Rafael Nadal talks about wrist injury in Geneva

Rafael Nadal was courtside with his team-mates watching the opening day’s play on Friday. The cameras caught our champ with strapping around his left wrist and covering his thumb.

After he was asked about the strapping, he revealed he had an issue but was hopeful of still taking part:

Let’s see tomorrow how things go.

After New York, the body always feels down a little bit. Some issues can happen but here I am. I’m trying hard to be ready for when the team need me.

Let’s see. All of the matches are very difficult. If I am not at 100 per cent, there is another player. But I am confident I can help.

If Rafa won’t able to play, he will be replaced by his compatriot Roberto Bautista Agut.

Team Europe took a 3-1 lead over Team World on the first day of the Laver Cup after winning two of three singles matches and the doubles contest in front of a sellout crowd in Geneva.

Dominic Thiem and Stefanos Tsitsipas won their respective singles matches before Roger Federer and Alexander Zverev teamed up in the doubles, saving a whopping 15 of 16 break points to beat Jack Sock and Denis Shapovalov 6-3 7-5.

Laver Cup, Saturday:

Not Before 7:00 pm local time:

Rafael NADAL (EUR) vs Milos RAONIC (WLD)

followed by

Rafael NADAL / Stefanos TSITSIPAS vs Nick KYRGIOS / Jack SOCK

Source: Reuters


  1. Thank God Rafa FINALLY withdrew from playing matches. A wrist injury does NOT heal overnight! I am worried about him even practicing. But he still had an important role, was so supportive to the other players!

    Why did Kyrios drop out? Weird.

    Taylor Fritz though!!! Many kudos! Great temperament for the game as well as skills!

    • Weird, I agree. The Laver website cited a shoulder problem.

      About Rafa’s swollen hand, I hope after a thorough medical exam he or his team will give us an update.

  2. Wow! Rafa has loosened up, come alive and broken Raonic twice to capture the first set. He’s a totally different player now. Game on! Despite what we may think, it’s in Rafa’s DNA to fight on regardless. He shows us time and time again why he’s the ultimate warrior.

  3. Unfortunately Rafa decided to play and it looks ugly ! He can not find a rhythm and strains himself all the time !

    Suicide for nothing moves on !

    I could never believe that Rafa would do such a nonsense regarding his health !

    Is there someone to stop him before crushing his body ? …….

    • I don’t think it looks ugly… Rafa needed time to settle in… He’s got his Mojo now.. ..
      Relax… He’s not hurt…nor is he . “crushing his body.”

      VAMOS RAFA!!!

  4. Rafa is sweating heavily and struggling to hold his serve against Raonic, who is constantly on the attack. Our champ looks very tired, so i wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t play the doubles match.

  5. I’m not sure that anyone should be playing a singles match and a doubles match back-to-back. I know it’s only 2 sets plus a match tiebreak max, but it’s still a lot.

  6. Petchey did a courtside interview with Raonic just now, and when asking him about tonight’s match referrred to his opponent as “the Spaniard”. Obviously that describes both Rafa and RBA, but I thought it was an odd thing to say and suggests to me that it’s doubtful that Rafa plays. I think he won’t. Even if Rafa was fit, expecting him to play consecutive matches is a no for me.

    Rafa has fulfilled his publicity commitments and given his fans a lot of pleasure and fellow players so much help with his participation from the bench. Zverev said Rafa was the most supportive team member, he could always look across to Rafa in a difficult moment.

    • jas_uk, I agree with you but, for me, even one match is one too many. It is very likely that Rafa’s team tried to dissuade him from playing but he is the one who decides.

      While we have no explanation for the wrist bandage I find it troubling. If he is injured, he should not play. Nothing complicated about that. May he be well; that’s all I ask.

  7. A bandaged wrist is not a good sign. I hope this is not a recurrence of the injury he sustained in 2016 which caused Rafa to retire from the FO.

    I hope Rafa sticks to plan B: lending support to his team but not playing.

      • What do I think? I would hope you were not mocking fans who were worried about Rafa playing when you wrote “Lastly…everyone is so concerned about Rafa resting….Resting for what?”

        And to claim “He’s in great shape,” as if you conducted a medical exam is beyond comprehension.

        Longtime fans, many of RNF’s members, know how Rafa always pushes himself and that he is the last person to talk about injury. Yes, he said he wouldn’t play unless he was 100%, but he did. Am I calling him a liar? Absolutely not. My guess is that Rafa truly believed he could play a few matches at Laver and then go home and recuperate. Unfortunately, for him, he exacerbated whatever the problem was.

        For me, personally, being a Rafa fan entails more than being able to quote statistics. I think knowing this great and formidable athlete, as much as one can from a distance, not knowing him personally, is just as important. And that’s why many of us were worried about him resting.

        That’s what I think.

