Rafael Nadal lands in Adelaide ahead of Australian Open quarantine

Rafael Nadal has arrived in Adelaide as he begins his mandatory two-week quarantine period ahead of the Australian Open. Here are a few photos.


  1. Hi Pauline, re yours of 8:12pm

    I, too, hope “the officials got this decision right.” I do remember the Verdasco decision but that was months ago and since then scientists have added verifiable data to their arsenal of information to get a grip on how this virus operates. What was good for Verdasco at the time may now be obsolete for the Sandgren situation. As you know, there are multiple tests to show if a person is actively contagious, or if a person previously had the virus, or if a person has been infected again. I hope all sports organizations take advantage of whatever is available to keep everyone safe.

    From what I understand, the shedding of the virus, after a person has recovered, shows that the virus is dead and therefore not contagious.

    As far as the NBA is concerned, they are not doing the necessary tests to confirm previous infection. In the beginning of the pandemic when a lot of players were “infected” [last summer] there is no scientific record to confirm some were actually infected, according to some reports. Additionally, if some players were infected, it shows they could have been reinfected after so many months.

    No one knows how long immunity lasts. Some people will be immune a lot longer than others. And because of this scientists are recommending that everyone get the vaccine even if they had COVID.

    Yes, there is so much we don’t know about this virus but I hope scientific information will prevail over the “need to play sports.”

    • I would like to know how part of my post @ 3:05pm, above, found its way on to the internet under

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      Rafael Nadal lands in Adelaide ahead of Australian Open

      “Some people will be immune a lot longer than others. And because of this scientists are recommending that everyone get the …”

      Thank goodness my name or email addy is not included. Geezzzzz

  2. We are so happy to see you on the tennis court again vamosssssss champ this is your year to do well we love your fans for ever 🎾😘👍🙏

  3. There’s bound to be some drama – hopefully nothing like there was at the US Open, with the health authorities clashing with the tennis authorities – but hopefully nothing serious, and hopefully things will go well.

  4. I wish all the AO players and their respective entourage a safe, healthy 24 or so days on Australian soil, so that the tournament may proceed smoothly and uninterrupted for everyone concerned, including the organizers.

    I have faith that the Victorian and South Australian government officials with the AO leadership will manage what seems to be a complex task, with the same success they had with the AFL season. That was a bigger operation, running 3 hubs across 3 states over more or less six months, culminating in the Grand Final in October 2020.

    Curiously, Victoria was not one of them. How times have changed!

    The key really is to shelve egos, follow the rules regardless how stringent they may sound to achieve the one aim – a HEALTHY Australian Open.

    And GO RAFA – onward to your 21st!

  5. Andy Murray has tested positive for Covid-19 and is currently isolating at home. He hopes to be fit to travel at a later date, in time for the AO.

    • Lorna, didn’t Andy turn down a spot in some tournament recently because he was worried about the virus? If he’s been home since then and still caught the virus it’s a bummer.

      From the following tweet it looks as if he won’t be given a pass when he does recover.

      Jan 14
      Wishing you all the best with your recovery

      Andy Murray has advised that he has tested positive to COVID-19 and is self isolating at home in the UK.

      Unfortunately this means he will be unable to join the official AO charter flights arriving in Australia in the coming days to go through the quarantine period with the other players.

      The AO fans love Andy, and we know how much he loves competing here in Melbourne and how hard he’d worked for this opportunity.

  6. Some big tests for Craig Tiley as to whether the “strict” protocols will actually be enforced.

    T. Sandgren tested positive before the flight but was allowed to continue on Melbourne residents are commenting that if he’s allowed in they will be furious.

    Thiem’s coach also tested positive but intends to arrive at a later date. So does Andy Murray who just had a positive test but wants to arrive before the Open.

    This in the current rules is not permitted. Carlos Moya was denied that same request by the Australian government albeit not due to being Covid positive.

    There should be no exceptions in my view. The rules should apply equally to everyone regardless of star status.

    • Sandgren had the virus in November and that’s why Tiley allowed him to travel to Australia.

      “A spokesperson for Covid-19 Quarantine Victoria said it was common among people who had tested positive and then recovered to “shed viral fragments for some time”, which could “trigger another positive result”.

      “Any person who returns a positive test result has their medical and case history reviewed by a team of public health experts,” the spokesperson said. “Only those who are determined to be recovered and no longer infectious will be allowed to travel to Australia.”

      The government unit reviewed Sandgren’s positive test and determined he had recovered but was still shedding viral particles. He was then cleared to travel.

      • Several fires to put out and it’s only day one. Madison Keys has tested positive but will be staying home to quarantine and not request entry to Australia.

        F. Verdasco must be peeved after being barred from the F.O. for essentially the same situation Sandgren is in.

        Hoping the officials got this decision right as there are still a lot of unknowns about the virus. Many NBA players have tested positive a second time bringing into question how long immunity lasts.

        Very sad news from Sloane Stephens who just lost her grandmother and Aunt to Covid. Deepest condolences to her.

    • I knew Rafa would take one family member along as that seems to be critical to his well being during such a long absence from home. I believe Papa has been there with him pretty much every year since the beginning. Roig and Barbadillo also arrived with him. Surprisingly didn’t see Maymo. Hard to imagine him not being there but perhaps he just was out of the camera shot. If he’s there it means Rafa has been able to take 4 people as part of his team.

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