Rafael Nadal beats Stefanos Tsitsipas to reach semifinals at ATP Finals

World No. 2 Rafael Nadal has booked his place in the last four of the ATP Tour Finals by beating Stefanos Tsitsipas 6-4, 5-7, 6-2 at London’s O2 Arena.

The result means that Rafa, who will face Russian Daniil Medvedev on Saturday, has now reached the semi-final stage of the season-ending event on six occasions.

After the match, Rafa said:

“I think I played quite well for such a long time. That game at 5-4 in the second set affected me a little bit, but then I was able to get the break early in the third, then he broke me and I broke again.

“I was winning serves quite comfortably until that moment, after that everything changed and I started to serve worse. 

“But in general terms it was a positive match for me. To reach the semi-finals in the last tournament of the year is an important thing.”


  1. Shear guts from Thiem. Djokovic met his match (or rather his superior) in Thiem and Medvedev. Over to you now Rafa. Dig deep as you always do.

  2. I don’t know how much more schadenfreude I can take this tennis season.

    Congratulations to Thiem. WHAT A MATCH.

  3. Big match for Rafa this evening… Although Daniil has been on a roll this week, we need to remember that Rafa has beaten him each and every match they have ever played..3-0, leaving Daniil each time in awe of Rafa…
    Rafa must set the pace once again, from the get go, and hopefully he’ll throw off Medvedevs game as the match goes on…
    It should be a battle…

    I am certain Rafa will be be coming on court with focus and determination. He wants this!!! And so do we…

    VAMOS RAFA!!!!

    • I hope Rafa can make it 4-0 against Medvedev. I am still stinging from Diego’s win against Rafa at Rome even though Rafa had a 6-0 win record against him and it happened at the QF, not Rafa’s first match at that Masters.

      I agree that Rafa’s focus and determination should give him the win. He can do it.


  4. Looks like the Australian Open’ll be being delayed. I understand the Australian authorities’ concerns, but, as long as the players go into quarantine, I’m not sure why it makes such a difference whether they arrive in December or in January … but it looks like they won’t be allowed in until the New Year.

    • The plan was to have EVERYONE arrive mid-December for two weeks of quarantine in Victoria before they would be allowed to move freely within Victoria and then move on Melbourne.

      Premier of Victoria, Dan Andrews, doesn’t want to risk bringing the virus to Melbourne which just emerged from a month-long lockdown to eliminate a second wave of COVID-19. “It’s a massive event, it’s an event that all of us love, but it comes at a time when the rest of the world is on fire.”

      Tiley has previously told The Age that costs for organising quarantine conditions would exceed $30 million.

      In a letter to Juniors, Craig Tiley stated, “Australia has had relatively few cases of COVID-19 … and this has been achieved through strict biosecurity measures which include limiting international travellers into Australia, and mandatory 14-day quarantine for all international arrivals.”

      As I posted earlier, nothing has been decided and talks are ongoing.

      An expected plan may be made available within 73 hours.

  5. I’ll pray for Rafa winning the Nitto ATP finals. It’s well overdue. If or when he wins, I’ll die with a big smile on my face. This will also look good for Rafa before he’s due to retire.
    Go Rafa, Take it all the way to the finals. Win for us. PLEASE

    VAMOS RAFA. No 1 to us all.

    • I hope you’re not right now at death’s door Helen:)

      We all share that sentiment… it’ll be FANTASTIC if Rafa wins this tournament!

      You hear that champ? Go all out and bring this one home!! Rooting for you all the way Rafa!

  6. So HAPPY Maria is there to support our sweetie Rafa! Stay safe and bring mama home another Trophy! xox 🙂

  7. World numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 make the semifinals!
    I’m thinking the rest today will be an advantage for Rafa or at least even things up vs Medvedev’s youth. Good luck Rafa!

    • It will be more of an advantage if Diego puts up a fight. He has done really poorly against his opponents this week. I am so used to Rafa‘s high intensity and fighting spirit that I may be asking too much of Diego.

      • I hope Diego can turn things around and add 200 rankings points as well as $153,000🤞🤞
        Keep fighting……💪🍀❤️

  8. Nineteen years on the tour as a professional, with over one thousand match wins under his belt and Rafa still plays with so much passion and determination! It was wonderful to see the joy and excitement etched on his face after his victory against Tsitsipas. No one is hungrier for this title.

  9. congratulations Rafa. I think you are going to win the Cup as you are playing so confidentLly n skilfully. Vamps Rafa. God bless & keep you and yours safe.
    Your Aussie Abuela Nan Shirley. 🌈

  10. Rafa vs Medvedev: Not before 2pm local time, not before 6am pacific time Saturday, Nov. 21
    Vamos Rafa💪🍀❤️

    • Correction: Thiem vs ND not before 2pm local time, not before 6am pacific time
      Rafa vs Medvedev NB 8pm, NB 12pm

  11. Good job Rafa. Another step forward. Relax, re-energize and get ready for an even greater challenge on Saturday. Good luck, champ!

  12. Rafa congratulations well don you can do it vamosssssss champ good luck tomorrow 🎾😘👍🙏😘🇺🇸

  13. I was really impressed by Rafa’s serve until, as he said, the end of the second set. Not quite as strong as his serve against Theim but still very good.

    Medvedev has played Rafa better with each encounter (Rogers Cup, US Open, then last years’ ATP finals). I think it is Rafa’s turn to win by tie breakers!

    A word on the ESPN commentary. I generally like the younger Mac and Brad Gilbert but today was just too much talk. What do others think? Thanks.

    • It was not Thiem today. He played Tsitsipas. As for Patrick and BG- they talk less than John, so it’s a plus! I like Jim and Paul on Tennis Channel. They talk when they have something to add. Vamos!!!!

      • Ranjana- I know Rafa played Tsitsipas. I was trying to say that Rafa’s serve against both Theim and Tsitsipaas this week has been excellent but perhaps a little better against Theim. He will really need the serve against Medvedev.

        I too like Jim and Paul on the Tennis Channel. Its just so weird to realize that their commentary as well as from ESPN is based on TV images beamed from thousand of miles away at the O2.

    • Yes, we agree. They definitely talked too much and on unrelated topics. Brad is better as an on court reporter. I like Annacone a lot, but Courier can be too chatty too. Maybe because they were not at O2 they felt the need to talk more.

    • RE: your last paragraph. I completely agree that Patrick McEnroe and Brad Gilbert were talking way more than usual. I possibly chalk it up to the excitement of offering commentary again during this topsy-turvy season. Also, at least we were spared hearing from John McEnroe. 🙂

  14. Great win today, Rafael Nadal. Med will be tough, but stay fierce and healthy. 💪👏👍🤛🍀❤️

  15. Congratulations to Rafa on reaching the semifinals. Medvedev will be a tough opponent if he plays like he did against Rafa at the 2019 USOPEN.


  16. Well done and well deserved. Take rest and than Go for it on saturday. We are all with you. Vamos Rafa❤️

    • “Go For It” Uh, that reminds me of Shalamar, the 80s singing Disco sensation back in the days.

      I do not see Rafa reaching the final and winning it, especially if Djokowitch is on the other side. In any event, the legend of Rafa is already established.

      But, as always, we go point by point, game by game, match by match and day by day………cheers

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