[VIDEO] Rafael Nadal’s thoughts on the Monte Carlo final

Rafael Nadal talks about reaching his 11th Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters final.


  1. I must apologize as I was unaware that both Maria [England] and Suzie learned English as a foreign language. I learned French and Spanish in school so I get it.
    I am responding to Suzie’s incorrect interpretation of a three-sentence comment I made.

    Sentence [1]
    I believe, out of respect for Rafa, that fans here have decided not to dwell on Rafa’s hair.

    Explanation: To me, this is my feeling since there was little to no discussion about the rumors of Rafa’s hair. I did not speak for anyone but myself. Had I written, “Rafa’s fans have decided not to dwell on Rafa’s hair,” I would have been speaking for Rafa’s fans, which was not the case.

    Sentence [2]
    Rafa has yet to discuss, in public, this part of his head.

    Explanation: I think this is sufficiently self explanatory.

    Sentence [3]
    His nerves and confidence are up to discussion. [should be “for discussion.”]

    Explanation: this follows what Rafa has not discussed in sentence two, his hair. Therefore, this is an indication that Rafa has discussed his nerves and confidence. It was not necessary to write, “Rafa has discussed his nerves and confidence.”
    These are simply two things that I thought of at the moment. Rafa has discussed a plethora of subjects from anti-doping to his love of olives, and Iberian ham, the Olympics, you name it.

    I would never presume to be the spokesperson for Rafa’s fans nor advise them
    what part of Rafa or his life to discuss.

    I hope this clears things up for those of you who were lead to believe differently.


  2. I had the impression the crowd were booing the umpire who had made the mistake, not Rafa, who had done nothing wrong remember,Rafa got the big cheer as usual when he came out to play.
    We will see today when Rafa comes out…….
    Its sad that Tennis seems to be heading in the same direction as Football with unruly unsportsmanlike behaviour from the crowds, not so much the players..apart from the very few,
    It used to be the game for gentlemen and ladies to play, watch and enjoy..

  3. David is cool customer……But someway in this discussion we r sidelining that Rafa won the 2 ND set playing brilliantly by 6- 1

  4. Who was rude and arrogant at the Australian Open ,Feds family and supporters and crowd, stood before the last game had even finished and even before the last ball had landed.
    Did Rafa protest…………………………… No, No No he is soooooooooooooo fair and reasonable, as he could have asked for a replay and could easily have won as that is all that was in that game.The umpire should have ruled a relay, as it was the deciding point.How would David Goffin have handled this situatiion if he had been Rafa then.

    If Rafa says he did NOT see the ball I sure believe him.

    RAFA all the best for today’s final, and I sure trust you win.

    Love and prayers,


  5. Rafa, tomorrow I hope to see another “FIRST” added to your already lengthy list of “FIRSTS.”



  6. As I suspected, both Rafa and David are fine. David is even mentally better than I gave him credit for. He said that “Rafa is one of the most fair players on the tour. He was just playing his match. I have nothing against him.” He also stated that umpires make mistakes. He has put the incident behind him and looking forward.

    The two were discussing who they were going to play in Barcelona. When asked by a journalist, Rafa said there was nothing to discuss about their match because he didn’t do anything wrong and that it’s between David and the umpire.

    David explained that he had 4-2, but was sidelined by having to replay the point.

    To think that either Rafa or David would bring this “bad call” with them to Barcelona is unfair. Both of them have put this behind them. They both get my vote.


    • Goffin seems to be a really nice guy by all accounts and I think he was probably feeling bad for Rafa in the match as well. Obviously he was mad because of the atrocious overrule but he sure didn’t expect the crowd to turn against Rafa like that.

      Hopefully there will be more and more people speak up for Rafa to clear this misunderstanding. For the crowd that will attend the final tomorrow, let us all hope that they will realise they’re witnessing history and act like civilised people.

      It’s gonna be very interesting should Rafa and Goffin meet again in Barcelona (very likely so). Looking forward to it. 🙂

  7. Not a great day for tennis especially when you hear what Ilie Nastase has been up to, from making a racist remark about Serena’s pregnancy to calling Jo Konta and another F****** B****** ended with him getting thrown out of the fed cup. Crikey

    • Why you would even bring this up on RNF the day Rafa won his MC semi-final is beyond me. Don’t you have a FB or Twitter account? Geez!

