone know about Dominic and Stephanos? Thanks.

  15. I spoke too soon about the U. S. / Canada border opening up. Canada is opening August 9 but the U.S. is not. The U.S. reviews the issue on the 21st of each month. So the next opportunity to open Canada to U.S. travelers will be Augusr 21, unless something happens to change that.

    • It is only applicable to land travel. Air travel has never stopped. If you intend flying into Toronto and are fully vaccinated you should have no problem.

      • Mark, my friend, who has a Canadian passport, recently traveled to British Columbia for his parents 50th wedding anniversary. He said he could not fly with his family, who are U.S. citizens without Canadian passports, because they would have had to immediately go into quarantine for 14 days. So I’m not so sure but I will check out what you say. Thanks.

      • David, My understanding is that as of Aug.9 those restrictions will no longer apply for U.S. citizens. If you are Covid free and have been vaccinated two weeks before arrival you will not have to quarantine.

  16. Great Britain’s athletes will stay away from the opening ceremony at the Olympics on Friday amid concerns about catching Covid-19.

    I think that’s a smart move and hope the US follows suit even though that’s not a guarantee some of our athletes will be any safer.

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