PHOTOS: This is Rafael Nadal’s Wimbledon 2021 Nike outfit

Nike has unveiled Rafael Nadal’s new outfit that he’ll be wearing at Wimbledon 2021. Following the Wimbledon tradition, our champ will be sporting all-white with touches of black on it. As you can see, along with the Nike logo, the famous ‘raging bull’ was also designed in black.

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  1. He will definitely play, our champion knows how heartbroken we are way back from RG, he is going to wipe our tears by lifting the trophy at London vavamos our champ, we r right behind u

    • Thembani, Rafa will be back and we, his fans, will be excited to see him. Of course, the hardest part is the waiting.


  2. Marinjt is not Rafa’s fan, he don’t even belong to this group, can he pls leave our group, we don’t have time for his nonsense, we talking about our champion Rafael Nadal not Novak Djokovic

  3. margo and ginagini

    Apparantly I did strike a nerve with the both of you about my comments. Let me be clear. I am a nadal supporter since 2007. I often have been very positive about nadal on this site but I am also very critical and if I see him playing bad or the level is simply not there I will critize him on this site whether the both of you like it or not

    The hard truth is that rafa right now is not that the greatest of all time that is djokovic the both of you have a hard time accepting that reality. If the owner of this site doesnt like what I am writing then they need to block me. You people dont owe this site.

    Nadal game needs improvement if he still wants to compete for the big titles. Also Nadal mental state of mind needs to improve he lost so many close matches over the last 9 years.

    Accept that they are many critical nadal fans out there

      • Hey Mimi, hope you’re feeling better today. Let’s see if Rafa has any news for us today. Hoping to hear something, ANYTHING, if not today…soon.

      • Hi Margo,

        Thanks.🙏❤️ How are you? I have resumed jogging…it was a bit tough after a break, but no pain no gain.💪 I usually use Rafa as an excuse to skip jogging, but the FO is over. During any tournament Rafa plays, I just try my best to go on my bike or practice yoga at home. Rafa is my #1 priority!!!😉

        Glad that Rafa and his team made the announcement early, hope he rest well and come back healthy and fit when he thinks it’s the right time!🥰

      • I’m good Mimi. Thanks for asking. No PTS thank goodness.

        Just waiting for our Champ’s return. Pedal on, I’ve been doing a lot more walking to stop “the spread.” LOL

    • I am wondering how did you come to the conclusion that Djokovic is more GOAT than Rafa hhhaha. First of all the race is not over yet and second and most important ; you cant be the greatest, if you dont hold the most important thing which is (most grand slam titles). So still 20 is more than 19. Simple as that

      • V

        Djokovic won all master serie titles twice and also won atp tour finals and djokovic won all grandslams twice by winning the french open.

        Djokovic has beaten both rafa and roger on all 4 grandslams and is the most allround player. He can win on hardcourt, clay, grass and indoor

        Nadal has won 20 grandslams but 13 of them were on 1 surface and that is clay. Rafa should be called the greatest ever on clay. But he has not done well on other surfaces besides clay.

        He has not won miami, sjanghai, paris indoor and the atp tour finals. He had many chances to win for a second time in Australia to do what nole did on sunday in Paris but unfortunatly he lost in 2012 against Nole in the final after leading break in the fifth he was the favorite against wawrinka in 2014 but lost due to back injury and 2017 against federer again after leading a break in the fifth.and this year losing against stefanos after leading 2-0 in sets

        Last year he had a great chance to win Paris Indoor but lost in the semi final against zverev and in the atp tour finals he lost in the semifinal against medvedev after leading a set and 5-4 and serving for the match.

        I was very dissapointed him not winning Paris indoor and atp tour finals also dissapointed about the losses in australia.

      • Obviously he has taken up residence here. Please don’t supply the oxygen.

    • You are totally right. He could have been the GOAT if he had won one or two of the matches that he threw away due to mental blocks. especially those that would have gotten him the double career grans slam. AO2012, the infamous back hand up a break in the fifth, at 30-15. AO14, the mentally triggered back injury, looking so afraid the whole first set. The whole season of 2015 (one mental break down), basically everything that happened since RG14 (two grass losses to Brown) until the Spring of 17 was overshadowed by weakness. AO17, up a break in the fifth, he mentally collapsed again, and big time. Wimbledon 18 SF, throwing away the third and the fifth set. AO19, entering the final in a state of 100% disbelief in himself. He on the other hand certainly had a couple of wins where he was at the other end of the spectrum, such as the RG13 SF and the US13 final, both matches where he won due to mental power. We all know he miraculously got away in the final of the US19, but the self inflicted blow of last week vs Djokovic, where he hit so many unforced errors (including DF’s) has now clearly pulled him to a hard stop. You can criticize this input all you want, but just the fact that I can sum up all these events top of my head shows you I am following his career closely enough to be called a fan. A fan who realistically acknowledges that due to this mental weakness, and the ongoing march of Nole. the latter is the GOAT. Unlike Federer fans, who have been un-sportive en masse, since forever, Nadal fans can be good sports enough to admit that their man is no. 2 behind Nole (but before Federer, the weak era king).

