This Video Of Rafael Nadal Rescuing A Fan From Being Squashed By Autograph Hunters Is Making People Love Him Even More

While signing some autographs for young fans, Rafael Nadal spotted a young boy in distress and picked him up from the crowd to comfort him.


  1. I nearly got squashed against the barrier a few years back in Madrid…also in a crowd waiting for Rafa..and I’m an adult! It was quite scary and definitely no place for a small child- way too risky!

  2. 🙏Thank you, Rafael Nadal, for your kindness. I have witnessed your patience and generosity towards fans, signing autographs for every single person after a practice session. No one else did this. The funniest thing was my husband got the autograph-he happened to be wearing a Fed shirt. Rafa laughed and signed😍 Inspiring moments from a genuine person. Med and NK cannot become
    the faces of tennis- fans should not endorse their behaviour. They are men, not children, becoming wealthy while disrespecting the sport. Nobody to admire. Rafa has always said that tennis is a sport, and, in perspective, not the most important issue in life. 🗽kudos to an inspiring person❤️

  3. Rafa has added another title to his resumé: hero.

    “@RafaelNadal that was my son you saved. He already idolizes you. Now you’re his hero too! Thank you! Best of luck at the US Open!”
    [SOURCE: Twitter @jsouyang]

    Rafa won’t disappoint this little boy. He has to win.


  4. Rafa is a human beyond..
    Fabulous on the court, fabulous off the court. He has that xtra special everything.
    What a joy!! Good luck with your next match, go all the way!!! Vamos!!!!

  5. All kinds of bad things seem to have gone on in the tennis world last night – racquet throwing, bird flipping, booing, arguments at practice. And Kyrgios wasn’t even playing.

    Meanwhile, Rafa is gently drying the tears of a little boy he had saved from being crushed in the crowd. It’s not the first time he’s done this either.

    Good luck tonight Rafa, I hope you are rewarded with a win. Vamos!!!!

    • Jas… You have gotten me to smile this morning as I read “and Kyrgios wasn’t even playing”… very cute…

      Yesterday was a weird day at the Open … Watching Medvedev throw his towel, mouth off at the umpire… get a violation as he listens to the boo’s of the crowd and in retaliation flips the bird to the all the spectators..and it gets caught by a camera and goes on the jumbotron…. and the people see this and there boo him so loudly the building shook…. And I’m like is this guy out of his mind? Horrible behavior from a 21 yr old kid who is on the journey of a lifetime and obviously has issues…. yikes!

      Rafa… sweetheart that he is shows his love for kids … So obvious what a wonderful father he will be…

      Today is Rafa’s day… He will do terrific… His practices are solid… He’s focused and ready….

      VAMOS RAFA!!!

      • WOW… Bad form from Medvedev. I guess Rafa will have to put him in his place and teach him another lesson:)

        “Khachanov lost??” HAHA I still can’t get that out of my head. You know Rafa respects his game if he was surprised by his loss:)

        Looking forward to the match tonight!! Get it done quick Rafa!

      • ❤️ “So obvious what a wonderful father he will be”. Absolutely right, Marileena!

        Good luck and Vamos Rafa!!

  6. So sweet of Rafa; he’s trying to calm the boy and made him felt better. Poor boy, kept crying after being squashed by the other older kids.

    Rafa has a good heart, will always lend his helping hands seeing people especially kids in distress.

    Yeah that’s why we his fans love him so much, such a lovely human being.

  7. That is our Rafa what a nice person he is very kind and careing he is. This is one reason of many we love this guy
    Continued good luck to him at the USO.

  8. Rafa I don’t know what to say but your actions were amazing and my goodness what a super hero you are. What a wonderful dad you will make. We love you even more!

    With love and best wishes,

  9. Teaching children good values from a young age is so important. I see not one of the bigger/older children trying to protect that little boy. And he was crying. What a mess. I’m just happy Rafa was there to help.


    • That’s a good point Margo, they were all just out for themselves. I’ve seen people blaming event organisers for this sort of situation, but I’m not sure parents should let kids so small go into that crowd on their own. Just imho, and as you say, glad Rafa was there to rescue him – a lot of players don’t stop to greet fans.

      • jas_uk I was thinking the same thing about leaving such a small guy to fend for himself. But my guess is that he was there early because he was right in front of the group when Rafa spotted him. His parents may have thought what could possibly go wrong with him at the very front. I hope they learned from this. Such a precious little guy.

        Yeh…I read about that finger business from Medvedev and was surprised. The practice argument was not surprising. When is he going to learn?


      • Poor little kid… I don’t think it was the responsibility of the older kids to fend for this little guy… They probably didn’t even know he was crying he’s so small… And I don’t get people blaming the event organizers either… What did they do?

        At the end of the day, I agree, his parents made an terrible decision to leave him up there alone…. He couldn’t have been any more than 4 years old surrounded by tons of kids twice his size and age.. I’m glad he didn’t get hurt but he certainly got scared! Breaks my heat…

        So glad Rafa saw him and calmed him down….

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