      • For goodness sake Margo take a chill pill will you! There is such a thing as freedom of expression and Maria has brought this up as it’s all over the news today. Who are you to tell people what they can and can’t talk about? Only the other day you called Lorna evil about something that was nothing to do with this site. Seriously fed up with you as I recall another fan who asked if rafa was losing his hair and you spoke for all of us saying we had agreed not to discuss it and then went on to tell the fan what was allowed to be discussed – no fan here had agreed with you what was up for discussion and what was not. As Maria has said to you umpteen times – stop commenting on her posts if you dislike what she says!

      • You have an inimitable way of twisting things.

        [1] Lorna rudely responded to a general comment I had made.

        [2] RNF never posted anything about Rafa’s hair nor has Rafa made any public statements about it either.

        [3] Only the other day RNF stated if anyone wants to discuss the WTA they are welcome to do it on their social media accounts.

      • Susie, thank you , but don’t waste your energy , i didn’t think it would be long before it came my way again. As i recall in an earlier post Margo was saying enough said about the Rafa/Goffin point, so i thought a subject change might be good. And i was actually commenting on Nastase’s not the women.
        Remind me Margo wasn’t it you the other day who commented on Serena and her pregnancy/ who was the dad ect . No connection to Rafa so maybe take your own advice and use twitter. Enough said I’m not going back down this road with you. Apologies to other Rafa fans

      • Hi maria – I just couldn’t stand by and let margo get away with it twice this week. First Lorna and then you and neither of you deserved her tongue lashing. She’s a duffer trying to get away with saying her comments about serena were general – well so your yours about nastase but she will never accept that. Will do my best to ignore her and just wish she would ignore you

      • Hi Susie you have more chance of buying that yaucht , than that happening, but thank you anyway . Anyway on to brighter things won’t be long now before Rafa claims his 10 the title , i think it was very considerate of your bro to make sure he was born a day early so it didn’t interfere with Rafa’s final ,Lol. Watching the Lopez’s at mo , not looking like a double win for the Spanish unless they can turn it around.

  8. I’m so sorry for Goffin. How the ump made such a bad mistake I don’t know – but he was convinced he was right. I watched the 6th game again and it looks as though Goffin was struggling to hold serve before that incident. Rafa had picked his game up and Goffin was racking up the unforced errors. If Goffin was with any real momentum he would have recovered. He’s a professional that’s been playing for a long time. I don’t know why Rafa didn’t interject (what he did or did not see) but he seemed to be in machine mode. As Robbie Koenig said about the boos ‘he’s been there and done that’. But Rafa was clearly upset and angry. I’ve never seen him turn to the crowd like that. Sad, I feel it’s marred the whole tournament. I hope this does not affect Rafa too much tomorrow.

    • David is fine. He has already put the incident behind him. After the match, he and Rafa went on to discuss Barcelona.

    • To paraphrase David, the umpire was not sure about the call but he let the bad call stand to save face. In other words, he made a mistake and refused to correct it.

  9. I have watched you receive great sportsmanship from people completely
    Disappointing for you to be a coward

    • Totally untrue Rafa has faced many bad calls and rose above and still went on and played the best tennis he could it’s not the tennis players decision re whether a ball is out or not that is what the umpire is paid for and Rafa never got that point it was played again which has happened to him countless times
      David Goffin went into tantrum made and never played tennis so it was his own fault if he lost so please don’t blame Rafa for David not playing

      • Don’t waste your time feeding the troll, brlomc and everyone. I rarely ever call any one a troll but some people here clearly are.

    • Seth – your outrageous comment makes me feel you have found your way into the wrong site. We’re rafa fans here and we know how badly rafa has been treated throughout his career in respect of bad calls, general hate, jealousy etc and yet he still carries on and gives his best. A true gentleman and most definitely not a coward. You will note that goffin has no beef with Rafa. Spread your hate elsewhere!

