Post-Wimbledon ATP Rankings: No changes at the top

The post Wimbledon rankings are up.

No changes have been made in relation with Rafael Nadal, who just like the same year lost in the semifinals of Wimbledon. Before the tournament, our champ was ranked the 2nd at ATP Rankings and after the tournament, he maintained the same position.

Novak Djokovic started 2019 atop the ATP rankings and maintains a healthy lead, boasting 12,415 points to Rafa’s 7,945 in second. Roger Federer, meanwhile, is in third, on 7,460.

Photo by Shaun Brooks/Action Plus via Getty Images

Three players in the top 10 have new career-highs after last year’s runner-up Kevin Anderson dropped three spots to No. 11 after losing in the third round. Karen Khachanov and Fabio Fognini move up to No. 8 and No. 9 respectively, while Daniil Medvedev has been rewarded for a stellar season, making his top 10 debut.

Source: ATP Tour


  1. Looking at the rankings you can’t help but notice the Big 3 are so far and away ahead of the pack… You have Novak, with a big number who stands alone..then Rafa and Roger are close…and then a drop of 3,000 pts to Dominic, Sasha, Stefanos , the next Gen who are just that… The young bucks that do great in some tournaments and then get wiped out in the first round in Wimbledon…Sasha, he’s been struggling for months… They need more time and experience…

    I guess I miss the players that made tennis against the Big 3 really exciting … Grigor Dimitrov…was a force at one point… Now he’s ranked 52… OMG …what has happened to his game? Marin Cilic – You used to see his name in the draw and would always take notice…. Now he’s ranked 17…. Milos Raonic…. always someone who you knew could be a threat is ranked 21…. Stan the Man Wawrinka … ranked 22. yikes!! And of course Juan Martin… sooo sad abput the physical element of tennis and how it has effected his future along with Andy…These guys might be recovering from injuries or maybe its just that time is marching on for their careers.. The only one that seems to be on an uptick again is Kei Nishikori…

    I guess what I am trying to say is I miss that group that added more suspense …more intensity… especially when they played matches and got their victories and made it to the quarters, semis or finals against the likes of Novak, Rafa, and Roger…

    I’ve been watching tennis a long time… Just seems like a wierd vibe now in all the draws … I’m looking for some big talent to emerge….not to win it all… Rafa is and always will be my guy… but to add more flavor to the mix…

    Let’s see what the OPEN brings….

    • A lot of people have been unlucky with injuries, but the “NextGen” just don’t seem able to establish themselves. Sascha won the world tour finals but hasn’t done much since. Dominic’s reached two French Open finals, fair enough, but hasn’t challenged at the other Grand Slam events. And Stef played so well in Australia but hasn’t been consistent since.

    • Marileena, great post.

      Glad you brought up Cilic and Nishikori.

      When I saw that Rafa may face Cilic, I was really worried. I was happy when Sousa won.

      Nishikori was my hope to give Roger a REALLY tough time. Sadly after the first set it was all downhill.

      As for Stan, JMDP and Andy, I hope they all recover to the point of being highly competitive again.

      The US OPEN can’t arrive fast enough. Anxiously awaiting the player list. I would say Rafa is a yes but I don’t know what his personal calendar looks like. He has been confirmed for Laver Cup, which is now an official ATP event. Roger has already declined saying he will be back for Cincinnati. I would imagine all the younger guys will enter.

      Another US OPEN title for Rafa would be delicious.


      • Thanks …. I unlike many on here do not look for the easy out… The most exciting tennis I have watched either live or on TV has always been when higher ranking players play each other… It’s more exciting and competitive….(Every now and then a qualifier might have a good run but generally not) .

        I don’t look for Rafa to breeze his way into the quarters or semis of any event. Don’t get me wrong…if he does, I’m thrilled but it’s not important to me…. I love great tennis and I love the battle… And if he faces someone who can threaten his forward progress in any match…well then Rafa needs to be ready to do some damage and kick his a–…. Show his opponent who owns the court…

        For me…those are the best matches to watch and probably the most fulfilling for him as a player…

        And yes…. Another US OPEN title for Rafa would be nothing short of fantastic…

      • What I miss most from Rafa is his ability to anticipate what his opponent will do next. I would marvel at this, to me anyway, super human feat. I don’t see it so much now. Wishing him all the best for US OPEN.

