VIDEO: Rafael Nadal Talks Wedding Planning

Rafael Nadal is excited for his upcoming wedding to fiancee Maria Francisca Perello, but our champ has confessed he is not involved so much in the planning of their big day.


  1. Hello Rafa. Extremely happy for you n Maria. God bless the two of you.
    Love you always dear Rafa. 💙💖💖💖💖💖💖💟💜💛💚❤💐💐💐

  2. Electric! So entertaining. Well done Rafa. You were great. Hats off to Marin for giving it all he had. It’s 3.15am in the morning here in England and i’m off to bed folks. Over and out.

    • Sweet dreams, Lorna!

      Congratulations Rafa!!! What a magnificent shot at the end👏👏👏 Standing ovation from his entire team, family and Tiger👍

      Good luck in the quarterfinals against your good friend, Diego🍀 Vamos💪❤️

    • Fantastic match! 1 hour behind you Lorna. Dragging myself to bed now.

      Sweet dreams of US Open glory:) 🙂

      That penultimate point though! Amazing!

  3. Wake up Rafa, increase your level or it’s home time champ! You got more work to do at this US Open!!!

    It’s a 3 set match now… get it done in 2 Rafa!!!

  4. Hahaha Alexander Zverev can’t catch a break:) Poor guy. But his time will come. Diego played brilliantly for the win, happy for him.

    Meanwhile Rafa looking good out there against Cilic.

    Maintain that intensity Rafa and grind out the win. Stay focused champ!

  5. Novak isn’t on my list of favourite players, but I think it’s disgraceful how the crowd booed him off court when he had to retire against Stan. Ok you pay your money in the hope of watching a full action packed match, but what is the guy supposed to do if he has a shoulder injury? Many in the crowd wouldn’t have known that Novak had an MRI scan, but even so, their reaction was unacceptable.

    Athletes in this position have to weigh up whether to retire or continue with a match and risk long term damage. As Rafa fans, we’ve been there so many times when our champ’s been injured and had to retire from a match or is even unable to start. He knows only too well what it’s like to be booed whilst playing injured, as demonstrated at the 2014 Aussie Open final against Stan.

    The commentators recently said how much Novak was loved in the US, but that certainly wasn’t the case as he walked off the court. I think that Novak might reconsider his on court celebration after a victory.

    I’m praying that Rafa continues to be injury free and lifts the trophy on Sunday.

    • Rafa said last year that the Ashe roof is high enough that it doesn’t bother him. Let’s hope it doesn’t help Cilic!

    • Lorna… You hit the nail on the head…. I was going to write about the crowd reaction to Novak’s retirement but
      you have said it all… I too thought it was deplorable. I get it that the fans wanted this match to continue but with 4 medical time outs his last match . (or 2 matches ago) I figured on his off day, he would be with the top Ortho Drs. in NY to make sure he’s ok and seek some sort of treatment…In addition, to hear him speak about this left shoulder problem that he’s been having for weeks, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to know that there was a very real possibility that Novak might not make it through each match… He just wanted so much to try so I think for him it was 1 match at a time… He never really gets the love…not like our boy or Roger… and yesterday was a rude display by the crowd at Ashe…

      As for Rafa…. Come on Lorna…think positive 🙂 He’s coming out tonight in all Black which he loves to wear with his “happy color” lilac headband….
      Marin… he’s not back yet…. Isner should have beat him…

      Rafa’s got this!!!

      • I just love seeng Rafa in his all black gear. There’s something sharp and business-like about the look.

    • It has stopped raining at the tennis center and Rafa is outside on the practice court right now….
      Glad he’s able to loosen up… and yes , love the black…

      VAMOS RAFA!!

  6. I’m heading to Flushing Meadows for my fourth time to see Rafa’s night match against Cilic. But it’s raining all day in New York today… The roof will definitely be closed. 🙁

    • Oh dear the dreaded rain! I haven’t tuned into any info about today’s play yet. I hope the rain stops and the roof is opened for Rafa’s match.

      • Wishful thinking…. Rafa is first up this evening and the rain is expected to go on all day into early evening… We’d
        need a miracle for sure … 🙂 . Luckily there is a roof… The only thing about Ashe is it’s the largest stadium in the world with a 23,000 seat capacity…and when the roof is closed, it gets loud… People don’t quiet down to
        a “pin drop” type of atmosphere and the noise has nowhere to go….The umpires rarely ask for quiet so I’m thinking that maybe down on the court the players don’t hear it as much as first or second level up….

        In any case…. Rafa will be ready tonight…. He’s playing great tennis… He’s very relaxed as seen his last interview…. He’s ready!!!!

        VAMOS RAFA!!!

      • I see what you mean Marileena. Just seen the torrential rain on tv. Looks like it’s indoors all the way.

      • It looks like we’ve gotten lucky… The rain is over for the rest of the night, and the sun is out and shining. The air is fresh with that just-rained smell 🙂

  7. First and foremost on my mind is, after the announcement of Rafa’s wedding, Rafa’s concern about security matters. There will be VERY high profile individuals who will undoubtedly attend his nuptials and reception. I think he has chosen the perfect location.

    All the best to Rafa and Mary.

  8. I’m waiting for my Pulitzer Prize for reporting on RNF that Djokovic may indeed be injured. By now you all probably know he retired. I’ve been offline for a while sooo Wawrinka is still in the mix.


    • Margo. Yes, you called it right, although it was clear to see that Novak was in a lot of pain during his match against Londero. Are you competing with Maria Snake Island for the PP? You know how she loves to report her hunches and make predictions 😀😀😀.

      • Lorna, 😂 Yes, I took it as a joke

        I may start a GoFundMe for a new crystal ball for her. Wanna donate?😂😂

        Djokovic has been in trouble since Cincy but I thought he would cut off his arm rather than retire at the US Open, that’s how badly he wanted the title. I guess he couldn’t take the pain. I remember him saying he had been playing too much regarding his elbow injury. Maybe he should cut down on the number of Slams he plays🤔

        Not glad he’s injured but this may make it easier for Rafa’s #19. BUT, though I like Stan, I don’t want him adding this Slam to his other titles. He’s playing really well.

        I felt confident Rafa would beat Cilic but didn’t expect him to win a set.


  9. It was clear that Rafael wishes the nuptials to be as private as possible as he did not elaborate.
    The best to the two of them. Respect his wishes. They seem to be a great couple.❤️

  10. Rafa’s shyness is so endearing. He’s excited about the wedding, but has his focus on the job in hand, which is the US Open- very wise. Get that title, Rafa, then relax and enjoy a wonderful wedding day.

  11. Rafa & Xisca
    Long Life and everlasting Happiness to you both on the Solemn occasion of your forthcoming wedding on 19th. October 2019.
    Love from a fan in Ireland 🇪🇦☘🇪🇦☘

  12. That’s a nice interview and I’m glad the presenters didn’t try to push Rafa for more details. I hope he and Mery and all their family and friends have a wonderful day, whenever and wherever it is!

  13. I´d like to wish the couple to be just One formed of two People, Many Happy moments together, don´t forget to get a new Small Tennis Champion, from The Canaries for Mary & You Rafa Congratulation in advance, C. Javier

  14. I just watched the entire interview on TV short time ago and this was the best part of it👍🙏
    All the best to a lovely couple, Rafa and Mery❤️❤️

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