Roger Federer: “It was like, Rafa, please…”

Julian Finney/Getty Images Europe

Roger Federer jokes he had to “force” Rafael Nadal to give him a date for their South African charity match after a two-year wait:

It took me two years to find a date, but we have it.

I was trying to be as little as possible annoying to the guy as I could have been. But still I had to force the issue at some stage. It was like, Rafa, please…

Of course, we hope to have a big crowd. My dream has been reached to have a match there with Rafa in that country.


  1. Both Rafa & Roger will be doing great work down in S.A..just the lovely considerate men they are

  2. For the “Roger” admirer who once claimed to even have special insight to “Roger” knowledge; Before denying what is registered in an interview of your “Roger”. Go and check the interview when your “Roger” says he has no problem with the Wimbledon seeding and who has a problem as to “deal with it”. No use denying what is registered in an interview.

  3. This brings to mind another exhibition match played between Rafa and Roger.

    “The Battle of the Surfaces,” was a 2007 exhibition match played between the two best tennis players of the world, then and now still the two best. It was played in Palma de Mallorca on a court that was half clay and half grass. Yes, you read that right. LOL
    The entire match is posted on YouTube.


  4. From a die hard tennis fan in Cape Town cant waut for 2 of the greats of tennis to visit our city Cape Town. THANK YOU Rafa and Roger. Cant wait

  5. How lovely for them to be playing a charity match – was it in 2008 that they played the matches in Zurich and Madrid? How is it so long ago?!

  6. “Keep smiling, keep shining
    Knowing you can always count on me, for sure
    That’s what friends are for”

    Beautiful friendship between these two guys…
    Those fans in Cape Town, South Africa are in for a treat! Good luck fella’s…Raise a lot of money!

    But, until then….Watch out Roger…. Here comes Rafa!!!

    Hoping for a Wimbly semi final matchup!!!

    • So typical kind Rafa travelling until South Africa for RF’s charity match. No wonder he hesitated for 2 years. Even if RF went to support Rafa’s school it was only Majorca, not a continent away. RF also had to convince a somewhat reluctant Rafa to join team Europe at the Laver Cup to be played on a hard court in Switzerland. Hope Rafa’s health does not suffer due to that. RF’s fitness is unbeliavable, not so for Rafa. I do wonder if at the end of his own career RF would be trying to wear down Rafa. Sorry to all who believe in the FEDAL friendship myth. I happen to believe that RF is a cold calculating person who tries to profit from what he calls the “heart of gold” of Rafa.
      I do hope that Rafa arrives at this semi-final against RF. If so beware Rafa, remember RF’s MTO at AO2017 final. RF will do anything in order not to loose especially to Rafa, his biggest rival for taking away his GOAT status. In the meantime Rafa with his worst draw ever, has two enormous obstacles before him whereas RF did not and will not have any challenges before he meets Rafa. When Rafa was critical of Wimbledon seeding policy RF told Rafa to “deal with it”. Hope Rafa deals with it.
      Wamos Rafa, you are the best.

      • WRONG AGAIN.

        First you had Rafa losing his match vs Kyrgios.

        Now you’re misquoting Roger. He NEVER said Rafa should “deal with it.”

        ROGER: “There’s not much WE the players can add to the story, other than WE just deal with it.”

        Roger also went on to say everyone knows the rule was there.

        I also knew the rule was there but was hopeful that Wimbledon would take into consideration that Rafa is world No. 2, that he had just won his 12th Coupe, and that he reached the semifinals last year.

        We all know you can’t stand Roger, but please try to refrain from making up stuff.

      • It took two years to finally settle on a date for the sixth edition of Match for Africa not because Rafa hesitated but because the date had to fit in both their schedules.

        These two guys don’t just play tennis. They have family they want to spend time with; they have sponsor responsibilities; they have personal lives outside of tennis. You also have to realize that commitments outside of tournaments are usually made a year or more in advance. Realistically speaking, two years is not such a long time for two very busy people to finally settle on a date that is convenient for both.

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