    • It is all due to bs pathetic ugly draw manipulation……these tourn.have a lot of nothing to do with tennis…..that is why every point you made here is taking place…..atp seems to choose WHO AND WHEN to promote players with ZERO REGARD TO THEIR TRUE CURRENT TENNIS ABILITY ……GREED AND RACIAL DISCRIMINATIONS ARE SOME FACTORS……

  2. I had to LOL while listening to Nole’s presser. He was questioned about how he dealt with the partisan crowd. Nole said he imagined fans shouting his name instead of “Roger.” Too funny, but it seemed to help him win. He also said he prepared himself for shouts supporting Roger.

    • I felt a little bad to tell you the truth…. An exciting moment exists when you win a Grand Slam, and he was so mellow when he won, knowing the overwhelming majority of the crowd wanted Roger… He didn’t do the 2 handed forward movement of love to the fans at each side of the court like he has in the past because he didn’t feel their love… It’s understandable… He does deserve respect for his victory…and now like or not he continues to be the one to beat….

      • Marileena, why would you feel bad to tell me the truth? We need more of that here.

        About Djokovic, even the commentators were surprised about how mellow he was after he won. And so was I.

        I think cheering for your favorite is fine but when it verges on disrespect for the opponent that is just classless. Below bad taste.

        I was never a Djokovic or Fed fan but I believe they deserve respect for what each has accomplished. You know how fans are, they get bent out of shap if their guy loses. I am still down about Rafa’s loss but am taking it in stride. He will be back, hopefully with a vengeance to win against whomever.


      • Margo…… I’m not saying I feel bad telling the truth…. I would never feel bad about being honest….it’s the only way to be…
        You were talking about Nole… and I replied … but I should have said as I meant “To tell you the truth.. I felt bad for Novak… etc . as he was so mellow etc….”

      • Aahhh, ok. Got it now.

        So nice of you, now that’s empathy on your part re feeling bad for Nole because he couldn’t do his signature gesture under the circumstances. I guess he had more respect for the crowd than they for him.

    • That’s what real Champions do.I am not Djokovic fan,but I was impressed…he won against Federer and the whole Wimbledon crowd, plus the whole media,plus Royal box 😂🤣😃😅
      And put British snobs on their places…just like that.Mentally so strong, determined and will power for two.
      I am a diehard Rafa fan and always will be,but I want him to have “Djoko mentality ” in the important matches or maybe..some vintage “Rafa mentality ” from the past what we all remember.
      And staying 1 mile behind service line ..come on….he almost always loose this games as Uncle Tony said….I don’t want to criticize him now,but he must be more flexible and found the way to beat Federer and Djokovic again.Changes are needed and I think Psychologist too.
      I am saying all this from love to Rafa,do not want to be negative, but I am sick and tired Federer and Djokovic to beat him up lately on Regular basis (except clay).
      Come on,Rafa darling. If you want to get more GS…you need to get out of your comfort zone.
      Good luck and VAMOS

      • Biss, if you were responding to me, here’s my reply.

        I do agree about Djokovic’s mental resilience but what impressed me more than his win was how he prepared mentally to overcome his final’s opponent, had it been Rafa or Roger.

        When Rafa started talking recently about working on the mental part of his game, I thought Finally a breakthrough. But that was short lived. It seems as if he worked only on his depression about unending injuries but not his inability to win matches he could have won.

        I believe he will beat Djokovic and Roger again, WHEN is the BIG question.

        If he maintains the passion and desire to win, I hope it prods him to question why is he losing to ND and RF. Maybe that will steer him to a solution on how to beat them both.


      • Agreed Margo
        That’s a mental work,training…and Djokovic added psychologist to his team long time ago when he saw that something was not working…not able to beat Rafa. And we know what happened next….
        I think Rafa is looking for improvements all the Time, but he and his team are little bit conservative about Psychologist idea…and actually that’s very costly in my opinion, cost him numerous GS…on matches who he almost won and lost in the end….
        Djokovic will never be my favorite, but he do everything what will help him to win…with high profecionalism. Good for him
        Hopefully Rafa learn something of the way Djokovic won his last Wimbledon

  3. Djokovic won, what a nightmare 🙁

    Take rest Rafa and enjoy some days offs with family and friends.