  4. For once uncle Toni has said something other than he doesn’t want Rafa to have to face Djokovic and that he’s afraid of that etc.

    Lorna, I read that article in Firstnews. Well, it’s actually quite true unfortunately. Rafa did open the door to D and wasn’t effective in the important moments. D has such luck and also since he wants to win so much makes sure he learns from his mistakes etc. Also, Rafa I think had improved his backhand a lot I’m recent times so wonder what happened on that day. I guess it just wasn’t his day. How come D has so many of “his days”. Ugh!!!

    I wonder if Rafa should play Wimbledon….. ?.

    • Speaking of ‘opening the door’…

      Against a player like Djokovic, if you give him an inch, he will take a MILE!

      In Rome, first set of the final against Djoker was close, 7-5 to Rafa.

      And yet Djokovic ran away with the second set 6-1 (WHY??)!! Rafa should never let that happen- it gave Djokovic belief that he had a chance, with such a blowout score. Of course Rafa ended up winning the third set 6-3 to take the match.

      But the damage was done… Rafa won that battle- however this loss was a huge stepping stone in Djokovic’s mindset in the coming war against Rafa at RG.

      At the RG semi final, Rafa was 5-0 up, seemingly in total control and headed for a bagel. Djokovic held. 5-1. Rafa served for the set, and got broken. even holding set points. (WHY??)

      Djokovic held again, for three games in a row. 5-3.

      Rafa then went up serving 40-0 in the final game of the first set. Three set points, and yet Djokovic came back and took the game to deuce (WHY??), before Rafa sealed it with his fourth set point of that game.

      That run of three games for Djokovic, and coming from 0-40 down in the last game, must have given Djokovic total belief that he had what it takes to beat Rafa.

      Rafa won that first set, sure. But the match was lost by then. There was no stopping the mental edge of Djokovic.

      Anyway, whatever… just a history lesson now.

      I wish Rafa all the best going forward and I hope he can recapture that winning mental edge or else we will witness more of the same against Djokovic or even lesser players.

      Deep down I know that objectively, it will be difficult to deny that Djokovic has attained GOAT status with his latest exploit. This guy has won all the Masters 1000 tournaments. He has won all the majors twice, beating Nadal en route to winning FO and beating Federer in Wimbledon Finals. UGH!

      Rafa will always be my GOAT of course. Because he is human and not seemingly a laser focused machine like Djoker.

      I hope our champ is recovering nicely, and planning a triumphant return!

      • I agree Mac. It’s staggering what Rafa let slip away. Will we ever get a definitive explanation about this loss? I do wonder if it would make me feel better or worse.

  5. Federer just lost to Felix A-A in the second round in Halle. Not the pre-Wimbledon preparation Federer would have wanted.

  6. So Rafa’s uncle Tony “…fires Wimbledon warning to Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic”. In an Express artcle today Tony Nadal suggests that Rafa could be the favourite to win Wimbledon, despite his surprise French Open defeat. “Favourite” won’t be the case, but it’s so good to hear this fighting talk from Tony Nadal. Who knows what stern words he’s said to Rafa, but I certainly hope this gives his nephew the inspiration he needs to attack the courts.
    Wimbledon isn’t Wimbledon without you Rafa, so comeon! Turn the page on the red dirt for now and get it together on the grass!!

    • At least he’s supporting Rafa and not some other player as he has in the past.

      Lorna, I thought I had the wrong article because it contains a glaring error in it’s last paragraph. Many other publications repeated the same. SLOPPY and SLOPPIER

      “The 60-year-old [Toni] is backing his nephew to pose a significant threat at both Wimbledon and the French Open as he enters a crucial period in his search for undisputed greatness.”

      One publication referred to El Pais to whom Toni spoke directly. This is what Toni purportedly said:

      “The next two tournaments, Wimbledon and the US Open, will probably be decisive,” he added. “I would not dare to venture conclusions, but I do dare to maintain the confidence that it is my nephew who raises one of the two.”

      Unfortunately for us fans, Rafa has yet to confirm his next tournament, but your hope, Lorna, is my hope too that Toni gave Rafa a stern talk. If he doesn’t play Wimby he will have plenty of time to get himself together for the USOpen.

      FYI You-know-who is playing the Mallorca doubles. He’s been practicing with a left-handed player and claimed it helped him beat Rafa. I hope he gets to eat his words.

      • Oh, definitely not the same article, Margo. In this one Toni Nadal spoke after RG.

