Rafael Nadal loses in quarterfinals at Rome Masters

Nine-time champion Rafael Nadal has lost in the quarterfinals of the Rome Masters.

The world no. 2 was beaten by Argentine Diego Schwartzman 6-2, 7-5 for the first time in 10 matchups. Rafa only won 48 per cent of his first-serve points, whereas Schwartzman earned 58 per cent of his second-serve points.

After the match, our champ said:

“It was not my night at all. He played very well, I didn’t. This kind of thing can happen after a long time without playing. I played two good matches, tonight a bad one. Congrats to Diego. I will continue to work.”

Rafa falls to 63-7 at the Italian Masters 1000 event. This was his first tournament since the ATP Tour resumed in August. His next tournament is Roland Garros.


  1. FO draw is out.

    Top half: top eight players
    1st section: N. Djokovic and K. Khachanov
    2nd RBA and M. Berrettini
    3rd D. Medvedev and A. Rublev
    4th D. Shapovalov and S. Tsitsipas

    Bottom half: top eight players
    1st section: G. Monfils and Diego
    2nd S. Wawrinka and D. Thiem
    3rd A. Zverev and D. Goffin
    4th F. Fognini and Rafa

    A. Murray and M. Cilic are also in Rafa’s half, but Murray will play Wawrinka and Cilic will play Thiem first round.

    Good luck to Rafa always🍀🎾❤️ Vamos Rafa💪

  2. Hi Margo,

    Sorry, I selected the wrong REPLY link. My 5:09 PM post below is to your 2:19 PM post. Thanks for your attention🙏

    • Hiya Mimi, no apology warranted.

      According to Dzumhur it was Popovic’s PCR test that came back positive. Since he had the virus in July, wouldn’t a different test be warranted?

      I have read reports of some [not many] people testing positive months after having contracted the virus but were no longer contagious. He could be part of this very small group.

      I am in no way blaming the three players but why didn’t they get separate rooms. This is not just a tournament it’s a Grand Slam. Err on the side of caution. Were they financially strapped or did they think they were safe.

      I hope we have some answers soon.

      • Thanks Margo!

        I just read an article from Tennis World saying Dzumhur could sue French Open, and he says Mr. world no. 1 has reached out to him to offer help. Dzumhur also says his coach asked the tournament organizers what would happen if he was the coach of Rafa or Federer.

        Yes, hopefully we will!

      • Mimi, there’s no link after yours @6:58am.

        Sue? I’m not buying it. If the L’Equipe article is accurate, players and coaches were advised NOT to share rooms because if an occupant of a room tested positive the others sharing the same room would also have to quarantine. From what I have read the FO is taking social distancing VERY SERIOUSLY. It is as important as wearing masks, maybe even more important.

        Mr. world #1 may be trying to prove a point as to why a group such as the PTPA is needed: players’ rights. I don’t see how Dzumhur can prevail after going against the separate-room guidelines recommended by the FO.

        Yes, Dzumhur’s coach did say if it were Rafa’s coach he would have been allowed a second or even a third test. He also said if Dzumhur’s opponent was a big name opponent that Dzumhur would be allowed to play. The naming of Rafa in this controversy is a VERY HOT Internet topic at the moment and I didn’t want to add to it. Just a personal choice and nothing against you bringing it up.

        Our champion is home figuring out his next moves, minding his own business. I can now imagine reporters asking Rafa what he thinks about what Popovic said. Gimme a break. LOL

      • Our champion is busy getting himself ready for one of the most important tournaments in his career. Wish him the best of luck winning his 13th title in Paris!🍀❤️

        Good luck to the tournament!

  3. Congratulations to Diego for winning a hard fought match against Shapo and reaching the title. The question is whether he has enough left in the tank to make the match against Novak competitive. I certainly hope so. Good luck Diego.

  4. Rafa didn’t play even close to his best tennis. He Will Find a way to win at the French Open. As long as Rafa is on the tour I know better than to ever write him off. He will win the French Open. Stay healthy and God bless you Rafa

    Mary Lynn

  5. Rafa played terribly, even after a long absence from the court. If his excuse is that he lost because of a lack of matches played, well that is true of almost all the players, including Diego. This is a match Rafa should have won, easily, but he looked lost, sluggish and slow. You can think what you want but I think he is done for and will not even reach the quarter finals at Roland Garros.

    • He in fact stated in his press conference that it was not the time for excuses. He admitted that he lost because he played badly. It happened and now he moves on.

      It is too soon to be writing his tennis obituary. He has earned the benefit of the doubt, after all of his surreal victories in Paris, that he will regain his superior form in a best of five situation.

      Reading some comments from fair weather fans gives the impression that they would be happy to see Rafa falter just so that they can be proven right.

      We true fans remain steadfast until the man himself tells us that he’s leaving.

    • Neruda …. We can agree to disagree….

