Madrid Open 2021: Sunday practice photos

Here are a few photos from Rafael Nadal’s practice session with Matteo Berrettini in Madrid.


  1. Former world No. 13, Alex Dolgopolov, has retired from tennis at the age of 32. His career was filled with illness and injuries but he always had a smile for others.

    He is still suffering from a wrist injury sustained in 2018.

    I remember rooting for him a lot hoping he wouldn’t have to retire from a match. The tributes from the ATP and other players are a testament to how much he will be missed by his colleagues and tennis players in general.

  2. Some of my favorite COVID-19 stories.

    Rafa said the only way out of this nightmare is to be vaccinated. I am with Rafa.

    A neighbor told me he is immune from Covid because he has type O blood. That was in March of 2020. He got vaccinated.

    A local just told me it’s not good that I got the vaccine. I asked her where she heard that. She said YouTube, that’s where I get all my information.

    In March of 2020 my postal worker said he wasn’t worried about the virus after I suggested he wear a mask. He disappeared for a while after that so I thought he had been called to duty by our National Guard. When I saw him again he told me he had been hospitalized with COVID and that he was lucky he didn’t die. Now he wears a mask.

    A nurse, yes, a NURSE told me she’s not worried about COVID. She doesn’t mask and she told me her hospital isn’t requiring her to be vaccinated. OMG

  3. I hope that Rafa’s shoulder injury is not serious. He had to be wise and not risk aggravating it. Roland Garros is the priority.
    Rafa had said that he is pro vaccine, I respect his decision as it is based on science and not on scare mongering.

  4. I too hope that the shoulder is a fleeting thing. If not, I also hope he lets time heal it so he can play as well as he wants to a RG. Hard to know what to let go of. Be smart,Rafa!!!! It is worth it!Vamos

  5. Good luck Rafa vamosssssss 👍👍👍💪💪💪❤️

  6. Rafa we are all anxiously waiting and wanting to know if that shoulder problem is better? If not fully, most of us would want you to miss Madrid & be right for RG…Vamos Champion

  7. I hope Rafa is smart enough to know the “vaccine”
    is a joke! I cant believe people on here who have
    to push their bad opinions on people!

    • Rafa said he wants the vaccine and can’t wait to get it. He believes in science.

  8. Suerte Rafa en este torneo, te esperamos con anhelo, SIEMPRE CONTIGO!!!

  9. Can’t wait to see Rafa on Wednesday staying tough and winning his match.

    I hope the ATP is making vaccines available to its players.

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