    • seth,

      get off this site right now. You are a federer supporter and acting as a troll.
      Your player is the most unsportmanlike player of the atp. Go watch the tape of the semifinal miami against krygios and watch the tb of the third set. The media refuses to call federer out because they are in the tank for roger

  10. Goodnight Rafa and Rafans out there ✨ See you tomorrow ready for the big final 😍🤞🏻 Can’t wait – very exited 🤗 Hope the crowd will behave 🙏🏻


  11. I think it would be great if the atp could utilise more the skills of Eva Asderaki as she’s a first class, well respected, business like no nonsense umpire who very rarely makes an incorrect decision (and certainly never a crazy one). Although Goffin will be feeling hard done by, and rightly so, but my guess is that it will make the powers that be sit up and have a serious think about introducing hawkeye on clay. No one argues with hawk eye. In life, it often takes a major mistake or disaster to change policy, rules or legislation. I’m signing off to get some rest before the all Spanish slog fest tomorrow. Number 10 for Rafa!!!

  12. I still don’t really understand why Rafa’s being blamed (by some, not me) and even accused of cheating. He says he didn’t see the ball, which is probably true – do you watch a ball you’ve already hit, or prepare for the next one? The umpire made the decision – a bad one, but hardly Rafa’s fault. And Goffin seemed to fall apart – no one’s fault but his own.

    If Rafa gets booed tomorrow, it just shows what a rude ignorant lot they are.

    Ignore it, Rafa. Fight. And win!

    • Rafa tomorrow has to win his 10 Trophy and not to play in MC anymore, the crowd doesn’t deserve it!

    • hi sarah,

      he should ignore them and focuss on winning his 10 title that is the most important thing. He needs to focuss and concentrate and play his best tennis. He is going to need it because ramos plays so far the tournament of his life. Rafa can not afford again to play his worst match in the final.

      People on this forum should remember sam querry who beat rafa at acapulco. He also played the tournament of his life before beating rafa. So he needs to play his absolute best tennis and ignore the crowd.

      Accussing rafa of cheating or unsportmanlike is absoluty ridicilous. These people are true nadal haters and should go critize other players. In my opinion the most unsportmanlike player is roger federer.

      Federer cheated against nadal in madrid 2013 by claiming call was out when instead it was in
      Federer cheated against nadal in australian open 2017 final set by taking so called medical time out
      Federer supporters treated djokovic disgracefully during wimbeldon and us open final 2015 watch the tape
      Federer wife was insulting wawrinka during semifinal world tour finals 2014
      Federer supporters were horrible against krygios during the semifinal miami 2017 and preventing him maybe from winning against federer
      Also when krygios was distracted by a federer supporter calling the ball out why did federer not say against the refree to replay the point because it was in his own benefit not to do it

      People should shut op critizing nadal. I am sick and tired of nadal being patronized

      • Hey, mjus – nice to read someone else who thinks Roger’s an a**e. I thought most people thought he was ‘god’!

  13. Susie,i hope your brother’s birthday went well, and I’m taking it you put in a request( for tomorrow) when he blew out the candles and made a wish Lol. What a perfect weekend this is turning out to be despite the unmentionable. All we need tomorrow is the sun, Peter Fleming in the commentary box , you know who in the umpires chair and the main Spaniard of the moment Rafa , and then it will be game, set and history books. It couldn’t get any better for Rafa when he makes history tomorrow , having his 3 friends to share his moment with and of course Lopez/Lopez will have their own victory to celebrate. Wishful thinking on my part , uh uh on no it will be reality by this time tomorrow.

    • Hi maria – yes all went well & good time had by all and I checked out the highlights too so thanx for that info. Looks like I didn’t miss much – just the last few games. Crossing everything for 2mrw. I’m just hoping there are no jeers and boos. I hate that stuff. It will be so great if rafa wins. I’ll be nervous before that’s for sure

  14. Sports fans love to get involved; I am sure athletes develop a suit of armour to enable them to play on. If you cannot do this, likely you would quit. Criticism will
    always be there, but a champion will overcome and succeed regardless. Brady?
    The🏆and the💶 will go home with the player with the❤️to play lights out!

