Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer: Who is the better coach?

Rafael Nadal defeated Milos Raonic in his first match since his US Open triumph to hand Europe a 7-3 lead after the singles ties on the second day of the Laver Cup in Geneva on Saturday. He overcame Canada’s Raonic 6-3, 7-6 (7/1) after Roger Federer edged out Nick Kyrgios in a super tie-break, leaving Europe well positioned for a third victory in as many editions over Team World.

Our champ was asked who was the better coach between him and Federer and he joked:

Oh yeah, I’m much better.

No, I think it is a great thing that everybody helps each other. And it is a great team spirit. That is why we were able to achieve the previous two Laver Cups.

Remains a lot of work to do so we need to be together. We need to help each other and we have a great coaches in Bjorn and Thomas. And the rest of the team is supporting.

Highlights: Nadal vs Raonic

OMG. This is pure gold!


  1. Wow Rafa got the attention of the entire team and they all had a good laugh😂
    Thanks for the video🙏 I enjoyed it, so funny!

  2. I envy all of you guys. Laver Cup is not aired in the country I live in. However I am happy to read and see all the photos, the camaraderie and the unity of the tennis greats of today and the upcoming ones for the future to achieve a single goal. And doing so with great passion yet keeping sportsmanship all around. This is the essence of true sports, to unite rather than divide, in tackling a desired result. Our world leaders can take a leaf from our sporting youth to achieve world peace.

  3. Roger’s unabashed praises for Rafa’s tennis acumen:

    “What I really enjoy with Rafa, our ideas often align. When it comes to rally points, he is excellent.

    “He knows how much is enough and how much is too much. And he’s a great problem, solution finder.

    “I found it quite impressive in the doubles when I played with him, how he is constantly looking for a new way to win or stay on a certain track if he feels that it’s winning.

    “So that is the true reason why he is the champion he is today. Because he is not scared of changing a winning tactic and he is also a big believer in resting and I do similar things.

    “So it is very enjoyable to hear him speak especially during the game.”

  4. All the best good luck tomorrow is going too be a long day vamossssssssss champ ❤️🎾😘💪👍😘

  5. Coach Roger credits coach Rafa with helping him win against Kyrgios. Perhaps in the distant future we will have a Super Coach Rafa.


  6. Big day tomorrow… Schedule is up…

    First up – Rafa/Roger vs . Isner /Sock . Doubles

    Next… Rafa vs Nick Kyrgios . Singles .

    Next . Roger vs . Isner Singles

    Last – Zverev vs Raonic .

    Rafa plays back to back again…. Somehow I think he likes that….

    The boys better get some rest tonight!!! They’re going to need it!

  7. Petchey speaks for all of us when he thanks Rafa for coming. And it turned out OK I think! A good win for Rafa over Milos and he and Stefanos well in the doubles even though they didn’t win. The changeover when Rafa had to question Stef’s hand signals was hilarious, lovely to see Rafa laughing on court – moments like that are what makes this event so enjoyable. I hope we see Rafa play again tomorrow, but I’d totally understand if he’s too tired.

    • Fedal is the strongest doubles pairing Team Europe has so they save them for the last day. You can only use a doubles pairing once. I suspect Rafa only played dubs today because he hasn’t played dubs in a couple of years & wanted the practice. They’re going to have their work cut out for them if Isner serves well. Isner/Sock is a much stronger pair than Querrey/Sock who they played in 2017.

      • Every day there is a doubles pairing but the same doubles combination cannot be played more than once, UNLESS for the Decider on day 3 if points are 12:12.

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