Twitter reacts to Rafael Nadal’s wonderful display of sportsmanship

Rafael Nadal is one of the nicest and classiest players in tennis, and he again showed why on Monday. Despite fourth round loss, he was waiting patiently for Gilles Muller to gather his gear so they can exit the arena side by side after a classic match.

The packed crowd on Court One noticed Rafa’s gracious act and rose to their feet, arguably cheering louder for Rafa than Muller. Rafa also stopped to sign some autographs.

Tennis fans, media and players worldwide also took to social media to praise our champ!

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  1. i am sorry but i am dissapointed. I really hoped that federer would have lost the final. But Cilic was no challenge for him. I found the whole wimbeldon this year very boring and dissapointing. Federer should be very grateful to muller and thank him for beating rafa and give him half of his prize money. After nadal loss the tournament was basically over. Nadal would have been more of challenge to federer. The spaniard had the momentum and could have made the Swiss very uncomfortable.

    I found la decima victory of nadal more convincing then federer victory. I couldnt stand the pro federer commentators who were keep praising the Swiss. The difference between federer and nadal is now four grandslams. Hopefully Nadal will be in great psyhical and mental shape in Montreal with Carlos Moya full time and that moya will coached him throughout the american hardcourt summer.

    I am convinced that nadal can win the us open. But therefore he needs to do well in Montreal and Cincinnati like in 2013. Also that means him beating Federer.

  2. Seriously Maria, saying that the Goat level is a low title is gonna create animosity towards Rafans. Roger is much more older than Rafa, its not the same … I like Rodger but I prefer Rafa. Im happy for him even if Rafa had real chances.

    • I agree. Please, please Rafa win the US hard court tournaments especially US Open and be the World number one again. You will always be our number one but we want more. Praying for you.

    • Thanks for the correction, Lorna. I don’t know how I was under the impression that it was Rafa and Roger he beat one after the other. Sorry he lost this time. It seems he was having some trouble with his foot but after he had it strapped he seemed okay.
      Roger played a great game. He almost made it look effortless.

  3. I agree with you Jason. PLEASE, PLEASE Cilic stand up to Federer and don’t cave in, even though you lost the first set. You deserve the win, so relax and step up the pace and get more first serves in. I’m tired of preferential treatment being given to him – always on Centre Court, which is so disrespectful to Other top players (Rafa always on no. 1 court). Wipe that smug grin off Federer’s face and show his wife, Mirka, that her white lace Wimbledon (wedding style) dress was presumptuous and OTT!!

  4. Vamos Marin! For the sake of tennis, for the sake of tennis history and for the sake of those horrid Fed fanatics finally shutting up again with their “GOAT” mantra – let the Weak Era King go down tomorrow. PLEASE let justice be done.

    • I certainly agree with you, Jason, re. the obsessive Fed. fans and their GOAT mantra. They cling to it as if it is the most earth shattering word in the English language and for anyone to make a counter argument seems like blasphemy to them.
      As I have said in previous posts I feel Rafa’s greatness cannot be defined by one word . He is above all that. His records speak for themselves. He does not need one word labels.
      A word of hope for Cilic, let’s remember that a few years ago Cilic beat Roger in the final of the US Open (and Rafa in the semi-final ) so he is no newcomer to Grand Slam final play.
      I admire Roger’s success in Wimbledon 2017, win or lose, as he will be 36 years old next month, but , please let’s not hear that tired old GOAT refrain again. Let his fans find something original to say. Fed has refreshed his game. Let his fans refresh their mantra. Why cling to the present one ? (which was in any case invented by one of the retired players -can’t recall who – adopted by the press and jumped upon by Fed fans from then on.

      • Yeah it’s sick. Most of them are completely obsessed and have that unhealthy “cross fit” type of stare in their eyes when repeating their mantra. Marin beat Fed in the US Open 14 SF and then Kei in the final. Rafa was out injured (elbow).

    • Yes, I was hoping for Cilic, Fed has won enough, also wished he would let Rafa win Aus Open. 😢 At their level you can see that certain tournaments are important, for others other tournaments, more so than gaining points in the ranking. Hoped for Rafa to win Aus Open and Wim, US Open does not matter so much, he has won it twice. I have already suggested to them that they share the Grand Slams between them. Fiona in Paris

      • Rafa has the US Open on his schedule and I hope he wins it.

        I cannot imagine this grand slam, with 2,000 ranking points to be awarded to the winner, not to matter so much. Are you suggesting Rafa skip the hard-court season? The other hard-court tournaments don’t rise to the level of a grand slam. A third US Open title would be very nice indeed.

        RAFA ROCKS 150% ALWAYS

  5. It’s more of Rafa’s playing style that is his Achilles’s heels and not mental strength or confidence that Rafa has so often touted.
    I mean his style against the Big Hitters like Nick Kyrgio, Ivo Karlovic, John Isners etc.

    Rafa will always stas 5m behind the baseline against these people. This style has worked only against the likes of John Isner, Milos Raonic and Ivo Karlovic, who, though are big servers, are not serve and volley players like Misha Zverev, Dustin Brown and ofcourse, Gilles Muller.

    While the likes of Karlovic, Isner and Milos are not as efficient in movement because of their huge size, typical S&V players like Gilles Muller, Dustin Brown and M.Zverev can hit a first serve and immediately follow up as the ball is in flight. By the time Rafa (standing 5m behind the baseline) returns the ball, they are already at the net to smash home freely while Rafa is still deep-rooted 5m behind the baseline!!!!

    If the Rafa-Gilles Muller match is replayed 5X, Rafa will still lose against him or any other good S&V player! That is the simple truth; it’s not about health, mental strength, confidence or whatever.

