Twitter Reacts To Rafael Nadal’s Fourth US Open Title

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the thrilling US Open men’s singles final and Rafael Nadal’s fourth title in New York City.



  1. Congrats Rafa the Goat on US Open win and to Daniil for great fight. All Rafa haters remember federer was beaten by a player rank in the 25th so stop talking that he never play a top player in final. You are just trying to maintain supreme imperialism

  2. Rafa me Quito el sombrero Por lo maravichoso que jugaste en el Final del USOpen porque eres un LEON en verdad. Congratulations en Tu 19 Grand Slams del 2019. Te admiro muchisimo y Tu humildad es impecable. Te deseo mucha felicidad en Tu boda y que todo te vaya bien. Medvedev va a ganar en el futuro porque es un buen jugador. Los bendigos a todos. Me tenias cambiando el chanel del susto en el 4th set. Pero se que ivas a ganar. Cuidate y que Dios los Bendiga. Tu Fan Numero 1

  3. Well, what do you know… The ATP rankings are up….

    Novak…. Someone named Rafa is knocking on your door for the number 1 spot….
    Roger….. Someone named Rafa is knocking on your door for a tie for #20 in most Grand Slams…

    1. Novak Djokovic – 9,865 pts
    2. Rafael Nadal – 9,225 pts
    3 Roger Federer – 7,130 pts
    4. Daniil Medvedev – 5,235 pts

    Our boy is not done yet…

    Get some rest, stay healthy and enjoy this amazing victory, With the wedding coming up who knows when he will play competitively again… But that will come….

    I just love that he’s inching closer to number 1 and that it must be driving Novak crazy and Roger’s Grand
    Slam record needs to be tied, and then broken….

    And Rafa is just the guy to do it!! 🙂

    All in due time…..

  4. Congratulations to Rafa for winning his 19th grand slam👏👏👏

    It seems like he will skip Beijing and Shanghai which is understandable. Looking forward to watch him at the Laver Cup🤗

    A well deserved break for Rafa and all his fans❤️

  5. Congratulations, Rafa! What an incredible gift you have given the tennis world and beyond! You are a true champion in every sense of the word . . . an inspiration and role model for ALL!!!
    VAMOS RAFA!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Diego Schwartzman got it sooooo right! Rafa is like a lion in the jungle. He will hunt you down til the very last scintillating point. My stomach couldn’t stop turning at every point and plot twist. Medvedev, you have a new fan. I congratulate you as well for challenging Rafa with such zest and belief. You will definitely be back in another final. But Rafa, the night and prize belongs to you. You were so fierce and relentless as usual. That fifth set left me so breathless. My bottle of wine was my oxygen. Hitting #4 at the US Open is so special and so are you. You break every ceiling with each victory. You are “Legend” and my hero! Many heartfelt wishes and congratulations. You have such an awesome team and family. Also loved watching your fiance rooting for you.
    You are simply the best!

    • Oh Diane, your wine and my whiskey! I had to turn the match off for large stretches; I have never been a fan of horror films and that’s what it felt like XD Other fans have steelier nerves than me, blimey.

      I watched the match again once I peeped at the score and saw Rafa had broken halfway through the 5th. I couldn’t understand how he’d done it, and from then on it was still sickeningly difficult, but I felt Rafa had shown himself that he had what it took to close it out. Just. JUST. When he won I literally dropped to the ground and screamed and woke up everyone in my house XD

      I am also pleased to find someone I can root for in Medvedev. He’s a lot of fun on court, and by all accounts a very down-to-earth and helpful guy off court. There is no such thing as a successor to Rafa in my heart, but there are a few new players who I’m excited to follow and cheer for now.

      • Hi Alex,

        Yes, We survived! Thanks to Rafa;’s prowess, relentless spirit and of course, our alcohol! I have been captivated by Rafa since he was a teen-ager making his presence known in his knee-length pants and tank tops. He was great then, and he keeps getting better with age, like fine wine! Watching Medvedev go toe to toe with Rafa, in his 1st final and winning was also breath-taking. He is definitely a contender and a very sweet and funny guy. But whoa, was I relieved when Medvedev’s shot went long and Rafa hit the ground in celebration. That was a fight until the bitter end. What a cliffhanger match. Sooooo happy Rafa prevailed. He Is King! Take care.

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