Rafa Roundup: Will Nadal overtake Federer by winning his 21st Grand Slam?


Alongside his pursuit for major titles, Nadal will also chase numerous ATP Tour milestones. The 34-year-old is less than three weeks away from becoming the first player to spend 800 weeks inside the Top 10 in the FedEx ATP Rankings. Remarkably, Nadal has spent a record 797 consecutive weeks inside the Top 10 since 25 April 2005. Nadal passed Jimmy Connors’ previous record mark of 789 weeks as a Top 10 player on 9 November 2020.

Nadal is also on the verge of joining an exclusive hard court club this year. The Mallorcan, who owns 486 tour-level hard court wins, is just 14 victories away from becoming only the fourth player to achieve 500 wins on the surface. Only Federer (782), Djokovic (604) and Andre Agassi (592) have achieved the feat.

Will Rafael Nadal move ahead of Roger Federer? The Grand Slam race is finely-poised at 20-20 between Nadal and Federer, with Djokovic three behind. It seems unlikely now that Federer will finish as the best of the trio, but how long will it be before Nadal overtakes him?

Who will win Olympic gold? The last few Olympics have produced some superb matches with Tokyo hopefully seeing a wide-open field as most of the world’s top players compete for medals that only come on offer every four (or five) years rather than annually.

Now that he stands shoulder to shoulder with Federer in major titles, will Rafa’s influence continue to grow in the uncertain times ahead?

“The only thing that I can guarantee is I gonna be here,” Nadal said in Paris, when he was asked if sees himself as bringing a needed distraction to people’s lives. “Try my best every single day fighting, and trying to give to the people my best every single day, because in some way sport helps the people, no?”

Nadal doesn’t see himself as a role model, but we need to find strength where we can. Seeing him step up to the service line, bounce the ball slowly, gather himself and block everything out of his mind as he prepares to go to work, might make it a little easier for his fans to do the same.

2019 Davis Cup Champions Rafael Nadal and Roberto Bautista Agut will lead Spain at the second edition of the ATP Cup in Melbourne from 1-5 February. The 20-time Grand Slam champion and Bautista Agut will also be joined by 2020 US Open semi-finalist Pablo Carreno Busta and doubles star Marcel Granollers.



  1. News from Aussie publication The Age: the top 3 players from both leagues who will be quarantining in Adelaide will be staying at a 4 1/2 star hotel. They will be able to use the gym during the 19 hours they are supposed to be confined to their rooms. They also will be allowed to take all team members with them to their practice sessions. Serena is now included in the group as Ash Barty is already in Australia.

    The lower ranked players who will be in Melbourne aren’t happy with the special privileges the top players will be receiving.

    To Margo-Hello and thanks for mentioning our P.M. The majority of Canadians love the American people and are horrified by current events. Wishing for a peaceful transition and a calm and safe 2021 to you all.

  2. Magali, I really think that this is not the site for you and you need to seek professional help. Most of your posts are about your perceived personal problems and virtally nothing is about Rafa or other tennis related matters.

    You are spending far too much time and mental energy writing an abundance of VERY lengthy posts, telling us your problems which we are unable to do anything about. I’ll be honest, I stopped reading your comments a while ago for my own sake.

    Magali, please remember that this is a Rafa fan site and not a therapy centre. I wish you all the very best and hope that you get the help you desperately require.

    • Thank you Lorna… I was wondering if anyone from the Rafa Nadal Fans site was monitoring the posts…
      I guess not….

      • Lorna, Dallas and Marileena, I haven’t commented because I felt it would be a futile exercise.

        I just sent an email to RNF. If anyone wishes to take this further, there are two ways to voice your concerns:

        By Googling
        Rafael Nadal Fans Contact

        a link to a fill-in form will be supplied


        You can email directly at


      • They are monitoring this site. They haven’t posted my 3 posts giving how to contact them. I also sent them an email.

  3. Unless there are changes, we could see Rafa in action on 29 January, that’s only 20 days from now. EXCITED

    Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams and other TOP-players will play “A day at the Drive” exho in Adelaide on 29 January 2021

    • I know… “EXCITED” Me too! Can’t wait….

      Happy and Healthy New Year Margo… (btw…who opened the door to the asylum?)

      • And a Happy and Healthy New Year back @ you Marileena.

        The asylum? Let’s hope there is no civil war. Praying for a peaceful transition on January 10.

