PHOTOS: Here’s what Rafael Nadal will wear at 2021 Australian Open

Nike has launched the Spring 2021 collection which will most probably be worn at the Australian Open. Here’s what Rafael Nadal is supposed to wear in Melbourne.


  1. Will we see Roger in competition one last time? Again, it may depend on the novel coronavirus. It is reported he will not play the AO as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

    The public was initially led to believe that he hadn’t fully recuperated from his surgeries but according to Ricky of The Grandstand, Roger will not leave his family for a month or put them through quarantine restrictions which is required to play the AO.

    A quote attributed to Andre Sa, who manages public relations between players and the AO, follows:

    “’Dude, I’m 39, four kids and 20 Grand Slam titles,’” Sa said, quoting Federer “’I am no longer in that period in which I can abandon my family for five weeks.’”

    If he does retire because of the pandemic, it’s a shame.

    • I’m pretty sure he’ll hope to play Wimbledon – it won’t be far to travel, and, hopefully, by the summer things will have improved and restrictions will have been relaxed. But who knows?

    • Margo, Just came across a comment from an English broadcaster made in 2017.
      She stated that if Roger and Rafa could avoid injuries they might still have a couple of years left. Well here we are four years later and neither has retired yet. Roger very well might hang up his racquet by the end of the year. He has a commitment to the Laver Cup and no doubt would want to play Halle where he’s had such great success. Age 40 would be a good time to bid farewell I believe.

      • Oops Pauline, I did forget about the Laver Cup. And he has voiced a strong desire to play the Olympics. I hope he plays Halle and Wimbledon, if the virus permits.

        Hoping Rafa and Roger can continue to do what they love and that they outlast the virus.

        Going forward let’s see if their priorities have changed. I certainly want more of Rafa.

    • My heart goes out to the players forced to quarantine without the benefit of pre AO matches.

      Yes, 47 players is HUGE. It’s just unbelievable Lorna but maybe considering the reach of this virus we shouldn’t be surprised.

      A crew member and a non-player participant of the AO were the 2 positives on the LAX flight. The only good news is that the positive cases are being caught.

      Reportedly, exercise equipment is being moved into players’ rooms. They need more than that to be ready.

      I wonder how Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” theory will play out at the open.

    • According to the BBC, it was 2 different flights – one from Los Angeles, and another one from Abu Dhabi where some players from Europe were changing flights. That says something quite worrying about how rife the virus is – one flight’d be bad luck, but two …

      • Yes SITP, Sorry if my statement was misleading but that’s what I alluded to in “considering the reach of this virus we shouldn’t be surprised.”

        As far as I can tell the chartered flights are taking into account social distancing so flights would not be anywhere near capacity.

        On the LAX flight there were 24 people and 23 on the Abu Dahbi one.

        If passengers kept their distance from each other, wore masks, and followed other recommended safeguards I hope the virus was kept from spreading. It is an enclosed environment after all. Hoping for the best for those involved.

      • SITP, my count of the passengers on each flight may be incorrect. I just glimpsed an article with higher numbers.

  2. The Covid woes for the AO just continue. Two people on the flight to Melbourne from LAX, which arrived at 5:15am on Friday, have tested positive for Covid-19. Victoria Azarenka, Sloane Stephens and Kei Nishikori are among players who were on the same flight and will now be confined to their rooms for 14 days. This means that they won’t be able to train on the days leading up to the AO.

    Wishing Rafa and his entourage a healthy and safe stay down under.

    • That just came up on my Eurosport notifications. And a lot of Australians who have been in the UK but want to go home, and can’t as most flights have been cancelled and only a small number of people are allowed in at once, are getting upset because tennis players have been given priority. Let’s hope things get better – the tournament hasn’t even started yet, and there’s been a load of trauma!!

  3. I just had to share this kinda funny tweet from an obvious Rafa fan.

    ❤💛#21in2021!! 💛❤
    Jan 14
    Replying to

    Good luck & please Destroy Djokovid!! Time for RafaSlam #21in2021 😍❤️🎾🇪🇸

      • He’s been called many things but that’s a name I haven’t seen. Yes, I cracked up laughing. Guilty 😂

      • Now that’s even funnier but DjoKovid did clarify that “I am not opposed to vaccines in general, despite media reports, but I don’t want to be forced to take a vaccine in order to play tennis.”

        Which of course makes no sense to me.

        Let’s see if he takes the vaccine when it becomes available to him. When his immunity wears off, if it hasn’t already, he could still spread the virus if he becomes reinfected. I doubt if he even knows this.

      • Get a life hater! It is not funny…You just look so funny . The whole world is in trouble and you call bad names someone as Novak Respect for all players !!! People like you are not true tennis supporters, just bullies…Shame of you and of these people who let you to write on this site….

  4. The International Olympic Committee is facing the very real possibility of completely canceling the Games for the first time since World War II. “If they can’t be held safely they will be canceled altogether.”

    I was hoping that the Olympics would be held. I can’t imagine how disappointed Rafa will be if it has to be canceled but I know he will understand.