    Vamos Rafa <3

  4. Has anyone read boris becker’s comments on Djokovic in an article – I think it was in bbc.

    Absolutely right in that Djokovic knows he’s one of the greatest players ….. but he wants to be The Greatest. That spurs him on. He knows time is against the others – especially roger and he’s not that far behind. It seems that the crowd not being particularly for him made him more determined to win.
    Yes, He’s got an iron will and is extremely positive.

    • Rafa fan 1, I would love to suggest to anyone living near the temple gardens, where Djokovic goes to meditate while at Wimby, put up signs saying “CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS.” No meditation=tantrums=loses.

      Just a suggestion 😂😂

      • It is possible that he surpassed Fed and Rafa in total GS…that’s what he wants I think and…he can do it

      • Listen….rafa is without a shadow of a doubt….the greatest clay court player EVER…theres absolutely NO doubt about that….but as i said in a prior post…i believe novak is right there if not slightly ahead of rafa….even tho he has 2 less grand slams….novak’s slams are more evenly distributed….and the biggest stat for me when the three are this close is HEAD TO HEAD…and novak is the ONLY one of three who has a winning record (including slams) vs the othe two….novak has NEVER lost to federer at WIMBLEDON…and federer is the goat at Wimbledon….and my opinion is unbiased because i like all three equally….these three are the greatest trio in the same era EVER….

    • Im not a specific fan of any of the three…i just love watching them play….imo if novak catches federer hes the goat….and hes a LOT closer now than you think….even though rafa has 2 more than novak….i think hes slightly ahead of rafa….his slams are more spread out….while 11 of rafas are french….plus….novak hasnt lost to fed at WIMBLEDON…and finally…he’s the only one of the three who has a winning record vs the other 2…including in slams….

      • Andre, you meant 12 FO? That is nice, I don’t think there are many can say they love watching all three in my opinion.

  5. I know I should not, but I can not stop myself from thinking if only Rafa had won he semi-final…At least ranking has not changed. What poetic justice, despite Wimbl…. efforts RF could not win his 9th/21st. Now crybaby RF’s hooligan fans are complaining about the final tie-break just because RF the golden goose of tournaments has lost.
    To add insult to injury for RF, Djokovic did not think this match was his toughest and he chose Rafa as his biggest rival.
    Anyway, wamos Rafa you are the best.

    • PUMA, PUMA, PUMA, where do you get this fake news from? Is this #5?

      I just listened to Nole’s post-final presser and that is NOT what he said.

      Nole said that his most PHYSICALLY demanding match was against Rafa at the Australian Open.

      And he said his most MENTALLY challenging match was against Roger in this Wimbledon because he knew the crowd would be for Roger.

      Stop spreading lies about players you detest. I find you the only one here CONSISTENTLY trying to spread lies about players you don’t like.


      • COMPLETELY AGREE!!! I read what Puma wrote and thought Puma was delusional in her interpretation of what Novak said or she just made the whole thing up.and honestly I was going to answer the exact thing you wrote but I figured you’d take care of it!! lol I was right!

      • Marileena, thanks a lot. You put me in the hot seat.

        DON’T agree with me or they will put you in the dog house with me😬😬😂😂😂

        All jokes aside, she comes here to insult Rafa’s opponents MOST of the time. And she gets a lot of “up” votes so that should tell you the mindset of a lot of people here. She rarely comes to congratulate Rafa on a win. That has me thinking 🤔🤔🤔

        And the one who writes only in caps. She’s another one saying disgusting things about Fed. It’s just so childish. And they’re not embarrassed.😂😂😂

        Thanks for letting me vent.


      • Margo if you stop being the biggest rude bore that comments stupidly due to lack of knowledge. Even though you do not deserve an answer, for the last time, I will stoop to answering your lack of knowledge at best, rude ignorance at worst while pretending to be an authority.
        If you dare face this reality type “djokovic snobs Federer with comment about Nadal”
        Finally, if there exists any fakeness here it is your pretending to be a Nadal fan with your ….rocks comments.
        I said it already you are the Trojan horse trying to hide your “Roger” obsession with that hypocrite slogan so shut up to my comments which from now I will not stoop to even reading.

      • The only obsession I may have is ferreting our the facts when something doesn’t make sense to me.

