2020 Roland Garros: Rafael Nadal Nike Outfit

Check out some pictures of Rafael Nadal outfit for the upcoming Roland Garros.


  1. Erratum : Passport taken away last year. One year ago, when I tried to escape from this nightmare.

  2. If I only have Identity papers and human rights, I think I would go to see Rafa, but the Police at the Frontier has decided that year to take my passport and that I should be treated with less attention than an animal for decades. Injured, hit, stolen, stuffs damaged almost every day in a flat, without even having the right to be defended. My life is wonderful. Not thought this could be possible.
    Hope that Rafa is happy with his new life.

  3. BONITO EQUIPO!!! colores preciosos, que alegria d verte d nuevo, parece extraño pero es realudad, adelante Rafa!!

  4. what happened to the nike swoosh sign on the shoe? looks super weird. also the shoes become uglier year by year, Rafa had the best shoes ever in the past, but the syle changed to the worse 🙁

    • I agree about the shoe model. It’s by far the ugliest he ever wore! I love the Lunar Ballistec and the Air Zoom Cage 3 (especially the US Open ones!).

      About the swoosh, it’s the only detail I like on this shoe. It’s actually a bite!! Coz he always bites his trophies. 😉

  5. Very fresh looking colours. It is clear to see that this outfit was selected up to 18 months ago as Rafa previously stated to be worn when RG was originally scheduled in May. Doubtful that white shorts and jacket would have been the choice for playing outdoors in Paris in late Sept./ early October.

    Will end up being a moot point as it doesn’t seem likely that this tournament will go ahead. The French government minister is adamant that it will only be played with fans present. Impossible to fathom right now.

      • Rafa can wear the colours of the rainbow due to his glorious all year tan, but to me turquoise shades to green are best suited to his colouring…

  6. Lovely colors! Hope to watch you play this year, Rafa🤞
    Stay safe and stay healthy❤️

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