Rafael Nadal races into third round at French Open

Rafael Nadal claimed a routine win over American Mackenzie McDonald to move into the third round of the French Open at Roland Garros. The 12-time champion dropped just four games in a comfortable 6-1, 6-0, 6-3 win out on Court Philippe Chatrier.

Rafa said after his win:

“The aim was to play as well as possible. I’m very happy. I have another difficult match next.

It’s always very special for me to play here in Paris and especially here on Phillipe Chatrier.”

Our champ will face Kei Nishikori or Stefano Travaglia in the third round on Friday.


  1. ADELANTE!!! Rafa, enhorabuena, tú lo puedes conseguir, confia en ti y tu experiencia, VAMOS VAMOS VAMOSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Rafa, siempre contigo

  2. Let me start by discussing first on the strange case of Daniil Medvedev.

    Daniil nicknamed “Professor” by his coach, following his incredible performance last year in reaching 6 successive finals including the US Open, has all of a sudden forgotten how to win tennis matches! Unbelievable!! Since the beginning of this year and post-Covid he has lost in 3 or 4 successive Round One!!! He seems to have totally lost his mojo and looks helpless on how to recover it. In his current form, even a rtd. Li Na would beat him in the 1st round of a grand slam! Is this the same person who fought heroically and pushed Nadal to 5 sets in that glorious USO last year? Or, was his performance then a fluke? Time will tell surely. Time will tell…..a change of coach may be needed as his coach too looks forlorn & helpless!

    Now to Nadal……

    Uh, if I am to rate the tophtop 5 male players so far in this USOaUSO 2020, and considering the quality of opponents played, I would rate as follows in descending order:

    Dominic Thiem
    Diego Schzwman
    Dennis Shapovalov
    Rafa Nadal
    Novak Djokovic

    Thiem has been so wonderful destroying all his highly rated opponents in his toughest group. He is the best player so far followed by Schazman. He is still in that same devastating form we saw in Rome. To me, Nadal has not been so impressive. I fear that if he meets a good, seeded player like a Schwamann his weaknesses may just be exposed once again. There is a certain uncertainty and restlessness about him ….it’s as if he doesn’t really want to play. Like he had said at a time ” I consider 2020 as closed” He made this remark around April or May when the pandemic was at its peak then around the world and countries were all in lockdown.

    I don’t know, but there is something about this Rafa that makes me uneasy…his tennis is currently weak and a tricky opponent like Diego or Fognini (thank God he’s out) can take him out in straights.

    Well, the Nadal legend is already established and there is nothing left for Nadal to prove to anyone. I don’t foresee anybody breaking his RG record in the next 2 centuries. He is our GOAT and will always officially be referred to as the “King of Clay” and one of the GOATS. In any case, a GOAT is always GOAT. Excepting the injuries that plagued his glorious career, Nadal should comfortably be ahead with 24 GS trophies!

    So, by and large, Nadal’s legend is intact and nobody, not even Djokovic can hurt it. Nadal’s legend lives forever and not even the final outcome of this FO can affect it. But I pray that if Nadal should lose, he should lose before the final, as I do not want Djokovic or anybody else for that matter to tarnish his 12 – 0 in unblemished record at RG Finals. Nobody has ever been able to defeat Nadal at the Finals of the FO and this is part of his legend ( and which the Djoker is plotting to break).

    But as always, we go point by point, game by game, match by match and day by day……cheers

  3. Congrats on the round 2 win, Rafael Nadal. It seemed as though the press conference afterwards was more trying than the match. Thank you🙏for your patience🥰. All the best in the next round👍👏🤛💪🍀❤️

      • Ridiculous questions. The so called journalists are worse than ever. Asking him which female has the best drop shot. Ludicrous. I don’t follow other sports but wonder if their press conferences are as abysmal.

  4. Rafa is adopting well to the new conditions and ball . I think Rafa is covering the court beautifully and will continue to improve . I would like Rafa to step up his first serve velocity and get more free points that way . Otherwise , I am very pleased and think a finals appearance is coming . I would love to see a victory over Nole !

  5. Rafa Congratulation well don Champ vamosssssss all the way 🎾👍❤️😘😍🎾❤️❤️😘😍👍

  6. Rafa played so well, but it is hard to take a lot from this match. McDonald was overwhelmed. Sadly, the weather will not be as good going forward, but Rafa is a fighter on court. 95-2 is really hard to even comprehend.

  7. I have heard that Serena has not played. Does anyone know what happened ? So that Rafael has played earlier in a court with people interacting with the players. It was nice to hear them. This year we won’t see them waving or writing messages to the players or for those who do not attend the match. That’s a pity.

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