  15. urns out Rafa was really unlucky, wasn’t he? That terrible overrule didn’t help him as much as it spoiled so many things for him, for Goffin and everyone.

    One point *can” turn around a match. But you have to play the whole match to win (or lose) it. Rafa was still the heavy favourite anyway and was starting to get this rhythm *before* that incident happened.

    And it was only 3-2 in the first set – on clay, and back to deuce, not BP or SP or MP whatsoever. Very unlucky for Goffin and everyone feels for him but if he couldn’t put it behind like every professional player is expected to do, it means he didn’t have enough heart and will to win any way.

    It was really sad but also admirable watching Rafa handling the situation. At least for two times after that incident he had to stop just before serving because some rude fans behind him must be saying something terrible to him.

    Now reading that he was late 15′ for the presser and said it was sad for him to receive that kind of treatment from the crowd of the tournament he so loved, I’m sure the incident REALLY affected him after all, just like I was worrying when it happened even though he seemed to be maintaining his composure very well.

    Even though he won, deservingly so, he must have been very sad and needed sometime to “stomach” what had just happened because in the match, he could only try to concentrate on playing each point like he’s expected to. There just wasn’t enough time to process everything else and get yourself distracted, especially with that hostile crowd behind. They’re still French after all. He’s got enough stupid and extremely rude treatments from the RG crowd and was, still is, clearly upset by that. And now this…

    I hope after going home tonight, the people in the crowd who were booing him today will have something to think about. They should realise how unfair and rude and childish they were acting and that they want to correct their behaviour tomorrow. If not, then shame on them. Unfair and sad for Rafa but he will go on.

    But all that said, I still believe in “humanity” :p and expect great cheering for Rafa tomorrow. 🙂

    Good night Rafa and everyone. See you tomorrow when one of the best things in the world (of tennis :p) will happen. 🌛🌞🎾🍀

  16. Not impressed that people put the blame on Rafa! If David can’t handle the pressure then he doesn’t belong in that league. This happened before with players and it will happen in the future. The crowd was even worse! Good luck for tomorrow Rafa!

  17. Just read that Rafa was 15 minutes late for his press conference ,and when he arrived somebody should out “time violation for Mr Nadal ” Lol , not sure how reliable this source of info was but if this is indeed the case i can only say after today’s event ,not the right time or place

  18. I just heard you say you didn’t see the ball, Rafa. CASE CLOSED. Let’s move on to perhaps cause a positive change so that such instances won’t recur.


    • Not sure how many people who said Rafa must have know the ball was out and should have stopped playing and given the point to Goffin have actually played on clay.

      Rafa was far behind the baseline, there’s a net there and clay court has always been notorious for being hard to see the ball clearly, especially in the bright sunlight. It has something to do the contrast in colours, how the sun is reflected and the status of the surface of the court (if it’s a newly watered and surfaced court it will be much easier to see the ball).

      It was the umpire and linemen’s job to make the final decision. So when Rafa isn’t sure, and of course we should believe him, he can’t do anything other than accept it and resume the play. And you can’t expect him to tank a point either because that is something he just never does.

      Injustice for Goffin for sure but in a larger scale it’s even more injustice for Rafa, if you think about it. Sad such a thing happened in this special occasion. But people will get over it. Hopeful Rafa and Goffin will as well, as soon as possible. You are still loved and trusted by millions of people.

      • I would never go so far as to say it was a greater injustice for Rafa, given that the point would have made the score 4/2 Goffin. And if Goffin could have kept that level up for two sets, it may have saved Rafa the match, and a really really great chance for 10th title, against a final opponent who is not Djok or Wawrinka or even Murray.

        So there is no arguing Rafa was lucky.


        But I do think Rafa got robbed too, in a weird way, of the challenge of beating a Goffin who was still playing his best. We all got robbed of that match. Rafa could have taken great confidence from that.

        But no–the greatest injustice was done to Goffin.

        I also disagree strongly with anyone who thinks Rafa should have conceded the point, and disagree strongly with those that think this was an easy thing for Goffin to get over. I think most players would have been undone by it, given the circumstances of where the score and who he was playing at what tournament.

