PHOTOS: Here’s what Rafael Nadal will wear at 2021 Roland Garros

The second Grand Slam of the 2021 season is almost upon us and if you were wondering what our champ will be wearing, here is the answer. 13-time Roland Garros champion Rafael Nadal will be wearing a pastel green t-shirt with black shorts and green/white shoes.


  1. Rafa’s comment about Sinner:

    Luigi Gatto
    May 13
    Nadal: “Sinner has a big heart, he is an unbelievable player. He will have one hell of a career.”

    • Rafa most likely didn’t even notice the cold,nonchalant handshake! Although it was very noticeable, I think a few of us may have overreacted! Sinners idols are Roger & mention of Rafa 😞. I’ve heard a lot of players say that shaking hands after you lost a tough battle is not always want you want to do! Sinner was very disappointed losing & probably not in a real happy mood!

      • Yes, it’s quite possible Rafa didn’t notice anything unusual. He had just won a tough match and couldn’t be happier. Having spent time with him Rafa is in a better position to decide what kind of person Sinner is.

        I did search the Internet to see if there was any mention about a lackluster handshake but came up empty.

      • Replying to Margo, I found a reference to Sinner’s “rather cold handshake” in a May 13 story at something called “” Also a djfferent story about Sinner’s anger at losing and being off the court in about 10 seconds.

        At the net Sinner had a very pained expression, did not say anything and did not make eye contact. I think now that it was not disrespectful. I think it reflected some inner turmoil.

        The guy hits the ball hard and has a great back hand. I’m sure Rafa is correct about his promising future.

  2. There is an interesting interview with Coach Roig at about Rafa’s game throughout this year’s clay swing. Roig covers several topics. On the subject of where Rafa needs to improve for Roland-Garris Coach Roig says that Rafa needs to work on his movement on court, both lateral and coming forward.

    Roig mentioned his serve but that Rafa’s serve in the Rome final against Djokovoc was vety good.

    The Atp interview is short yet very informative. Its amazing how a number of very subtle factors effect Rafa’s performance. In sum, he’s not a machine.

    • Thanks David,I hadn’t seen that interview. Roig’s and Moya’s insights are always fascinating to read.

    • In my opinion, Rafa winning a 14th Coupe des Mousquetaires will certainly pose an existential crises in the mind of Djokovic. He is now living for the most Grand Slams in history.

      An interesting question is will the pressure created in the pursuit of that yet unknown number be too much for him. The next gen keeps getting closer and closer.

      I am counting on Rafa to keep the pressure on.

    • Thanks David but I couldn’t find anything. How do I locate the 2 articles because nothing comes up? I tried “”
      I tried May 13 Sinner Archysport. All kinds of combinations.
      Thank you.

  3. Rafa con sea cual sea el equipo que gastes siempre estas guapo, suerte en este torneo, VAMOS!!!

    • Vicente del Bosque, manager for Spanish football, paid Rafa a visit. I wonder if Rafa is working on a future of being a football manager. There was a poll a few years ago in which players voiced a preference to have Rafa as manager of their team.

  4. Its the calm before the storm. When is the FO draw? Lots of improved clay players for us Rafa fans to be concerned about.

    Caspar Rudd and S.T. are playing well. No Shapo this time around. J. Sinner will be very angry if he fails to upset Rafa on his third try.

    Go Rafa! Your fans are ready!

    • David, the FO draw will be on Thursday 27th May at 6pm local time.
      Casper Ruud said he would be training at the Rafa Nadal Academy (hopefully with Rafa too) before moving on to Paris. He certainly means business.

  5. Rafa looks great in all colours. The green will look great against his tanned skin. I don’t see a jacket but I hope it has a collar. The collarless jackets are not very attractive.
    Wishing Rafa the best in RG.🇪🇸🌟🍀

  6. Whatever Rafa wears looks absolutely perfect on him. He’s the definition of Mr Perfectly Fine. 😍

    Vamos #14RolandGarrosRafa

  7. All those colours suits my champ so very well, just vavas my champ, can’t wait to see u defending ur title, vavas to the mos

  8. the best colour that suits is black. I really like the black outfit that he is wearing during the us open suits him very well

  9. Rafa looks good in bright colors because of his skin tone.

    And this green color will blend well with the earth color of Roland Garros’ clay.

    Nike is very good in taking color combos from nature: Wimbledon’s grass – another earth color, US Open & Oz are sky colors with their blues and shades thereof…

    Nature knows best, really. So it’s good to look around and above and copy from nature.

    Anything but blue and brown combination – God, nature or the universe kept these two far, far apart for a reason: blue skies and brown earth.

    Let’s go back to what really matters: praying with all my heart and soul that Rafa makes 14.

  10. Rafa this are my fever colors I love it vamosssssss champ the is you year too win another French Open we ready to see you play all the love from your fanswe love you 😍 ❤️👍💪🎾❤️

  11. Didn’t like his last outfit as he sweats so much and the pale pink shorts ended up showing ‘everything”, making them practically see-through. Black shorts are a much better idea and with the lime green very flattering

    • I agree!! The pink/purple was the ugliest kit I’ve EVER seen!! It was just horrible!! I did not like it at all!! The colors were a mess!! Glad to see it gone!! I LOVE the new kit for Roland Garros!! These are my favorite colors!! Good luck, Rafa!! Praying for a #14!! VAMOS!!

    • I loved the pink and purple. But purple is my favorite color so it’s best on my favorite player.

      • The black shorts and purple sleevie was a good look! Purple and black my two favorite colors! Zverve tried the sleevies & although he is very good looking… he ain’t no Rafa! I did not care for the pink shorts and pink top… They also put pink shoelaces on his shoes at one point! I’m no Roger fan but he always looks good in his outfits…Nothing too flamboyant! Just my opinion! Forgive me Rafa fans! Most important is Rafa is going for his 14th RG & whatever he wears is insignificant to lifting that trophy for anther historical time!

  12. Getting a bit of a Star Trek vibe from this one but really like it. Best of the year so far. Great for Paris.

  13. Green is in my eye the best colour suited to Rafa skin tones. Lucky colour also.

  14. As usually, a great choice!!. From my point of view, they always do it well about his sportwear/outfit 👍🏻👏🏻💪🏻🙌🏻👌🏻.
    Love the way he choose the acid/light colors as man from the Seaside! 🌊🌞🌈, but even with the grey or black was a good option in the past and looked fantastic 😀.
    Well done once more Rafa&Nike 👌🏻. Love it!, VAMOS RAFA!! 💪🏻💪🏻💥🌀⚡🌈🦌🔥🔥

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