Rafael Nadal joins ATP Player Council

Rafael Nadal was on Thursday announced as one of the new members of the ATP Player Council and will serve until the end of the existing term which runs through to Wimbledon 2020.

The player council meets several times a year and makes recommendations to the ATP board on the direction they feel tennis should take.

Joining Rafa as new board members are Roger Federer and Jurgen Melzer.

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The next Player Council meeting is scheduled in New York prior to the US Open. The ATP Player Council is comprised of the following:

• 1-50 Singles: Kevin Anderson (Vice President), John Isner, Rafael Nadal, Sam Querrey

• 51-100 Singles: Yen-Hsun Lu, Vasek Pospisil

• 1-100 Doubles: Jurgen Melzer, Bruno Soares

• At Large: Novak Djokovic (President), Roger Federer

• Alumni: Colin Dowdeswell

• Coach: TBD

Our champ was first voted onto the council by his peers in June of 2008, and was re-elected for a second two-year term in June 2010. In 2012, Rafa resigned as the vice president from the ATP Player Council. At that time he said he no longer give a full effort to the position.

I have been there for a couple of years. I really don’t know how to do things without put my 100%. So if I go to play golf, I try my best in every moment. If I go to the player council, you know, I try my best in the player council. I put all my energy there. So last year at the end of the season, you know, was a lot of things there. You know, finally I believe I put too much energy there. I am happy to represent my players there for the last couple of years. I believe that we did few things well for the sport. I believe it’s not enough. So today I believe that I am not the right one to keep working there. So I think another people can do better than me today.

Why did Rafa change his mind? Did he make the right move to join the ATP Player Council again?

Source: ATP Tour


  1. Please review and “fix” the discrepancies in the Wimbledon draw! It is so unfair and shows favoritism. Those in charge at Wimbledon identify who they want to win and then “fix” the draw and seeds, so as to make it less difficult for their choice. It is ALL about the BENJAMINS!

    Good luck Rafa and Roger! Your presence and working together does your “FANS” hearts well. So proud of you both!

  2. I suspect Roger talked Rafa into this. Neither of them was happy with Kermode’s ouster as ATP chairman or with the lack of communication between the council and players. Roger was president of the council for a very long while. Rafa was there for several years, but detests the “politicking” involved and the time required to do the job well. The player representatives are supposed to represent the views of the players, not do what they damn please.

  3. Rafa you will be such a dedicated member on the ATP Player Council.. they will wonder why they didn’t recruit you sooner.
    Congratulations Rafa.

  4. Rafa k k t hayas unido a ese consejo d jugadores siempre serª bueno y positivo… Han hecho buena elección…

  5. I remember after the ATP players council decided not to renew Chris Kermode as the President, there was alot of backlash from Rafa, Roger, Stan and others… It was clear that Novak and Justin Gimelstob was behind Chris’s ouster and Rafa made it known that he felt that a change at the top will “stop the process of improving the sport”…. In consequent interviews about it, Novak had said he didn’t know Rafa and Roger were against the councils non renewal of Kermode…. This was happening during the Indian Wells tournament and I was there and the body language between Rafa, Roger and Novak was apparent… One day on the practice courts Roger and Rafa talking on one side while Novak stood by himself just waiting across the court… You could cut the tension with a knife… I kid you not..

    I remember thinking at that time if Rafa and Roger don’t like the way things are going on the player council , then they need to step up and get on to the council… Be involved and have a voice that counts…. Considering both of them are cutting back their playing schedules, perhaps now is the time to help direct the future of tennis for all players now and in the future…

    Who knows….maybe Rafa will shake the tree loud enough regarding Wimbledon’s way of seeding players.
    That would be a big one! 🙂

    Make a difference boys!! Now’s your chance …

  6. Margo, Roger invited Rafa to the house he had rented in Indian Wells to discuss player issues. Perhaps they decided at that time to jointly run for the open positions as they seem to be in agreement on some basic concerns. They are highly regarded by other players so that fact will hold them in good stead although Djokovic as President clearly disagrees with them.

    • RR, yes…it seems Rafa and Roger have teamed up again, on a different front.

      According to both Rafa and Roger they were never notified about the pending vote on Kermode. And yes, Djokovic is persona non grata [I think between Rafa and Roger] because of that and also among other ATP players from what I have read. Of course, these things are supposed to be kept confidential but things do get leaked to the press.

      According to many articles Gimelstop [or whatever his name is] was to replace Kermode but that was before Gimelstop was charged with assault, etc. Remember that? OMG

      Looking in from the outside it looks like a hotnets’ nest to me.

      I wish them luck.


      • CORRECTION: Looking in from the outside it looks like a “hornets’ nest” to me.

  7. Who knows what’s on Rafa’s mind, what prompted him to rejoin the players’ council. That’s anybody’s guess.

    Both Rafa and Roger were upset that Kermode’s contract was not renewed. He is credited with many innovative changes favorable to ATP players.

    There were so many voting council member defections recently that perhaps Rafa and Roger just want to help out for a limited time. It is all voluntary.

    I just hope they can all put aside any disagreements and work toward productivity.

    Good luck on the council Rafa, again.

  8. Rafa congratulations well you deserve vamossssssssss champ 🇺🇸🎾💪😘❤️🇺🇸🎾💪😘❤️🇺🇸🎾💪😘🌎

  9. Rafa had been critical of the absence of a Spanish speaking representative who could communicate with all of those players in their own language. Looking at the current council he now is the only native Spanish speaker. The term is for slightly less than a year so if he once again finds it to be too much of a commitment then he can resign then. It does give him some time to possibly accomplish whichever goals he has in mind.

  10. I hope it’s a good decision … I think it’s good that the top players are on there, but “office politics” can get messy and I think it’s caused Nole a lot of headaches recently! But I’m sure they’ll all do a great job.

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