        And I think by tomorrrow we all need to forget this, and enjoy the final.

    • Rafalite, I think you were a bit permissive about how Rafa’s playing in the match. He was starting to get his rhythm. It’s not the first time he found himself in such situation. It happened A LOT even when he was in his prime. And only one break, especially still early in the first set is nothing carve in stone whatsoever.

      Also, what made you even think that Gofiin could keep that level for the whole set, let a lone two-three sets? And even if he could have, which is simply very unlikely (just ask Fed :p), it doesn’t mean Rafa would have lose it. Did you expect Rafa would play the whole match like he did in the first 5 games? How do you think he could win as much as he did? Not to mention this is CLAY. He’s passed his prime but is till the CCGOAT. No one has experienced all things clay more than him. Like Novak just recently said, “Rafa is still always the player to beat on clay”.

      What would have been very likely to happen in the match that you and many people call was robbed from us is, Rafa had had some patches then found the way and the exact moment to turn around the match, which by the way was just starting anyway, just like he did million times before. Also just some dip in level from Goffin and Rafa, having a killer instinct and being very opportunistic, might have been enough for him to fire up and play the way he should.

      Well, the way I see it, isn’t it exactly what happened in the actual match? “What if” is just for fun. Because what happened happened, simple as that.

      Indeed it’s exactly because of that incident that I’m now more sure than ever than Gofiin still hasn’t had IT in him yet to be a top player, to win big. He has the game to beat every player now, Rafa included, doesn’t mean he can do it more often than not, and certainly that alone still isn’t enough to be the best.

      I think you have read enough of my ramblings here to know that I’m not the “Rafa is the always the best” type of fan. In fact I might have offended a lot of fans here by being “too critical” at times.

      And what I meant by saying “Injustice for Goffin for sure but in a larger scale it’s even more injustice for Rafa, if you think about it” is, Goffin for sure was robbed A POINT, probably a set even, but certainly NOT the match. It’s his undoing that he couldn’t put it behind and kept on fighting like he should have. Just as simple as that.

      What Rafa was robbed is having everyone acknowledging that he won the match on his term, by being the better player. He’s on the way to make history at the tournament that has always had a special place in his heart, just like a second home to him. He won his first Masters there, remember? Now it seems like that “history in the making” has already been tainted before it even actually begins because of the stupid incident that by no means was his fault.

      I guess he won’t be feeling as happy and uplifting as he should be coming into the match tomorrow, which might very well could affect his performance. And who knows who the unpredictable French crowd will behave? How all these unfortunate things might affect him in the future?

      That’s why I definitely don’t think he was “lucky” AT ALL. No one was. But since he has the heart and will of a champion, he came through that, at least for now. Goffin didn’t. Doesn’t mean Goffin was unlucky and Rafa was.

      • And Rafa was lucky. Really sorry for probably many mistakes and typos ☺️. I should have been sleeping by now but just couldn’t help myself…

      • Rainier, glad you weren’t sleeping , you talk so much sense , agree with you totally

      • Ahh thanks so much, Maria. That was actually very encouraging to me. 🙂

      • Totally agree.
        What happened to Goffin was rough & he was understandably angry. Bad calls are a fact of life & I’ve seen Rafa on the wrong end of them a few times. Rafa accepted the initial ‘out’ call, who knows why umpire felt the need to overrule the call but he did & Rafa accepted that too. The point was replayed & score ended up 3-3 in first set, unfortunate for Goffin but both players were still very much in the match. Had goffin maintained his level for the rest of the match (or even a few more games) there wouldn’t be so much talk about the bad call. Unfortunately he seemed to fold after that, I feel for him but even he isn’t suggesting this was Rafa’s fault & said that Rafa is one of the fairest players on tour & was just playing his game.

        For the crowd & armchair experts to assume they ‘know’ what Rafa saw is ridiculous. I ASSUME none of them have been in that situation. Apart from the conditions such as surface, lighting, distance, angles, depth perception etc that would make it difficult to tell, it’s possible he was more focused on his opponent & where he was going to hit the ball than where the ball he no longer had control over had landed. Myself & other Rafans who have seen him practice know that he often asks if the ball was long & by how much.