        In going to Mallorca and seeking out a leftie to play against, “You-know-who” certainly left no stone unturned in his desperate quest to beat Rafa on our champ’s beloved clay. Ughh…!!

        Interestingly, the Firstpost article, to which i previously referred, mentioned that, as well as putting Rafa under pressure, forcing him to go for the lines, the Djoker targeted his backhand, forcing Rafa into errors. Lessons to be learned here.

    • Lorna, you said I had the incorrect Express article so I cut and pasted the title and the first paragraph because it claims Toni suggested Rafa would be a favorite at Wimbledon. It’s the same article I referred to in my post. The Firstpost article, which you recommended, was easy to find. I still cannot find the Express article. You may have missed my earlier request to help me find it.

      This is the Express article I found:

      Rafael Nadal’s uncle fires Wimbledon warning to Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic

      Rafael Nadal will be looking to push Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic all the way at Wimbledon.
      PUBLISHED: 06:16, Thu, Jun 17, 2021
      UPDATED: 07:13, Thu, Jun 17, 2021

      Rafael Nadal’s uncle Toni Nadal has suggested that his nephew could be the favourite to win at Wimbledon this year despite his surprise French Open defeat at the hands of Novak Djokovic earlier this month. The Spaniard was widely expected to stroll to a record-breaking 21st Grand Slam title at Roland Garros, but was denied by his ‘Big Three’ rival at the end of a thrilling semi-final.

      In my post I said I went to El Pais, and I copied what Toni actually said to El Pais after the tournament.

  7. Rafa looks good in anything, so sorry he did not get French open. We are all rooting for you . Wish you will get to 21 no pressure. Good luck.

  8. Blanco negro verde etc, da igual los colores, lo que vale eres tú Rafa, suerte y te deseo lo mejor para este torneo, siempre contigo!!!

  9. I hope Rafa feels ok and his fine with mind and body after the French Open. I am still really sad😌

  10. It doesn’t show It here i don’t like the new style of neck less jackets. I like to buy the brighter coloured ones, but not the new style

  11. Love him in all white…. but then again…. I love him in brights too…
    Hell ….. He can wear anything ….

    I just want his mind and body in sync and ready to go….

  12. I would rather see him in black with cutoff sleeves looking fierce but I understand the tradition of Wimbledon . I do not like when Rafs is wearing bold bright colors like pink or green . Psychologically, his opponent would be more intimidated if Rafa came out like a warrior he is not a fashion model .

  13. Choose well,Rafa, so you can play your best without hurting your body and spirit! We all have wonderful memories ; perhaps tbere will be more. Just having you play for as long as you wish to is good enough for me. I love watching you and your mind!!!! VAMOS man!

  14. Rafa Is the greatest of all time. His French Open loss to the idiot Serb was a minor glitch. He will be back strong and ready to win more grand slams.

    • I’m with you on that because he still can do it. We just have to be patient as much as it’s killing us.

      Wishing Rafa the best.

    • hellcreature,

      I am very sorry but rafa is not the greatest of all time. He is the greatest on clay that is true but not the greatest of all time that is novak djokovic its time for you to accept that.

      Rafa can be the greatest of all time by winning this year Wimbeldon hopfully the Us open and then Sjanghai, Paris indoor and atp tour finals. And then next year finally second australian open title en tournament of Miami. If he wins all these tournaments he can be called the greatest of all time untill then he is just the greatest ever on clay

      • I don’t think…no, I KNOW you don’t have any right to come here and tell another fan that “Rafa is not the greatest of all time” and “it’s time for you to accept that.” How dare you!

        I have been here for so many years, have seen fans come and go, but NEVER has a Rafa fan uttered those words to anyone here. Some fans here have been respectful of you even though you’ve said some crappie things but I’m not going to bite my tongue and stay quiet.

        Opinions are fine so if hellcreature feels Rafa is the greatest of all time, as most of us here feel, then Rafa is the greatest of all time. Have some respect for others’ opinions, thank you very much!

      • Having read many of Marijnt’s comments on this site, I have often wondered where his/her support truly lies. Now I know. This website is dedicated to Rafa fans; hence “”. It is not a website for Djokovic fans, posing as Rafa fans. If I were a Djokovic fan, I would want to show my support for him on a Djokovicfans website or a neutral website like the ATP website, not here.

  15. The standard look – fine! I’d just love to see him bounce back on court, regardless of the outfit.

  16. Rafa looks good and anything he has a good skiing tan we are ready to see you play vamosssssss champ 💪👍❤️🎾🇺🇸

  17. Love the sneakers! I hope he plays Wimbledon (if he is healthy, mind and body) so we can see them in action!

  18. Rafa always looks great in white with his deep tan and looks, but then Rafa looks well in all colours. I wonder will he play Wimbledon. He definitely needs a rest and would he be ready to play on grass. He and his team will make the right decision. Should he concentrate on the US Open.

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