Wimbledon 2019: Middle Sunday practice photos

Here are some photos from Rafael Nadal’s practice session.


  1. Fiona in Paris,
    FYI—Last year Rafa’s publicist Benito stated that July 7 is not Mery Perello’s birthday. He did not mention however what day it actually is.


  2. After watching Rafa’s second match win, some pundits are now claiming Rafa is the favorite to win. Rafa was my favorite before he hit his first ball at Wimby.

    Wishing Rafa a great match vs Jao Sossa.



    • Wé would have préféréd Evans on his home ground, 😕 these Middle Sunday practice photos show more relaxéd. ☺ Today is Feliz Cumpleanos Xisca 🎁🎂🎀 Happy Birthday , no doubt they went to a restaurant 🍷🍸🍰 at lunch time or evening. Fiona in Paris


  3. Oh Rafa you were going to play Dan Evans in the next round but it turns out to be Sousa instead. I would have been torn . Now I’m not and I’m sure it will be a three set victory to our champ!

    All the very best and very much look forward to seeing you play!

    Go easy on us and make it clinical please. Anyway good luck!

    Love and best wishes from your biggest fan Jo!


  4. Rafa good luck tomorrow vamosssssssss champ you can do it all the way 👍💪😘🎾❤️a👍💪😘🎾🏆👍💪😘🎾❤️👍💪😘🎾🏆👍💪❤️😘🎾👍💪❤️😘🎾👍💪❤️😘🎾👍💪❤️😘🎾🏆


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