PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal’s first practice in Paris

Here are some photos from Rafael Nadal’s Thursday practice session at Roland Garros.


  1. Looking at Rafa as he watches the statue’s unveiling, i’m not sure what he really thinks of it and i’m unsure if i like it. It’s certainly modern, but to me, it looks like Rafa is covered in bandages with the Medusa hair (as Margo calls it) flying about.
    Jordi Diez refers to the statue as “a monument to human strength.” I like the stainless steel, but I’d have preferred it to show Rafa’s muscularity more and a clear distinction between his outfit and body. Maybe i’ll have a greater appreciation when i view it up close and personal on my next visit to RG.

    • Lorna, had Diéz Fernandez showcased Rafa’s “muscularity” would Paris have enough ambulances to care for all of the females needing medical attention after seeing his statue 😂 even though your suggestion is spot on?

      “Bandages” made me think of a loosely wrapped Egyptian mummy.

      If I ever get to Paris I will definitely go to see Rafa’s statue. I agree with you that it may look better in person.

  2. Good luck Rafa vamosssssss champ all the best 💪💪💪💪❤️🎾😘🇺🇸

  3. At last! Rafael Nadal has been given deserved recognition at Roland Garros. He looks happy and proud of the Jordi Fernandez statue. The artist was quite inspiring, like Rafa, in his accomplishment.
    Happy that this was done while Rafa continues to fight and compete. Another reason to see Paris.🥰

  4. I know its not intentional but the draw is almost set up as the old guard in the top half and the Next Gens in the lower half.

    I would like to be wrong but I don’t see Roger making the quarter finals. More likely Berrentini. It looks like an easy ride for Nole all the way to the Semi’s but you never know.

    The Rafa statue is a bit strange looking. One thigh muscle looks huge while the other does not. Does Rafa really turn his racket all the way over in the follow through to his forehand shot?

    Can’t wait to see Rafa in his first match. Go Rafa!

  5. I juste spoke with my wife the day before yesterday that the King Rafa deserves to be sponsored on of Laurent Garros field the Name of King Rafa Today i See that there is a large Bronze statue which measures 4,89m am so happy and you deserve it king

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