Carlos Moya: “After speaking with Rafa, we have decided that I won’t travel to Australia with the team”

Photo by Peter Staples/ATP Tour/Getty Images

(AFP) – Rafael Nadal will try to overtake Roger Federer’s Grand Slam record without his coach Carlos Moya, who said on Wednesday he will not attend the Australian Open due to coronavirus travel restrictions.

Nadal is aiming to clinch a 21st major title in Melbourne, which would put him ahead of Federer’s 20 as the most successful men’s player of all time.

But the world number two will be without Moya, who has been on Nadal’s coaching team since 2016.

“After speaking with Rafa, we have decided that I won’t travel to Australia with the team,” Moya announced.

“My intention was to be with the team from the beginning of the Australian Open as usual but the Australian government is not authorising separate travelling and arriving at the beginning of the tournament.

“I will follow the tournament from home and will stay with my family, parents and kids due to the delicate situation that Spain is living with the virus. Best of luck to the teams travelling.”

Nadal is set for a longer schedule in Australia, starting with an exhibition in Adelaide before heading to Melbourne for the ATP Cup and Australian Open.

The Spaniard will have a free hit at the Grand Slam record after Federer withdrew from the first major tournament of the year, citing a need to regain fitness following two knee operations.

Coronavirus restrictions mean players competing at the event will have to quarantine for two weeks before it starts.

Source: AFP


  1. He must have been there…As his coaching is complementary for Rafa… Anyway his family requirements should be taken into consideration.

  2. That’s a shame, but I can understand that he doesn’t want to be away from home for so long. I believe that John Isner’s pulled out of the event for the same reason.

  3. All the best to you and your team members, Rafa ❤️
    While coach Moya will coach you from Spain, I am glad coach Francisco Roig, who has been one of your coaches since 2005, will be with you.

  4. Carlos will be missed, of course, but I am not surprised that he is not going. The quarantine added a lot of time away from his family and his 3 children. I am sure that they will talk daily. Will Roeg be with him? I love Rafa and live tennis, but health concerns come first.

    • Yes, Roig is going. I’m sure Maymo will too. Those two, along with Marc, can provide Rafa with enough support. I’m a bit disappointed that Moya isn’t going, but I understand why. I don’t envy the players and their teams having to endure all the restrictions, but I’m glad Rafa is prepared to commit himself to it and I trust him completely to do whatever is required to keep himself safe. I hope he is rewarded with the trophy. Vamos.

  5. Unfortunate news as Carlos Moya has been a strength for Rafael Nadal. Regardless, all the best
    at AO-stay strong and safe.👏💪🤛👍🎾❤️

  6. Very sad news. It is my belief, based on Rafa’s late success, since some years ago, that Carlos Moya has been critical as a coach, so critical that probably, if it were not for Carlos, Rafael would have not been able to overcome all the difficulties he had. His uncle, Tony, in my criterion, was useless: Tony experiment with his nephew since Tony never knew about Tennis; really sad. The rest of the supporting team is also very weak. Carlos is the only member in Nadal’s professional Tennis team of value, great value.

    Nadal must be very thankful of having Carlos as his coach.

    I wish you the best Rafael!

    • There are some things that Toni allegedy did that I am not happy about, but I disagree about the rest of Rafa’s team being weak. Rafael Maymo, in particular, is not only Rafa’s physical trainer (an important enough job in itself), but also a important confidante, someone who Rafa can talk with. Rafa values human relationships and I admire that. Even if there were people who might have been “better” he’s happier with those he trusts and respects. It’s important to be happy in what you do, in order to be good at it and want to continue with it. Rafa is doing it his way and it’s worked out quite well, I’d say.

      Yes, Carlos has been hugely important to Rafa since he joined the team, but it doesn’t necessarily mean he has to travel to every tournament – they have been working together on court a lot over the last few weeks and it’s now up to Rafa to implement everything in Australia.

  7. Rafa good luck you can do it this year is yours we are ready to see you play vamossssssssss champ all the best your fans since 205 🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍😘😘😘🎾🎾🎾🙏🙏🙏

    • Rafa I believe you can add 2 more Grand slam titles this year and one being at AO. Believe and it shall be done to you. God Bless…

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