        I really feel for Goffin and hope that from this he might work on his mental toughness. Even though Rafa benefited from the wrong call it must have been mentally tough for him to continue so strongly with the crowd carrying on as it did. He had to be mentally tough to not let it put him off, Goffin will need to do the same at times to be a great champion.

        I have absolutely no reason to doubt Rafa when he says he couldn’t tell what happened on the other side of the net.

        All that aside I’m thrilled Rafa is in the final & I’m sure he’ll shake the negativity & do his best to winice a history making 10th title here.

        Vamos Rafa!!!

      • Thank you.
        To say what Rafa said is “probably” true [about what he saw] is unfair to Rafa. He is not known as a liar. Goffin even said Rafa could not see from the other side of the court.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • You nor I nor anyone can know how that match might have turned out.
        But there is no denying when the bad call was made Goffin was the better player. Rafa’s play was improving, but there is just no saying how it would turned out.
        Rafa himself admitted he was completely on the defensive up to that point.

        If Goffin could beat Djok in 3, he could beat Rafa too–not saying he was going, just that was not unlikely at all, at that point.

        You have made a lot of assumptions in your previous post which are assumptions–nothing more.
        You can’t know what Goffin was capable of in the absence of that call. Period.

        I don’t really see the relevance of bringing up that Rafa is the clayGOAT which is true. It doesn’t mean he is going to win every match, as you must know. And I don’t see the relevance of what you assume to be Goffin’s longterm fate to be as a player. Also, not relevant to what happened today.

        That’s all I’m going to write on this particular subject. I think all kinds of nonsense has gotten posted on this unfortunate call, and I want to just enjoy the final tomorrow.

      • Rafalite, I get it that you want to put the matter to rest here. But I still want to reply you once more.

        The thing you said about “just assumptions, nothing more”. Well, isn’t it that we were ALL making assumptions?

        You were making the assumption that had that incident not happened, Rafa would for sure have lost the first set and Goffin could have won the whole match if he *could” keep his level as in the first, let’s say, 4 games.

        I wasn’t contradicting you but also pointing out the other things that “could have happened” as well. My bringing up the CCGOAT thing was just to support my points. Nothing improper or irrelevant about that.

        Of course Rafa being the CCGOAT doesn’t mean he will win every match. You’re the one who brought that up. I didn’t.

        I also didn’t say things like that Goffin couln’t beat Rafa at all. In fact I even said he had the game to beat any current player. But even if he could beat Novak in three, it doesn’t mean he could beat Rafa today. It doesn’t work that way, that if player A can beat player B who has beaten player C many times, it means player A has big chance to beat player C. Just doesn’t work that way.

        Again, you know I’m sort of critical kind of fans so no worry about me sugarcoating anything. I just call it the way I see it, trying to be as fair as I can be.

        All in all I think you just misunderstood a large part of my comment(s). I’m open with different opinions. No lost sleep over any (just over some of Rafa’s losses though :p). I feel it in your tone that you might have got a bit tight so just want to make things clear and to tell you, borrowing Borg’s words to McEnrore:

        “Relax, Rafalite, it’s just a tennis match.”


  19. Just can’t wait for tomorrow when Rafa Nadal takes his 10th title at MC and makes history, i only hope the crowd reflect on the way they acted today towards him and after knowing as he said the whole story , they will treat him fairly and with the respect he deserves and shows others. It would be such a shame if the atmosphere is soured due to this incident.

    I receive huge support from the crowd all around the world. Today, I don’t know why,” Nadal said. “For me (it) is sad, especially in a place that I love.”
    So heartbreaking to hear this at a time that he should be rejoicing

    Four years ago, it was a perplexed Nadal arguing with Mourier after he made an incorrect call during Nadal’s third-round win against Russian Mikhail Youzhny at the Madrid Masters.
    See David it happens to others not just you.

    I’m in no doubt who will be victorious tomorrow , the crowds reaction I’m not so sure . I have a feeling Rafa will come out to booing , i so hope I’m wrong

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