  8. I know everyone is concerned about Rafa’s health…so am I, however, Rafa has made it clear….if he is not 100% . (not 90, not 95… he needs to be 100%) if he is not …then he will not play and “there will be another” … meaning Agut…
    Rafa is not risking a wrist injury for this tournament… no way… And Bjorn is not risking Rafa’s health either…That’s rediculous…It’s Rafa’s call… . I agree with Luckystar, Bjorn needed to pencil in the evenings matches… Any player can be replaced because of injury…

    I was not surprised that Rafa agreed to play Laver this year as he stepped away last year because of Davis cup scheduling conflict…. His obligation to Roger and the team was made months before the US Open… However after his gruellng 5 set US Open win, I did wonder if he would beg off… everyone would have understood if he had… but he loves the team competition aspect as it’s so enjoyable for him as we’ve seen him so intense even from the sidelines…

    Now’s he faced with a decision that will be easy…. 100% well… or he’s out….
    My gut says he’s out… time will tell….

    Let’s see what today brings…

  9. I am in real awe watching Rafa sacrificing his body for a meaningless exhibition tournament !

    He should have never been there at all !

    Even Federer said that he could understand that Rafa needed a break after such a grueling US Open title !

    Why Rafa?

    Who do you want to help by sacrificing your body prior to meaningful tournaments and most of all AO 2020 ?

    Why does anyone of his team call him to stop this suicidal course ???

    Why ?

  10. On day one Team Europe lost one singles, won two singles on a razor’s edge. Come day two Rafa is tired from USOPEN, has a wrist strapped because obviously he is not entirely fit. Rafa may be risking his health in order to respect his engagement to the Laver cup. Why did team Europe captain Bjorg put Rafa to play back to back evening sessions on day two. The second match is even a doubles teamed with Tsitsipas where the two have no experience playing together against a very experienced Team World couple. Why is Bjorg risking Rafa’s health and gambling with a top player by placing him in a ‘mort annoncé’ match? Not only Bjorg does not respect Rafa’s health his choice will loose Team Europe two precious points. I do hope Rafa’s health does not suffer from Borg’s wrong choice.

    • Don’t think Rafa will play both matches; the captain has to put up the names of the players for the matches but they can replace any if the player is unwell.

      My guess is if Rafa is not well, Agut may take his place in the singles, and Tsitsipas and Thiem could then play the doubles.

      I like Team Europe’s chances in the singles, they may win all three or win two of them. I think they’ll lose the doubles, and so Sunday’s matches will be crucial and exciting.

  11. I hope that Rafa will be wise and not risk injury by playing . Much as I’d like to see him play , his health is the priority . Wonderful to watch the passionate support he gives to his team mates , plus the advice . He and Roger really get on well .
    Most entertaining yesterday . Hi team Europe . ☘️

    • Yeah, the two of them were like stern masters, telling Foggy to be positive, stopped thinking negative and wanted his opponent to take risk and not Foggy giving in to his opponent.

      I think their team mates are feeling pressurised out there playing when the two of them are watching! OTOH, I do believe their team mates would learn valuable lessons and benefit a lot from their coaching, I mean where else you get two champions with 39 grand slam titles combined, teaching or coaching you court side?

      I think their team mates will really benefit from their coaching, learning how the champions think, how they approach the match and how to make tactical changes during the match.

  12. Gosh i hope Rafa is OK. Dont want to see you injured Rafa , please take care and dont play if you are not fit.

  13. Vamos Rafa!!!!!!!!!
    I hope your wrist gets better. Gooooood Luuuuuuuuck!!!!!
    WinnnnnnnnnnnnnTeam Europe.

  14. I woke up at 3:50AM to cheer on Team Europe even though Rafa was not scheduled to play. I am glad I did. Team Europe did not disappoint, they have a 3 to 1 lead👏

    I missed most of the match between Stefanos and Taylor for my gym routine but was so happy to be able to catch the end. Stefanos won a close match just like Dominic!

    I think I had more fun watching the players supporting and cheering than the ones actually playing, especially Rafa, watching his reactions are priceless!

    Hope his wrist is ok🤞❤️

    Good luck to Team Europe on Saturday🍀

  15. Rafa good luck with your team vamossssssssss champ 💪🎾❤️😘💪🎾❤️😘🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾😘

    • Well I hope Rafa takes care of his wrist that is number 1. Borg wouldn’t put Rafa up to play unless Rafa thought he could play and play well with out hurting himself anymore. Borg has been there he knows he is as great a player as Rafa and Roger. I love the team Europe and I also love the fact that Borg is the Captain of Europe and McEnroe is Captain of team World it’s almost as if the two of them are competing again after all these years but as Captains ….so cool and yes Borg is then beating McEnroe again. I was really hoping to see Rafa and Roger play as a double team again but Rafa and Stefanos will be so cool. Looking forward to it all. Take care Rafa and well done as supporting your team their will learn well from you.
      your fan forever

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