US Open R3: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Hyeon Chung in New York City?

World No. 2 Rafael Nadal continues his US Open campaign on Saturday as he takes on South Korean young gun Hyeon Chung in the third round. The 23-year-old saved a match point in a massive 1-6, 2-6, 7-5, 6-3, 7-6(4) comeback over Fernando Verdasco.

Date: August 31, 2019

Match time: Around 2 PM EDT –  New York, Montreal / 7 PM BST – United Kingdom / 8 PM CEST – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / 4 AM AEST – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Rafa and Hyeon have played each other twice in the past. Our champ has won on both occasions.

The most recent match between these two players was in 2017 at the Paris Masters where Rafa won in straight sets. Chung Hyeon is yet to win a set against Rafa.

The South Korean spent a minute under seven hours on court in his first two rounds, proving he’s fully recovered from the back injury that sidelined him for five months this season.

Good luck and Vamos Rafa!



    During an autograph session in the children’s section Rafa spotted a very small child in distress. The very young boy [5 or 6-years-old?] was crying and being squished among the much older and taller children in the front row. Rafa was having none of that. He picked up the boy and placed him next to himself on the opposite side of the partition and started to console the crying child. Between sobs the youngster told Rafa “I love you.” Rafa autographed the child’s cap and then handed him over to a tourney employee to find mom. A really touching scene. Sooo sweet.
    [SOURCE: @usopen]


    • I have seen him on tv do this many times. Do you remember the Mom who lost her child in the stands. He stopped the match until they were reunited.If I ever meet him I would want an autograph so much but I would stay back because I know what it means to a child.

      • Yes, I remember that incident.

        This incident happened in the children’s fan’s section, no adults, that’s why he was alone being squished among the bigger children.


  2. OMG

    29YO world No. 7 Kei Nishikori lost his third round match to 20yo Alex de Minaur, world No. 38, in four sets.

    Where is the respect for the older generation 🙄 /s

    • HAHAHA No respect! It’s a dog eat dog world out there these days:)

      Looking forward to Rafa vs Chung tonight… we don’t need no drama Rafa. Send him packing!

      Good day everyone.

      • Mac, you’ve got that right.

        A while back, I believe you posted you were on your way to Africa [for your job] during a tournament Rafa was playing. I’ve been meaning to ask you if you know anything about the unrest in Cape Town where Rafa is scheduled to hold an exhibition match against Roger in 2020? I have no doubt that his, along with Bill Gates’, Roger’s and Noah’s safety will be a top priority but I always worry when he has to travel outside of Europe. Thanks

  3. “D” plays the injured card ,as do others. If he were really injured. , he would leave the court as does Rafa. I think that Rafa loosens his grip when that happens ; his heart softens a bit . I think that he is aware of the tactic and gets on with winning after he feels it in the game. Tough young opponent this time. He can have funwith this. Vamos!!!

    • To retire or withdraw from a tennis tournament due to injury would be normal for non-professionals such as fans. But many tennis professionals play even when injured, until it is physically impossible. We all know that injured tennis professionals continue to play for various reasons: commitment to a play a tournament, retain or improve ranking, love of the game, etc.

      Djokovic let it be known that he intends to surpass Roger. He was suffering from elbow problems before he finally decided to have surgery. Could he be faking his shoulder and/or elbow problems, sure. But he could also be injured and he feels he has to keep winning no matter what the cost in order to attain his objective; winning the most Slams ever in men’s singles.

      The problem that I see arising from playing while injured is that the healing process takes a lot longer, especially as one ages.

      I say play on Djokovic, if he can. He needs to go through Rafa to catch Roger but Rafa will have no mercy on him.

    • I wouldn’t sweat it. Troll or not, if that is who it is, she doesn’t show up to spew venomous comments toward Rafa fans or accuse Rafa fans of not being Rafa fans, or talk about Rafa’s toes, or disrespect other players, use offensive language, and make unsubstantiated accusations. Those two need their fingers taped together or their parents’ should monitor their internet usage.

      To be honest, I think she is just having fun [in her mind] to see whose feathers she can ruffle.

      I am quite comfortable in setting her straight because she knows where my loyalty lies. If and when she gets nasty, or just plain ridiculous, I will just ignore her comments.

    • Dear Khawartaimoor,


      But, as always, we’d see……..

      • Maria, DON’T FORGET DJOKOVIC IS PLAYING INJURED, unless he’s telling a lie. Needed medical treatment during his 2nd round. Left shoulder. Previously he cited his elbow. Who knows what’s going on with him.

        If the injury claim is true, how far he can go in the USO is dependent on how severe the pain is ABD how well he can handle it.

        Which Maria are you anyhows??? Snake Island? Crystal Ball? What mischief are you up to now????

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