        OK I got it right. To Pauline I wished I could thank Trudeau for his kind words.

    • Margo…. I wasn’t referencing the craziness going on in our country right now… although you could have easily taken my “asylum” comment that way..
      I was actually referencing “asylum” a different way.and then Lorna addressed it.

      Right now…I think like most…. The ATP cup and the AO can’t come soon enough….

      I am so looking forward to sitting back, cheering on Rafa (who’s looking strong) and watching the rest of the players have a go at it….

      VAMOS RAFA!!!

  4. I am not doing any gossips and spreading them and I don’t like to have problems but it seems that when you are a Black woman, if you have children, in some companies or some branches and/or if you do not accept anything that your boss requires from you, then you get some troubles.

    Some of my values : work hard, respect people, try my best to better things and find quick solutions, keep learning.

  5. Posted on Twitter

    We Are Tennis
    Coach David Ferrer splits with Alexander Zverev.

    “It has been a brutal experience, but right now I understand that I am not the right person to help him. I’m sure that when some time passes, I will train someone again, that’s for sure.” Ferrer said.

    David must be very disappointed. He voiced such enthusiasm for the opportunity to train a young player to see how far he and Alex could go together.

    • Margo, I’m not entirely surprised that Alexander Zverev split from David Ferrer as it seemed like a strange pairing. Interesting that Ferrer said it was a brutal experience. I wonder if he was referring to coaching itself or his experience with Zverev in particular.
      One thing for sure is that Zverev needs to fix his personal issues first, if any coaching relationship is to last.

      • Lorna, from my perspective I was truly rooting for David on his seeming first coaching assignment.

        His use of the term “brutal experience” jarred me. He is one well-liked by his peers, fans, and the media. And I don’t know that he has ever talked poorly of anyone. I view him as a sweet and gentle soul.

        I too wondered about the reason for their split. I could be wrong but from David’s statement it seems as if it is he who threw in the towel. That he no longer wishes to coach Zverev the student or Zverev the person.

        Zverev has both personal and professional problems. If reports are accurate, he didn’t fulfill a professional contract which I think has now been settled.

        The guy needs serious help. Waiting to see what he does in 2021.

      • Lorna, I found the following answer. David and Zverev are reportedly on good terms. It seems the Twitter comment was taken out of context and I am guilty of repeating it here.

        “According to David, the reason behind the partition was not professional but rather personal. For him, it is difficult to stay away from his family amidst the raging pandemic.

        He told Zverev about his priorities and decided against their association after deliberations. In his statement, Ferrer makes it clear that nothing went wrong between the two, and they are still on very good terms.”

        “Absolutely nothing has happened between us, everything is still fine,” the Spaniard explained. “In fact, I am very grateful to him for the opportunity he gave me to travel with him.”

        In the full article they both thank each other for the time they were together.

      • Lorna and Mimi, the “brutal experience” referred to the pandemic now raging across the globe. Sorry for the late clarification.

        The full article is on essentiallysports.com

      • Thanks, Margo🙏 I am glad the “brutal experience” was not referred to their partnership.

  6. The last sentence should read “….the top three men’s and women’s players”.

    Sorry Pauline, I’ve just noticed that you had mentioned the Adelaide quarantine and the exhibition – an oversight on my part.

      • Thanks Pauline. I’m keeping as safe as possible during another lockdown across the country. Where are you? I hope you’re staying safe and healthy too.

    • Glad you’re staying safe Lorna. I’ve been reading about the shutdown. I am hoping we don’t have another one.

      Thanks much for the updates.

  7. Tennis Australia CEO, Craig Tiley, has reported that the hotel rooms in Melbourne, for the international players and coaches, are nearing capacity, so the South Australian government has agreed to some of the elite players being accommodated in Adelaide. This means a change to Rafa’s schedule, but it will give him some useful match practice.

    It is estimated that around 50 players will quarantine in Adelaide. In return, there will be an exhibition tournament there, featuring the top men’s and women’s players.

  8. Australian Open organisers have been forced to rethink their quarantine accommodation plans following the threat of legal action from residents of The Westin Hotel in Melbourne. It is understandable that residents would be in opposition, considering Melbourne was the epicentre of Australia’s largest second wave outbreak of Covid-19, which started at two quarantine hotels for international arrivals.