    Rafa’s essentially counter punching style just does never works against the very good S&V players which also explains his lifetime 2-0 Head to Head loss against Dustin Brown for example.

    Other players like Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic do not position themselves so ‘dangerously’ behind the baseline like Rafa and yet they are overwhelmingly successful against these so-called ”big hitters” Why? Because they play aggressive tennis, tehey stand toe-to-toe with them and eventually dominate them. Why, Roger would have annihilated Gilles Muller in straight sets if they had met because he’s would not give any free points to Muller. Roger or Novak or Andy would never have stood 5m behind the baseline like Rafa.

    Rafa needs to urgently improve in these areas and it is not someone like Carlos Moya that will do the trick for him. Against these players you need to keep the points short as much as possible. Rafa needs to do more than playing aces; his court positioning is his greatest undoing especially against the big servers. He has largely been able to get away with this on clay because the clay surface typically gives a slow bounce which compensates for his poor positioning.

    Meanwhile, our good, old Aunt Maria (Siberia) predicts a Roger Federer win tomorrow: 5-7, 6-4, 3-6, 6-7. Please let’s place our bets now, all thanks to good, old Aunt Maria.

  6. I sincerly hope that roger federer will lose tomorrow. Marin Cilic can do rafa a huge favor by beating roger. Its possible for marin to do that. He needs to serve against roger the way gilles muller did against rafa.

    The reason why i want roger to lose. Is so that nadal will lose not lose sight on the record of most grandslam. The difference remains three and i believe with a good preparation in Monteal and Cincinnati nadal can win the us open. Hopefully moya will be full present during Montreal Cincinnati and the Us open. Moya present is important and led to nadal reaching the final of the ao and winning la decima. And so far nadal had a great hardcourt season.

  7. Oh Rafa, your good luck message to Garbiñe Muguruza worked a treat , she in now the Wimbledon Champion and no doubt you and your Academy will be sending more congratulations her way. If only things could have been different for you then Spain could have had a double celebration this weekend , but we will just have to wait for that till the US Open.

      • The US Open is looking very promising for Rafa in his present form , and both Andy and Novak have hinted that they might be taking some time off from tennis , Novak might not play the US Open. Probably a good idea with both having injuries and babies on the way ( and a couple less opponents for Rafa to face).

    • Yes, I sent a message to Rafa in Spanish that the Wim Gala dinner photos were fine, just a shame that he wasn t there for a double photo with the Spanish flag, like back in the 90s the Germans saw their tennis aces Becker and Graf for a double take. I prayed for him, could not do any more, he had a more difficult opponent to overtake, Roger had Dimitriov. Rafa may have by passed him. Fi in Paris

  8. l hope you are all right rafa there is nothing on your rafa king of clay for a few days?all the very best to you and your family by for now.

  9. Thank you, Lorna for your very positive insight. I’m so happy to have found this forum where dedicated fans of Rafa are able to engage in meaningful discussion.

  10. Thank you, Lorna for your very positive insight. I’m so happy to have found this forum where dedicated fans of Rafa are able to engage in meaningful discussion.

  11. The loss still rings in my ears too, but I guess the pain will less when Wimbledon is all over. Muller had nothing to lose but Rafa’s intense hunger to win was clear to see. Perhaps not so much tense but too intense.

    In the previous article, I posted the Nadal v Muller match stats. Rafa’s winner to unforced error ratio for the match was 77:17, which on any normal day, may well have won him the match. I’m not sure Moya’s presence would have stopped the Muller juganaut but hey, who really knows except Rafa himself? Looking on the positive side, Rafa will remain no. 2 as of Monday, with only 370 points to defend to the end of the season, so I’m sure he’ll be keeping his eyes on the prizes to come 😀.

  12. Rafa is an out an out gentleman!!!

    Also agree with some others that when Rafa has full confidence, belief in himself, healthy doubt and just enough (healthy) respect for the opponent, and thus clever and clear thinking and judgement he can beat anyone – most of all Federer.

    Real real pity that he’s out. Wonder what’s going to bring back the confidence of long ago how long it’ll take and how long it’ll stay. Mental strength and stability and confidence – when one is struggling with them it not only takes long to get it all back but at the beginning it is all very delicate – kind of in the brink and can ‘fall’ quite easily.

    Difficult do Rafa fans to get over this last loss especially since Rafa was showing real improvement since the beginning of the year.
    All the same that’s in the past and we shall all look forward to better matches and results in the future!
    Rafa has to get back his confidence and mental stability and WILL!!!!!!!

    CMON VAMOS!!!!!!!!

  13. Does anybody think here that Moya’s presence would have made a difference? Rafa looked too tense from the first point against Muller. I am still not over it. That loss was heartbreaking.

    • I certainly do. It was the old crew, and the old attitude (from the last 3,5 years), in the crucial moments.

      • Yes Jason, the old crew, consistant, is still with him 😀 I met most of them in Paris, shook hands with Toni, Carlos, Dr. Cotorro and thanked him in Spanish for all that you do for Rafael. I spoke to his father and said that we understand that it is not easy for you, always requested for photos, autographs, he is always so consistant with his fans. Fiona in Paris

    • I believe Carlos would have made a massive difference. You could see the difference in the mentality of Rafa and I am one of his biggest fans, I love the guy. But to me he played like the days when Tony was coaching him (yes I know he won slams with Tony and I am not criticising him) but look at the body and the fitness and mental strength and most of all the happiness since his friend took over. If Carlos had been there I am convinced Rafa would have won! As a matter of interest why was Carlos not there anyone know?

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