        And it’s a sad day when some Rafa fans here feel compelled to state they are a Rafa fan after having posted something truthful or nice about another player.

        I see you’re a fan of Homer. Now try some Dostoyevsky.

        RAFA ROCKS

  6. I have read a lot of complaints made by Fed fans on Twitter about Wimby’s new fifth-set tiebreak winner-take-all rule. They don’t like it saying it’s not fair to lose a match by 2 points in a tiebreak. They prefer the players battle it out until one of them drops from exhaustion.

    The bottom line is that Roger was always playing catch-up. I think he would have lost even without the new rule. He did surprise me with how long he was able to play.

    • Rafa t felicito aunque perdieras en las semifinales.. No es facil lleguar ahi sin haber jugado ningun torneo antes… Aunque hayas practicado mucho en tu academia.. Se k los fallos k hayas tenudo los rectificaras y estaras otra ve, en tu lucha.. Tal como vas jugando ahora subiras mas trofeos.. T dese lo mejor y verte pronto otra vez en las pistas… ADELANTE Y SIEMPRE CONTIGO!!!!

      • Amelia, soy de acuerdo per por Rafa es peligroso de jugar sur hierba inmediatamente tras Roland-Garros; las rodillas.


    • I feel very sorry for anyone who loses a Grand Slam final on a tiebreak, or (delighted as I am that England won!) loses a cricket World Cup final on a super-over, or loses a football final on a penalty shoot-out, but matches cannot just go on for ever. It’s very bad luck that this happened in a final – the rule was brought in because last year’s final was rubbish due to Kevin Anderson being exhausted after the semi went to 26-24 in the 5th, and other players have generally been unable to play well after their previous matches have gone on for ever – but you can’t start having different rules for different days.

      I remember seeing an interview with John Isner’s mum after the 70-68 match, and she said she’d been genuinely concerned that either John or Nico really would collapse. What if it’d been at the Australian Open, when temperatures regularly go over 100 degrees? I really wish it hadn’t gone to a tiebreak, but a line has to be drawn somewhere, and someone has to win and someone has to lose.

      • I do concur, very unhealthy indeed.

        I just wish the Slams all abided by the same rules; everyone starts on equal footing and no tinkering with the seedings.

        It’s also interesting that Rafa feels the grass hasn’t changed speedwise but he and those also in favor of seeding-by-ranking are in disagreement about grass speed. Rafa says it’s the balls, others say it’s the grass. I have a hunch that Rafa is more in tune with his surroundings because he’s been playing from such a young age. Whichever the case may be, players should unite on things they can change. I think this is something they can all agree on. I felt Roger’s comment about players just have to deal with it was defeatist.


      • The final set tiebreak rule shd apply to matches up to and including the semi final. But not for the final. Too much like Russian roulette for such an important match to be decided like that.

        The final is the last match, so no worries re a player being exhausted for the next round.

        And how many finals are going to have final sets going to 12 all? Not that many, I bet, the probabilities are against it. This was a fluke, I suggest.

        This rule was only implemented this year – it’s not set in stone, or a hallowed W tradition. Common sense shd prevail, as it didnt last year over the closed roof issue. This year someone has had the sense to change that rule, tho’ too late for Rafa – that cost him the title, in my opinion, in 2018.

    • Well….he wasnt ALWAYS playing catch up….you forgot that he dud break novak once and had two match points on his serve….i think he had a better shot if they had just continued to play…because in all three tiebreaks for whatever reason federer didnt play with the same intensity….

      • Okay….thats fine….but im stating FACTS….there were three tiebreaks in the match….who won them?? Novak won ALL THREE……and going away i might add….even mcenroe said that on how federer didnt play the same in ANY of the tiebreaks…federer lost his serve ONCE in the whole match….unfortunately it was when he was serving for the title and blew a 40-15 lead….

  7. Congratulations to Rafa on keeping his #2 spot and securing his place at the ATP Finals.

    Looking forward to Rafa staying healthy and winning more Slams.


    • As long as Rafa is healthy and fit for every tournament he will be going to play he secure top 2 the least for this year Go Rafa Vamos ..

  8. Rafa congratulations on your all your wins and you are amazing tennis player ,one the best in the world 🌎 ❤️🎾😘💪🇺🇸

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