    In a statement, the Westin said “Following consultation between the owners of the Westin Melbourne, the hotel’s existing residents and Covid-19 Quarantine Victoria, the decision has been made to accommodate players and their support teams arriving in Melbourne for the upcoming ATP at an alternate hotel location”.

    According to Lisa Neville, Victoria state Police Minister, an alternative quarantine hotel has now been secured for players.

    In terms of transport, organisers plan to charter 18 planes from three different locations to fly players and staff to Melbourne. The planes will be flown at 20% capacity to protect the players and staff.

    Logistically, it certainly is a race against time to get everything sorted out in time for the tennis tournaments in Melbourne.

    • The top three players in both the ATP and WTA along with their teams will quarantine in Adelaide as confirmed by A.O. chief Tiley. They will play exhibitions on Jan. 29 and 30.

      • Thank you Lorna and Pauline for the update.🙏
        The best to the tournament!

      • I understand it’s the top three of the ATP and WTA who will quarantine in Adelaide, not 50 players as first proposed. What does this do to Rafa’s plan to practice with Sinner? Would he only practice with his coaches or Nole or Theim?

        Also I’m not so sure that Rafa would quarantine for the full 14 days in Adelaide.

        Does anyone really understand this? Is Rafa still traveling on the 12th? Thanks for any explanations.

      • Thanks for the update Pauline.

        Wish I could personally thank Prime Minister Trudeau for his kind words.

  9. This week Eurosport is showing replays of the AO semi finals and finals matches of 2017- 2019. I’m being very selective about the ones I watch for obvious reason.
    I truly hope that Rafa will lift the trophy this year and become the first player in the open era to win all four grand slams at least twice.

    • Tennis Australia CEO, Craig Tiley, has reported that the hotel rooms in Melbourne for the international players and coaches, are nearing capicity, so the South Australian government has agreed to some the elite players being accommodated in Adelaide. This means a change to Rafa’s schedule.

      It is estimated that at least 50 players will quarantine in Adelaide. In return, there will be an exhibition match there on 29th and 30th January, featuring the top three men’s and women’s players.

  10. Hello everyone, I have seen that Rafael is playing in Melbourne beginning of February. Hope that he will stop in Paris before and that there won’t be another lockdown. These last few days traffic flow is improving. It’s very different from usual. Hope he won’t forget his coat and scarf and to tell where he will stop so that I don’t have to walk accross the streets to find out.

    In the meantime, I wish all of you a very good evening. Take care.

  11. Looking forward to the AO… certainly could use some tennis distraction right about now!

    Happy and Healthy New Year everyone…

    Stay well and safe…

  12. The tennis writer Steve Tignor always has insightful things to say about Rafa. Check out his column today at tennis.com, it’s about what Rafa means to his fans as a person and role model. He suggests that Rogers popularity has obscured this aspect of his career. Steve knows Rafa in the way that many of us view him.

  13. You must stay safe you and the team going with you to Australia l will watch with interest vamos rafa xxx

  14. Happy New Year all Rafans! Merry Christmas to those celebrating Orthodox Christmas! I am so anxious to see Rafa play again. I am not crazy about the ATP Cup, but wish Spain the best. Rafa was a bit tired last year playing in Perth. That is not the case this year.

  15. Rafa, we know you will give your all at the AO. I just want you to stay safe and healthy..this is far more important. I wish you the very Best of Luck am sending those lucky shamrocks ☘ ☘☘

  16. Vamos Rafa,After French Open 2020 Final,You can win against anybody if you mean.So 21st Grandslam is coming in 2021 for sure Go RAFA Go

  17. I really hope so that he wins the australian open final. But I also was hoping he would win paris open indoor and atp finals but he choked so lets wait and see

  18. It would be lovely if he could finally complete the “double career Grand Slam” and win Australia again, especially after the really heartbreaking defeats he’s had in finals there.

  19. Rafa stay healthy all the best good luck in Australia Open you can win this tournament is time Rafa vamosssssss you can do it all the love from your fans 2021 is yours 👍🎾😘👍🎾😍🙏

    • All the love and best wishes from your friends .Stay healthy so that we can see you winning more slams in 2021. You are best Rafa we love you.Wish you and your lovely family a Happy 2021.

  20. Your photos remind me of unforgettable memories 🤗

    Stay fit and healthy, and all the best, Rafa ❤️

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