VIDEO: Rafael Nadal beats Mackenzie McDonald at French Open – highlights, interview

Video highlights and interview from Rafael Nadal’s win over Mackenzie McDonald.


  1. Here is what Pablo Carreño-Busta had to say about ND’s antics yesterday during their match.

    “Each time he is in trouble he usually does it, that means to say that he was in trouble, that he wasn’t comfortable and that I was playing at a high level and was causing him to doubt himself,” Carreno Busta told reporters in Spanish.

    “Every time a match gets complicated he asks for medical assistance. He has been doing this for a long time. I already knew that. I knew it would happen at the U.S. Open, I knew it would happen here and I know it will keep on happening.

    “I don’t know if it’s something chronic in his shoulder or just mental, but he didn’t put me off.”
    “I don’t know, maybe it’s the pressure or something that he needs to do it. But he continues playing normal, no? I don’t know if he’s (in) pain really or he has mental (issues). Ask him,” Carreno Busta said in English.

    (Reporting by Richard Martin in London and Sudipto Ganguly in Mumbai; editing by Pritha Sarkar)

    Not unsurprisingly there were many social media comments about how miraculous ND’s medical problems just happen to disappear after an MTO.

    • Saw the Nadal /Sinner match on TV praying for him as always 😇 a succèss 😀 the photos are différent as it was a night session, he stands out in the dark 🌃 Prayed for Carreno too 😇 as he is Spanish 😕😡 would have liked him to pass. I would like to read his comments in Spanish Margo, it is interesting as it is insinuating that Novak calls the médical assistance just to give him a boost where there is not really a pain 😕😡 doèsn it ? If other social média comments have highlighted that 😯😞 there may .be an enquiry and the médical staff must give their honêst opinion. Others might start doing it 😞Fiona in Paris

      • This afternoon delighted with Nadal s match🎾 😀 on TV , praying for him at every game. 😇 As I have a ticket for the Final we got 1st class tickets this year. Have just watched the Djokovic Tsitsipas match , 😕 would have liked the Greek . He was the one who asked for the physio to come 😡 Let s hope everyone behaves correctly from now on, Paris Bercy Mastèr 🎾is still on early Nov. Fiona in Paris

    • Yes, I was there on Weds. 30th Sept. it was a super match 1 hour 40 mins and had good seats near the court😀. It was strange to be so few people 😐 watching. It was raining when we went in to R Garros so they kept the roof on the Central Court for the first womens match then opened it when his match arrived. I stayed on the Central Court as the annexe courts were rained on and off. Sorry to see our French player Herbert lose 😕 Since then Rafa has won on Friday and today Sunday 😀😀 I have a ticket for the Final but they are saying here 13 is an unlucky number. Have been in front of the hotel where they are all staying , they arrive in the evening in R Garros cars but do nt go out again, not allowed this year , can stop for photos but no selfies nor autographs 😐 as before. Have to keep our distance 😯 wearing masks so it is not easy to recognize them 😟 Fiona in Paris

  2. Well done Rafa👏
    Sebastian will get to play his idol, Rafa, on a big stage next. All the best to Rafa🍀❤️

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