Rafael Nadal honoured with statue at Roland Garros

French Open officials unveiled the statue of Rafael Nadal on Thursday ahead of the start of the clay-court grand slam on Sunday.

Our champ attended the unveiling on Thursday alongside French Tennis Federation President Gilles Moretton, Tournament Director Guy Forget and the sculptor Jordi Diez Fernandez. The statue is made of steel and stands three metres tall, nearly five metres wide and two metres deep.

How do you like it? Are you one of those people who think it is too soon for a statue of Rafa at Roland Garros?


  1. I’m such a HUGE fan! Not just of the athlete, but the person he is. 13 RG titles! He deserves the statue and why not now? He already is the best in Paris. By far! Wait for…when? This is as good a time as any.

  2. Rafa deserves it! 13 times! n he’s such a humble, nice guy. fights for every point!
    Congrats Rafa💖

  3. Congratulations, Rafa. You’re the best of this era and it is always fun and exciting to watch you play on clay, and everywhere else. I wish you many more victories and good memories.

  4. It’s about time! Congratulations Rafa, stay healthy always and keep on winning!

    • I too am delighted for Rafa and like the fact that they have honoured him with a statue whilst he is still playing. (I do hope it stays shiny and rust-free.) When Rafa does retire I would also like RG to honour his legacy by naming one of the Show Courts after him. That would be very fitting for the King of Clay.

  5. It is a great honor for Rafa to receive this and he has every right to get the statue . Look WHAT he has done there !!!! But i do not like the look of the statue the face is ugly .. sorry but they did not get it right .

  6. I like it.👍 Congratulations Rafa.🥳 So proud of you!👏
    Best wishes to an amazing champion on and off court always!❤️

  7. I have loved and admired Rafa for 15 years at least.
    The statue at ROLAND GARROS makes me proud of him beyond compare.

  8. I believe that you honor and recognize a person when he is alive, not after his death.

    Congratulations, Rafa. YOU ARE THE BEST!

    • I believe is too soon. I’m not suggesting they put up the statue after his death but after he retires will have been better. I just feel he has been jinxed. For crying out loud the guy is still actively playing and will play at RG coming week. He is not going to carry the cup this season. He has been jinxed putting up this statue now.

      • He will win. Jinx lost in the qualies 😂.

        There have been many Internet complaints about the statue being awarded prior to his retirement. I too feel that nothing would have been lost in a post-retirement unveiling. Others feel that it was about time. Try some good karma and leave the jinxes to Rafa’s opponents.

  9. Sin duda, muy merecido. No creo que vaya a haber otro jugador en la historia con tantos títulos en Roland Garros. Por supuesto que no es demasiado pronto!

  10. Nadie se lo merece más que tú, mi verdadero héroe de todos lo tiempos! Que tengas un torneo espléndido. X

  11. Well deserved!! tribute to a great person and player.thank you Roland Garros.

  12. fabulous honor for a fabulous person and player……..you are and will always be the GOAT!!

  13. Too soon? This honour is long overdue. The use of steel certainly evokes the strength, both physical
    and, as the sculptor, Fernandez says, “internal”, that is Rafael Nadal. It must be stunning to see on
    a beautiful day in Paris. Very avant garde. Rafa said he loved it!

  14. Well deserved, an outstanding player and human
    Being Congratulations to Rafa and to Roland Garros.

  15. Can’t come soon enough. Rafa’s historic feats at the French Open will never be equalled, just as his personality and character as a legendary tennis, nay, sports superstar will never be seen again. He has a part of tennis history all to himself, regardless of what happens from hereon in.

  16. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy in all respects. You are one of a kind. Congrats.

  17. Rafa congratulations you deserves this I’m happy for you all the love from your fans 👍❤️👍❤️👍❤️

  18. Never too soon – who can better his amazing record?
    Outstanding occasion – what a worthy champ !!!!!!!

    • Huge congratulations, Rafa! You are more than deserving! Thanks for always inspiring me. You are the GOAT!

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