      I never thought Rafa had this in the bag…. Practicing is not the same as competing… That’s why Grigor went to the Academy to practice with Rafa , to give him a higher level of competition. but all in all it was still a practice. Rafa has not played in a competative way since the beginning of the year….

      After Australia Diego played the Argentine Open then the shutdown… …later on the Southern/Western tournament in NY, then the, US Open in NY and now the Rome Masters…. A lot of games, sets and matches…. And he came to Rome feeling good and ready.
      I merely say this because you said that Diego also had a lack of matches and compared to Rafa that is simply untrue.

      I disagree that this should have been an “easy” win for Rafa …. I’ve seen Diego play ” live” many times… I look forward to his matches as he’s a scrappy player and he’s plays hard….I’ve always liked him and anything can happen when you watch him play.

      Last night, the humidity was very high.. and Rafa couldn’t get the ball up…. It just wasn’t his night….
      He got outplayed. As he said….”its not a tragedy” and I couldn’t agree more.

      To say Rafa Nadal is “done for” is laughable.

      All eyes will be on Rafa at the French. The pressure will be on…. but even if he doesn’t lift the cup this year I believe he has a lot of tennis left in him….

      It’s not over by a longshot!

      VAMOS RAFA!!

      • Marileena, I agree with what you said and I’m glad you put the correct facts to Neruda. So many people are quick to write off Rafa after one poor match, but l won’t.

  6. Congrats to Diego. He is always fun to watch. Great things come in small packages. I am not worried about Rafa’s performance. After all Rome is his 1st tournament back. Best wishes to both Diego and Rafa!

    • I agreed. Good luck to Diego, I hope he goes all the way!🍀

      I am sure Rafa and his team will work hard preparing for RG. Looking forward to watch him play again soon. All the best to Rafa always!❤️

  7. Rafa did not have optimal conditions for his red clay game as the ball was not bouncing high enough to keep Diego off balance . That being the case , Rafa needed to get more first serves and more pop in his ground strokes . Nontheless , Diego outplayed Rafa from the baseline and at the net . I fully expect Rafa will play better at Roland Garros and benefoy from the high bounce and topspin groundstrokes . Vamos and Best of luck

  8. Wishing Rafa a fantastic FO and hopefully another Coupe des Mousquetaires. Winning 12 is mind boggling so imagine 13. All the best to a great champion. Counting down the days.

    Rafa said he knows how to fix the problem [getting broken so often]. I believe he will do everything he can to do so.

    My main concerns for Rafa are his level of confidence; how he will adjust to the roof which has been completed according to the FO site; and last but not least the virus. The qualifiers are playing behind closed doors but there was mention of an infection among them. I hope it was only one person and that’s the end of it.


    • Margo,

      I just read that Marca reports that a minimum of four players have tested positive, and the number could rise to 15. This is worrisome! The safety for all involved is no 1 priority👌

      • Hi Margo,

        Not sure which test RG is using, probably the Saliva COVID-19 Test which is cheaper and quicker? I think RG denied Popovic’s request because the PCR (nasal swab) COVID-19 Test’s turnaround time is much longer and much more expensive too. I heard that saliva test is approximately $5 whereas the PCR test is approximately $150. My thought is even if RG is willing to use the PCR test regardless of cost, can they get test results fast enough because it can take days?

    • RG have released a statement about it. Two players in the qualifiers and a coach have tested positive for COVID-19. Those players and three more who had close contact with the coach will not be allowed to compete.

      • Better safe than sorry, this virus is no joke, contagious and deadly! The best to the tournament🤞

      • jas_uk and Mimi, more controversy on the subject of test results.

        The coach Popovic was identified as the coach who tested positive. The three qualifiers who were in close contact with him, one of whom is Dzumhur [he has played Rafa], along with Popovic will be quarantined.

        This is where it gets sticky. Popovic said he had the virus in July. He also stated that he has been tested from 20-25 times over the last 35 days between the US, Italy and now in Paris where he has been for the last 6 days and tested negative. This latest test result was a “barely positive” one. Popovic requested that a nose swab test [PCR test] be performed but was denied. I thought that is the test RG was doing. If the quickie test [saliva] is the one being relied upon I think it’s an abomination.


  9. Remember, it’s only Rafa’s first tournament back after nearly seven months off. He has everything to play for, so don’t worry, Rafa will bounce back. He’s made of strong stuff.

  10. I am disappointed, of course, but not totally surprised. We know Rafa needs confidence to play his best. He chose not to play any expos, which concerned me a little. Rafa did not play well enough to win last night, and Diego did not miss. I am only sad because I do not know how much longer Rafa will play. Rafa will be fine and have a happy life. We fans, however, will never find another Rafa.

    • Rafa had a off day and will find his game . He is fit, healthy and game ready . No where near retirement and with more slams ahead.

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