PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal beats Daniil Medvedev to defend Rogers Cup title

Rafael Nadal breezed to his fifth Rogers Cup title with a 6-3, 6-0 victory over Russian Daniil Medvedev in Sunday’s final in Montreal, giving Rafa his third ATP title of the year and 83rd of his career. This is the first time in his career that our champ has defended a non-clay-court title.

The World No. 2 has dropped only one set in his five finals (2005 vs Andre Agassi, 6-3, 4-6, 6-2) at this event.

It was Rafa’s 35th career ATP World Tour Masters 1000 crown. His fifth title makes the Canadian Masters 1000 event his most successful hard-court tournament.


He was playing very well during the whole week. So for me, it was important in the beginning that he doesn’t take advantage, because finals are always a little bit more difficult for everyone. I’ve played a lot of these. I know beginnings can be tricky, especially against a great player like him but especially when a player like him is playing with a lot of confidence like he was playing during the whole week.

I think I played a very solid match, my best match of the week.

According to ATP, Rafa is in pole position to finish as year-end No. 1 as well. He will move to first place in the ATP Race To London on Monday.

Congratulations, Rafa!

Source: ATP Tour


  1. He sent Daniel off with tail between his legs..just what he deserved after bragging he’d take Rafa in 2 & whitewash him…

  2. Congratulations to Rafa, 35th Masters title, third trophy of the year, and most importantly, he defended a hard court title for the first time in his career!👍👏💪😝❤️

    I normally book my tennis trip to cheer on Rafa at least a few months ahead. I already booked Australian Open 2020 back in May. I am overjoyed I booked my trip for the Rogers Cup just about a week ahead, such a wonderful decision.😉 Thank you so much to Rafa for another memorable trip!🙏😘

    • My pleasure to make a donation to charity in your honor Rafa😁 thank you🙏
      Looking forward to see you win more big titles! Good luck🍀 Vamos Rafa💪❤️

  3. RAFA’S CUP!

    Congrats to Rafa on his third title of the season and in defense of his HARD COURT title.

    Medvedev said you never want to lose in two sets. He not only lost in two but was bagled in the second. He is undoubtedly in shock. Maybe next time he will think before speaking.


    • Yeah, i agree with you, Margo.

      His statement was rather ”Super Salty” apologies to NK.

      Indeed pride comes before fall.

      But, as always, we’d see…….cheers

      • LOL
        Where have you been ensconced? Hhhmmmm

        I think he was over confident the more I read his various comments regarding the big three.

        Happy that Rafa won but there will be those who will say Rafa won because he didn’t face any real challengers just as Rafa fans say either Fed or Nole won a tournament because they didn’t face any real challengers. Any thoughts on that?

        I am thrilled that Rafa is healthy and hope he will win the US Open. The winner will receive a whopping USD 3.8MM, a dazzling amount and extra incentive for many players.


      • Ha ha ha, how many times we hear those words, telling and warning Rafa to be careful, when he’s about to play a young gun?!!

        When Rafa was about to play De Minaur last year at Wimbledon, Kyrgios warned that De Minaur would give Rafa plenty of problems, and, Rafa sent De Minaur packing sooner than expected!

        Both Tsitsipas and Tiafoe were sent packing in straight sets in a hurry by Rafa at the AO this year, they didn’t even know what hit them!

        Kyrgios as always, would big up Rafa’s opponent only to be embarrassed when Rafa proved him wrong time and again!

        Tiafoe of all people warned Rafa about Medvedev, when he himself had already tasted what it was like suffering a humbling defeat at the hands of Rafa!

        I can forgive Medvedev for being overconfident, given that he had not played against Rafa before, and he thought he himself was playing so well thus he’s so full of confidence. What a humbling experience and a wake up call for him, that he’s still some distance away from the big three, and esp from Rafa.

        Medvedev did push Fed to go the distance in one of their encounters, took a set off Djoko at the AO this year, and had beaten Djoko at MC this year, so he thought he’s ready to face Rafa. However, nothing could prepare him for Rafa’s topspin FH, intensity, relentless defence and offence, and Rafa’s prowess even in windy conditions.

        Rafa’s style is unorthodox, no one could teach you how to play like Rafa, so no one could prepare you on how to face him on the tennis court. Even Fed and Djoko have to face Rafa many times to learn how to deal with him!

        Rafa was 6-1 vs Fed, from 2004 Miami, their first encounter which Rafa won, to FO2006, their first seven meetings. Rafa almost made it 7-0, when he nearly beat Fed in that Miami 2005 final.

        Against Djoko, he’s 5-2 in their first seven meetings, from FO2006 to Canada Masters 2007, with Djoko winning two of their three HC encounters (2-2 on HCs in 2007 if we include their YEC match which Rafa won).

    • I have just said in my last message Enhorabuena to Rafa 😃👑😆 and thanks for thèse lovely photos , you can read . Yes, Medvedev I saw playing in Monte Carlo and some of his comments he seems à bit conceited , I prefer Kachenov , thé other Russian.☺ Fiona in Paris

  4. Rafa, you made my day! Excellent match! This is your time to win it all…so good luck
    in the US open!

  5. WOW. Rafa would never gloat but I will. So glad to see these cocky next gen guys be taken to the woodshed by Rafa. Kyrgios predicted Medvedev would win, and then you have guys like Medvedev himself and Tiafoe telling Rafa he’d better watch out. Ha! He’s still the King and they’re not nearly ready to usurp his throne. Bravo Matador. Enjoy next week wherever you go.

  6. Wow, go Rafa! I really thought it would be closer, but very happy to be wrong. Rafa was calm, confident, played his game, didn’t let the opponent play his and bagelled the form player of the week. The serve and the angles got him! Congratulations to Rafa and his team, very well played. Daniil said at the net it was an honour to play with Rafa, I like his respectfulness. So happy that Rafa has that lovely trophy again!!


    • You played a real Raga game today.Glad to see you dig in and not give a inch. Good preparation for whatever you decide to do in the coming weeks. A big congrats,man!!!

  8. Wow! What a great week, Rafa! What a way for you to start your hard court season. Winning Big in Montreal.
    So happy for you and your team! Your focus is so unflappable. Just amazing results, Champ!

  9. Fierce on court and so humble, warm and engaging off it. That’s why our champ is loved the world round.
    Victory is yours, Rafa.. Relax and enjoy the moment.

  10. Well done Rafa! He plays so well in the wind with all his varieties and Medvedev simply has no answers!

    Still, a good week for Medvedev, his first Masters final, too bad he bumped into Rafa for the first time and in a Masters final.

    So glad Rafa defends his HC title and so no more of not defending any title off clay!

    I’m just so happy for Rafa, after what he had gone through earlier on during the clay season. He has three titles now this season so far, more to come I’m sure! Vamos Rafa!

  11. Bravo Rafa!!! Just beautiful tennis… in total control from our boy….

    Congrats Rafa….. So very proud of you!!

    15 Days and counting….

  12. Rafa congratulations in your win well don champ we love you ,💪🎾❤️😘💪🎾❤️😘🌎🇺🇸🎾❤️🇺🇸

  13. Super!!! Bravo Rafa! Keep it up and continue for the rest of the season!

    Love you!


  14. Well done champ. Great week and a well deserved win.

    Please take rest and don’t play Cincinnati. Take care of yourself and your body/knees…New York is coming😉

    Enjoy the moment with your team. Always with you. Vamos Rafa <3

    • FELICITACIONES!!! Brutalmente bien jugado… Buen comienzo en pista dura…cada dia veo mejor a ti y tu tenis… SIEMPRE CON TIGO..

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