Rafael Nadal beats Daniil Medvedev in US Open final – Highlights, Interview [Video]

Rafael Nadal takes his 4th title of the year beating Daniil Medvedev in the US Open final.




    Our CHAMPION Rafa has won FOUR US Open titles this DECADE. FOUR hard court GRAND SLAMS for our “can’t play hard court” Champion according to pundits and deniers.
    More than ANYONE this DECADE.

    Tally of US Open wins this DECADE:

    Rafa – 4

    Nole – 3

    Andy – 1
    Cilic – 1
    Stan – 1

    So many sports writers feel compelled to point out that Rafa’s dominance is due to his prowess on clay. Rafa has shown time and again that he can play all surfaces, yes, some better than others. BUT NEVER CALL HIM “ONE DIMENSIONAL” you scoundrels!!!

    I am thrilled about this PHENOMENAL win.


  3. Well don Rafa congratulations again go and celebrate with your family have a big party 🎉 🎊🎈🎉🍾🍸🥂🍷🎊🎈🎉🥂🍸🍾🎂❤️😘😘❤️🎊🎈🎉🥂🍸🍾🍷🥂🎉🎈🎊🍾🍸🥂❤️😘🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. According to the ATP News, Rafa is scheduled to play at the Shanghai Masters, while Djokovic is to make his debut at the 500 Tokyo event ahead of Shanghai.

    I was hoping that Rafa would take a break from competition after his grueling US Open triumph. The above information was released yesterday so there is the possibility that Rafa will pull out of Shanghai.

    I WANT A HEALTHY RAFA. He has had an AMAZING season this year, despite his injuries. But no matter what, Rafa loves the game. I hope his love of competition prods him to rest long enough to recover fully from all his epic wins this season thus far.


    • Diario de Mallorca is reporting today that Rafa will not play Shanghai. If my Spanish translation is accurate his next tournament will be the year end finals. He is already back home after taking a private flight and has placed his trophy in his Academy accompanied by his papa.

      • RR, thanks so much. I was hoping he would skip the Asian swing. Only just now saw your response.

        He has been working so very hard. I used to think a week or two would be sufficient for his body to recuperate but after reading so much I found it could take longer, especially at his [tennis] age. Reducing his chances of injury and staying healthy seems to be his priority now, even though he would “love to play everything” as Carlos has stated.


  5. After Rafa won the first two sets, I just knew he would win in three SS’s though I thought it would be a tight third set.

    When Rafa lost the third set I said OK; he will close it in four.

    To my horror, Daniil won the fourth. I went downhill from there. All I could think of were Rafa’s knees. Had Rafa retired in the fourth or fifth, I would not have castigated him. I certainly would have been broken-hearted for him but I would have been fine with that choice.

    Despite missed shots, bad shots, time penalty, fans shouting “Medvedev” in the third and fourth rounds, Rafa showed his mettle again and again.

    Rafa brought joy, agony, and ecstasy all in five hours. NO ONE ELSE CAN DO THAT.

    I never need to be reminded why I became a fan so very long ago.

    Like I posted earlier, the numbers don’t lie: 4+19=23👏🏆👍🤗🎾


  6. I had to turn off the tv when Rafa lost the third set. Congratulations to Rafa and to all fans who stood by his side during all the match. Unbelievable how you can handle the stress and tension. Besides – Rafa made me start playing tennis in the age of 53. Best thing i have done for years.
    He truely is a great embassador of tennis and he is setting such a good example in all aspects of life

  7. So happy for him. The match was really „crazy“but at the end we are celebrating #19.

    Vamos Rafa <3

  8. Thank you Lord 🙏 our champ our love made it again 💪… Congratulations and thank you for your great tennis 😍🤩🇵🇭…


  9. “…I want to wake up in a city that doesn’t sleep-king of the hill, top of the heap….”🗽New York and all of your fans congratulate you on a hard fought victory🏆when your shot eluded you, you just kept solving and fighting and we are so proud!👍congratulations and thank you and Daniil🙏 for a fabulous final. Stressful just watching-cannot imagine how you fought on so inexorably. That is why you are campeon, Rafael Nadal👏💪🤛🔥🎾❤️

    • ENHORABUENA!!!! Feliz estoy d tú victoria m imagino como estarás tú.. No t digo nada más xq no hay palabras para expresar lo k vale lo q hiciste y luchaste en el partido… ADELANTE y SIEMPRE CONTIGO… VAMOS SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

      • What a match! I also had to turn off the tv because it was too much during the third set. By far this championship match was one of the most exciting, nerve racking of all times.
        I kept repeating a mantre, Rafa you are the king, the master, you will triumph. As he suffered we the watchers at home in the US, the spectatators in Queens and all around the world suffered( less than Rafa)
        You are truly a great sports figure all around. God bless you.

  10. So very happy for Rafa, his team and his family! Vamos Champion!

    Thanks to those responsible for getting the results and highlights up so quickly!!

    • Ramara,

      It was a tense match, so glad it went Rafa’s way! Rafa is happy and we are happy!!😁

      Yes, good job 👍 Thank you🙏

      • ENHORABUENA!!!! estoy feliz con tú victoria m imagino como estarás tú.. No hay palabras para expresar lo q hiciste y luchaste en el partido.. ADELANTE Y SIEMPRE CONTIGO… VAMOSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  11. Final game. 30-40 down on his serve.

    First serve netted. The match on his second serve.

    Somewhere, in a parallel universe, Rafa nets his second serve.


    Final game. 30-40 down on his serve.

    First serve netted. Second serve in.

    Somewhere, in another parallel universe, Rafa puts the final forehand to the corner long.


    Final game. 30-40 down on his serve.

    First serve netted. Second serve in. Rafa makes every shot of the rally and puts the final forehand right where he needs it.

    This our reality. This is our universe. In this realm, Rafael Nadal is transcendent.

    We will carve his name in stone, and thousands of years from now people will read the stories, and laugh, and say “didn’t they have a great imagination?”

  12. Well then. That nearly killed me. But here we are! Insane match.. Kudos to Med. But it’s Rafa all the way!
    Enhorabuena Rafa eres un campeonazo ahora y para siempre.. Te queremos muchisimo!

    • Thank you Lord 🙏 our champ our love made it again 💪… Congratulations and thank you for your great tennis 😍🤩🇵🇭…


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