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. Will he really be abandoning the sleeveless shirts for good now? Hoping so as the short sleeves are a better look for a man his age—even one in as exceptional shape as Rafa.

    • Pauline, whether or not Rafa goes sleeveless may depend on the weather. In an interview during last year’s AO he said, “I have small issues when I’m playing in very hot conditions when I hit my forehand, so I like to play without the sleeves.”

      I’ll take him in short sleeves; no sleeves, long sleeves, or elbow sleeves. Just gimme some Rafa. 😉

      • LOL.

        I do like the tangerine colour. It will suit his skin tone very well.
        Sleeveless is perfect for training but I’m more of a traditionalist when it comes to proper attire for tournaments. Especially prestigious ones like Grand Slams.

        But of course if Rafa is more comfortable and plays better in sleeveless that’s the most important thing.

        Vamos Rafa💪💪💪

      • Pauline I can appreciate that. I only started watching tennis from the first time I saw Rafa and knew nothing of tradition. He was dressed in a sleeveless shirt and mid-calf pants; running down each ball as if his life depended on it. All I saw was a tennis player possessed of lightning speed.

        And isn’t 34 the new 24? He’s still a spring chicken. LOL

    • rafa’s outfits have been getting generally worse. though definitely rafa has returned back to normal t shirt-as seen at the french open-he had the baby blue t shirt and shorts, and a reddy-orange bandana and wrist bands. didnt like the baby blue, but improvement on the horrible shiny sleveless outfit he wore for the Us open last year. ok he won the grandslam with it. rafa all the evidence points to him picking outfits purely based on comfort, and not on style concerns. roger’s outfits are not as good, since he switched away from nike for unknown reaons, to the same band novskdthere is no guarantee he wont switch back to sleveless, because he wears sleveless now, on;for hot weather playing conditions, as sleveless feels better when hitting his forehand in hot weather. but the australia n open kit this year released by nike shows a normal t shirt, with a pink-salmon colour for rafa at this australian open.

      what i loved were his french open outfit-the green sleveless one and white capri pants in the 2008 french open. likewise the wimbledon of the same year, again beating roger federer in the final, his imbledon outfit was sleveless white top, with capri size shorts. a change happened two years later in 2010 when he had developed his own branded logo-i think it’s supposed to be a bull’s horns, as nadal is known as the bull-as related to his mental resilience and bull like physicality on court. in that year he had changed to a normal nike t shirt. and the shorts were a little shorter. roger federer definitely was the most stylishly dressed tennis player during this period, especially roger’s losing outfit for the 2008 french open final against nadal. i still count the 2008 nadal as the best nadal in terms of both is tennis playing and his outfits. over the last ten years, the shorts keep getting shorter. now they are ridiculously short. given nadal like djokovic does alot of sliding semi splits to retrieve balls, and that they have to store spare tennis ball in their pocket for their second serve, these shorts are looking like a nike mini-skirt. rafa’s outfits for the US open and australian open last year were terrible. he went back to the slevelss vest like top, and wore a very shiny fabric, with shorts that looked like they were given him wedges during every rally, with nadal doing more picking the shorts out of his but between points than usual. he hardly ever did that with the capri pants.

      i’ve heard that nadal prefer the sleveless top when plsying his forehand in hot conditions. australia will certainly be hot. however i’ve seen a release of nadals kit by nike , its a pink colour, and its a normal t looks like the shorts are a grey colour. this is not dissimilar to another kit rafa wore i think one-two years ago. i just dont understand how shorts that have such a short seam like those ones would not rip affter all the sliding half splits ball retrieving nadal will do from the baseline during longer rallies. though nadal and coach carlos moya reformed rafa’s game to finish points quicker, to dictate play, be more aggressive, it didnt work at the last australian open final against novak, but it workd perfectly in their french open final with nadal destroying novak as a good revenge for novak destroying nadal at the last australian open final despite nadal flying through the tournament with ease.

      i think that sleveless top will be a bad omen for nadal in australia now. tennis players are extremely superstitious. rafa has to have his water bottles perfectly lined up, and to make sure all his front hair is covered by the bandana so it doesnt get in his eyes, plus pulling his shorts out of his butthole whether preparing to serve or receiving serve. i want the capri pants back or at minimum shorts that cover his knees because those are normal shorts. i mean from the back nadals shorts are so bad it looks like hes on the verge of giving peeks at his bum crack. generally they are poorly designed now, with poor colour choices, and too short and tight, both the top and shorts. his bandanas are worse as well. he has a nike bandana now that doesnt need to be folded to get the desired width over the head. nadal started with the pirate style bandana, then adapted it into a normal bandana but a very wide one, covering alot of his head=that was the best style. now he wears a narrower bandane headband style-which i also dont like. i have long hair and always wear headbands myself to keep my hair back so my long fringe doesnt go into my eyes . nadal is unfortunately losing his hair-it is patchy, especially at the top of the scalp. he should get a hair transplant done because a man wants a good head of hair at the age of thirty four, especially as nadal just married his long time girlfriend and fiancee-maria and is still relatively young, romantically speaking.

  6. Rafa loocks good and any color he has a good tan love your fans good luck champ 🎾👍😘🙏❤️

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